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Do you support the legalization of Marijuana?

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Colorado Springs, CO

#1 Aug 24, 2010
I believe that if it was good enough for our founding fathers, than it's good enough for me!

“The Party Animal”

Since: Aug 08

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#2 Aug 25, 2010
Whether it becomes legal or not,the people that need it will still have the opportunity to obtain it,just like in the old days. Goes to show how your politico can't even get it together to pass simple really simple laws. I bet the politicians can enforce new tax laws to where the people with cancer will have to pay extra for medicine,which probably won't be to long off. Or lets tax that hell out of the kids that have MS, that should keep us all fat and sassy. Sickos.
Jacklyn Symonds

Keaau, HI

#3 Aug 25, 2010
This is a mind altering drug.

Colorado Springs, CO

#4 Aug 26, 2010
Yes, much safer than alcohol for recreational use. Much safer than prescription drugs and pain medication for pain relief or for use with other maladies.
Tom Lee

Pueblo, CO

#5 Aug 27, 2010
The medicinal effects of marijuana are just a small part of the capabilities of this plant. If someone takes the time and initiative to explore this then we could revamp several area of business and profit while still benefiting human kind and maybe open up new avenues of research and development. To those that might have the ability I implore you don't let the one face of marijuana we have been made to see be the only one you believe is there. There is more than meets the eye there.
Patty Lee

Breckenridge, CO

#6 Aug 27, 2010
Why shouldn't it be leagalized??? I is not as adictive or dangerous as alchohol, or cigarettes and both of them are legal,,,,,Just tax the sales of it and see how fast we get rid of the national debt,
J.P. Berry

Colorado Springs, CO

#7 Aug 28, 2010
NO,I was a deputy corner during Height Ashberry days and WE don't need this and it is a habit. Get hook, like a smoke.
Scott Brady

Fort Collins, CO

#8 Aug 31, 2010
Take the profit out of crime; legalize!
Mary Jane

Monument, CO

#9 Aug 31, 2010
Government should be out of our business. I can kill myself on fat and HFCS but I can't smoke herb? Makes no sense.

Durango, CO

#10 Aug 31, 2010
Pedro Garza

Breckenridge, CO

#11 Aug 31, 2010
No please don't legalize marihuana. Mi and my Sureno homiez have made well over 200 grand this year. I send more then half of this back to Mexico every year. I have 3 families in Mexico to support. I no want to spend money in America.

If you legalize I will have to work as roofer or lettuce picker, min wage is for losers. I hate to work hard, its much easier to answer the phone and make deliveries all day.

If I dont like you I will take your money and split or have my homiez jump you in groc store parking lot. When you see 13 sprayed on a wall you know what time it is we control weed and always will.

Yu think close border is smart who cares we grow in National forest. You lose everytime. heh

If you want legal prescription oxycontin and xanax is waiting for you at farmici. That is what law enforcement, Gov Rittir and DEA wants you to take for pain. We all on the same team. Sucks to be you. JaJaJa ;)

Pueblo, CO

#12 Aug 31, 2010
I think it's safer than some otc drugs and alcohol...and it helps with some types of illness and pain

“Ramble On, Ramble On”

Since: Aug 10

Here, There, and Everywhere

#13 Sep 1, 2010
The Physical benefits of marijuana are far-reaching, widespread, and long-term. Because of the way marijuana impacts the Autonomic Nervous System which expands the breath and relaxes the body, its potential for health and healing are enormous, and have been completely unrealized by Western Medicine. Marijuana, by its effect on the ANS, enhances both sides of the brain. Through increased Sympathetic action, left brain perception is heightened, while, at the same time, right brain reception is enhanced. This is a physiological fact. More blood, and cleaner blood, is sent to the brain, as in the “fight or flight” reaction. And because of Parasympathetic dilation of capillaries, which signifies relaxation, the blood supply to the entire brain is increased. More blood means more oxygen and consequently clearer and broader thinking. Since marijuana works on both sides of the brain, the most noticeable effect, in our fast-paced mind set, is one of slowing down, which blends the thrusting competitive attitude with the contrasting viewpoint of nurturance to arrive at a more cooperative balance. This experience is, however, not innate to marijuana, but to the mental set of the subject. When we are mellow, tired, and relaxed, marijuana is energizing and affords alertness, determination, and even strength. This variation in the physiological effects has caused great confusion from an either/or framework. And the balancing nature of marijuana (both/and) has not been understood. It both stimulates and relaxes, simultaneously, which equates to an unpredictable variation in effect that is solely dependent on the state of its subject. When the system is sluggish, as with natives in warm climates (Africa, India, South America), marijuana has been used extensively and for centuries to energize it. What I am saying is that the GOV does not want the AMERICANS to be enlightened, relaxed, and content with the things they have. They want us to be BUSY BUSY BUSY peoples in order to make the Country a richer state. What goes around, comes around and in turn all of these POT HEADS have done is REBEL and OVErTHROW the GOV in order to " beat" the system. In turn we have people in prisons for drug charges, when there are murderers walking free. In closing, they do not care if we live or die. As long as they are doing their SHADY things behind our backs & we are too busy to see it, then they are winning. What goes around comes around people and our COUNTRY has FAILED. I bet my papaw grew some good dope up in the mountains. Explains why he never went to the doctor ONE TIME until he was 74 years old. He had ONE surgery and died a month later. Dope does a body good
Karla Seay

Colorado Springs, CO

#14 Sep 1, 2010
I support the legalization of marijuana because there is so many medical uses for it. It is natural and grows from the ground. This plant doesn't have serious physical side effects that opioids and pharmaceutical drugs have. Unlike alcohol, you will never have to worry about your liver failing or other organs failing. Another positive thing about it is you can't overdose on it! Other animals eat it for their pain, so why shouldn't we?
Roland Hawkins

Gillette, WY

#15 Sep 1, 2010
Jacklyn, A mind altering drug?????? I bet you kill mother bears and thier cubs too....

Colorado Springs, CO

#16 Sep 1, 2010
There is a reason for cannabis, and it seems that it kills CANdida associated with CANcer...CANnabinoids kill CANcer cells.

“Ramble On, Ramble On”

Since: Aug 10

Here, There, and Everywhere

#17 Sep 2, 2010
That is why it is prescribed for cancer patients, come on people before the GOV started taking over our rights less people were on pills and at the doctor getting anti depressants. Like papaw said, Dope is from nature, and nature is good . God put Mary Jane on Earth for you and I to enjoy, the devilish GOV took it away so you'd have to get their pills so they could make $$$$$. FIGURE IT OUT or at least wish that i could
M. Kaye.

Nottingham, UK

#18 Sep 2, 2010
It's Pantegruel & Gargantuan all over again. This substance messes people up. It may be a whole lot of fun while you're into it but there is always a price to pay. In this case the price is too high. You cannot have a democratic governator if your citizens are " potted out ". It will require a dictator. Do the citizens really want that. I think not.
M Kaye

Nottingham, UK

#19 Sep 2, 2010
No, this is only a part of the picture. There are benefits to everything but there are also side effects. With this substance do the benefits out-weigh the set backs? I think not. This substance makes you stupid! Messes with you sleep: your waking day becomes your dreamtime. It is better to dream when you are asleep and wake up refreshed and alert. Not lethargic and stupid! You cannot beat the natural high!
Pedro Garza

Breckenridge, CO

#20 Sep 3, 2010
Feds now sue racist Arpaio for descriminate against mi gente. See I tol you federales want us to keep marijuana monopoly. They are doing the job cartels pay US to do. jaja Arrest and deport we return in less then a month with more smoke. We happy that US gov and people ignorant. War on stupidity is what you need?

Our mexican army and military have you all fooled. Cartels dress as military and have armed confrontations with US Customs, BP and INS at border, we tell them the load must get through. US agents are told to "stand down" by superiors. So we drive humvee with 50 caliber right past them. Ask them they will confirm? ;)

Presidente Calderon represents his own cartel with same agenda, he use his authority to battle with opposition and to take out competition. If he wins, weed, meth coke and chiva still get through.

MJ farmaci model, gringos bavosos muy estupido. Many farmacies buy our mexican import and mid grade shwag/National forest product and mislabel as US med MJ grown. Shwag given classy names on baggie. MJ farmacies now sell product for us! Win win for cartels. Pinche pendejos gueros, Calderon es Alphonse Capone de la generacion nueva.

Protect the children? Hypocracia!! Continue to be stupid while we get rich and YOUR economy fails. jeje

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