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D Hanis, TX

#69 Sep 13, 2012
SyntheticHigh wrote:
<quoted text>
Don't call pot smokers retarded when you can't even spell the word.
And it's "endure their stupidity", not "indure there stupidity". At least you spelled stupidity right, so that's something.
Haha I love this! Smoking pot does not make you retarded, its helped soooo much with my anxiety and depression. I am also an extreme case of ADHD and instead of having to take adderall [like i did for many years] i can smoke and have the same affect without the headaches, dry mouth, dependancy, and I dont have to make myself eat plus my liver is not taking a huge hit. I think people should tink twice about wht they say about pot smokers because you wouldnt believe all the different types of people who are users. My best friend owns her own law firm in San Antonio and has a million dollar house, works constantly, and is no where near lazy, and she is a regular user. God put this plant here on earth for a reason...maybe to help us through the hard times in life and to give us a natural medicine to help cancer patients and others that are sick get through the pain. Its obviously better than taking tons of pain meds. that you can become addicted to and are PROVEN to harm your body, but these are okay? Double standards if you ask me, plus i would rather have someone blowing marijuana smoke in the air rather than nasty smelly cigg. smoke...its kills millions a year and makes people smell terrible including their breath and skin...gross...there is NO case of death by marijuana but add up cigg's and alcohol and the deaths would be more than the population of this town. I can also say that I dont see pot as a "drug" because i have smoked it for years and years and I can stop at any time i want..its not addicting..i dont crave it...i dont have withdrawls...unlike smoking ciggs, alcohol, pain killers,cocain,and least if we have to expose our kids to a certain smoke id rather it be marijuana because they will just become happy and hungry rather than cigg smoke which will kill them or hurt their little sad...just shows how bad the world is screwed up

D Hanis, TX

#70 Sep 13, 2012
you can still function and go about your normal day but just happier and calmer
a father

Camp Wood, TX

#71 Oct 8, 2012
Yeah! that's just what our children need! No lets just keep the little dopers in the shadows where they belong.
Mall Cop

United States

#72 Oct 9, 2012
I think they should keep marijuana illegal and treat its users like criminals, as it will keep the police busy and prisons full... building prisons and hiring cops, judges, and wardens is the best kind of economic stimulus!
Bobby Adair

Muskogee, OK

#73 Oct 9, 2012
The monitary expense of fighting drugs is not worth the failing results.

Utopia, TX

#74 Oct 10, 2012
it saves lives and drinking is worse and thats legal?
Puff the Magic Dragon

Euless, TX

#75 Oct 10, 2012
Freedom - the right to do or not do whatever you want to do unless you are bothering or hurting someone else.

The role of government is to protect freedom. That is what our forefathers fought and put their lives on the line for, so we wouldn’t have a dictator or tyrant. A prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded.
dont matter

Camp Wood, TX

#76 Jul 18, 2013
Cause you are real when you smoke it
dont matter

Camp Wood, TX

#77 Jul 18, 2013
first i wanna ask all the sgit talkers who talk crap for a living....1. how many people died from smoking weed

2. how many people died from drinking?!?!?

3. do any of yall people have lives yall are like so up everybodys asses

Ashburn, VA

#78 Jul 19, 2013
Cause it's safer than drinking, smoking, meth, coke, and it chills you out and keep us "kids" from tearing up shit in town
Simply simple

Euless, TX

#79 Jul 19, 2013
lol wrote:
It doesn't make you crazy it calms you down.
Their is nothing wrong with it and it is not harmful to the body.
You are obviously ill informed and a complete moron!
Simply simple

Euless, TX

#80 Jul 19, 2013
sooo wrote:
i was reading about that study and heres what i have to say, living in big towns or around a lot of polution is worse on your body than smoking weed in more ways than one, and off the record i smoke weed on occasion and i have come to realize that depending on where i get it it can either give me energy or it can relax me (yes relax, not make me lazy) weed doesnt MAKE anyone lazy, lazyness is a choice, weed relaxes, if i smoke and i have something to do, it still gets done!
Well just remember everyone's chemical make up is different, just because it affects you one way doesn't mean it will affect the next person in the same way, and whether you
Choose to believe it or not, it is harmful to the body in more ways than one irregardless of your chemical make up!
Simply simple

Euless, TX

#81 Jul 19, 2013
Krissy wrote:
Wow u r so misinformed. My baby came home wit me on the day I got released. We did come to my moms house...I live here as a condition of my probation right now. My baby is wit me 24/7. Unless I go to the store in which case my mom or Wes watch her bcuz she is only 2 wks old an I'm not gonna drag her around so everyone n town can form an voice their opinions on who she looks like. I do have an open cps followup case from wen I failed a drugtest wen cps got called n on Tabitha wen she lived with me. They told me after the baby was born they would do some random drug screenings an offer parenting and counselling classes bcuz my case wit my son wasn't closed until I was already several months pregnant. I tested positive for marijuana n august of last year! Neither of my children have ever tested positive for anything!if they had I would not be allowed any contact with them. If I failed while I was pregnant my daughter would have too and would be in foster care. Not with me. You should really get your facts straight before you get on here and make yourself sound like an ass. And this particular post is to vote on whether or not to legalize weed. Not for town gossip. I'm sure I kno who started this rumor but it's all good. She is miserable an doin all she can to make me unhappy. Not gonna work. Sorry sweetie. I have 2 beautiful healthy children that are my world & a man that loves me. Dnt hv time for bogus bullshit
Well stated!!!!!
Simply simple

Euless, TX

#82 Jul 19, 2013
Tammie Hatley wrote:
It's very easy to call someone trash when you hide behind a false name. And I'm assuming you were there when Ashley allegedly slept with all of these people. Of course you were because someone of such high moral character wouldn't dare listen to idol gossip and then spread rumors about others. We have all done things in our lives that we aren't proud of but we can become better people by not judging and trying to help others change while we are trying to change ourselves. I don't usually even read this site except when someone tells me I need to and this is exactly why. Do you all realize that by putting others down all we do is make ourselves and our town look small. Help stop all of this hate and let's all learn to get along.
Bravo Tammie, well said, it's awesome reading material from someone with a brain and that can actually formulate a proper sentence, your awesome Tammie!
Simply simple

Euless, TX

#83 Jul 19, 2013
ultraDynex wrote:
<quoted text>it actually has never been proven that smoking pot will lead to trying harder drugs. id like to add, on the harm and dependency scale tobacco and alcohol are higher than marijuana..
Yes, it has been proven dumbass, thats why it's called the gateway drug but you wouldn't know because they hide information like that in books and from reading your post you don't read them.
Simply simple

Ballwin, MO

#84 Jul 31, 2013
proud to be a stoner wrote:
marijuana isnt bad. its just plant that grows in the ground, it helps the sick as well.
You're so ignorant, cocaine is also just a plant and it's really bad for people just like marijuana is,

United States

#85 Jul 31, 2013
Simply simple wrote:
<quoted text>
You're so ignorant, cocaine is also just a plant and it's really bad for people just like marijuana is,
Dad, please don't forget to take your crazy pills again tonight....o.k.

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