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steve sparks

San Antonio, TX

#107 Mar 9, 2012
it should be obvious

Austin, TX

#108 Mar 9, 2012
its for the greater good
Um Yeah

San Antonio, TX

#109 Mar 23, 2012

Austin, TX

#113 May 26, 2012
Yeah lets smoke
The Radio Star

Tuscaloosa, AL

#115 May 28, 2012
The government needs to do a better job at convincing the American voters if they want to continue on with this prohibition of marijuana. They claim that the plant is dangerous and deadly, yet they can't provide any proof or evidence to back these claims up. If you want to know the FACTS about marijuana then click on the link below.

"The truth about marijuana the government doesn't want you to know."

&fe ature=youtube_gdata_player

Austin, TX

#117 Jun 20, 2012
do you really have to explain it?

Austin, TX

#118 Jun 20, 2012
Safer than drinking

Austin, TX

#119 Jun 20, 2012
Yes to fullest medical. Reasons

Since: Jun 12

Location hidden

#120 Jun 22, 2012
Is it good? Is it bad? That all depends on the individual. Anything and Everything can be abused or addictive. But, should the individual have the choice? Yes! Should it be regulated like (legal intoxicants)? Absolutely! Should it be Taxed? Oh Yea! Should farmer's be able to grow a low grade (THC) content crop to help preserve other natural resource's? This debate could go back and forth forever. The Chinese several thousand years ago tried Prohibition and it didn't work. The 200+ year old USA is going fix this? I don't think so.
If one chooses to get high: i.e. MJ, Paint, Gasoline, Rush, Pills, Whatever and etc. They are going to do it or find a way to do it. How many CD clinics are there? The individual has to make the choice, not you, nor the Judicial System can change a persons will.
Personally, I suffer from PTSD (soon to be AMA Reclassified PTSI "Injury")- Insomnia and isolation are my two best friends. Pills don't work when Adrenaline is secreted in such volume it overpowers almost anything. Panic Attacks, Cancer Patients, etc.etc.etc. There a big list of good and there is a big list of bad. But, It is still an adult's individual choice. I choose not to. My choice! Not yours, not .gov, not the law - MY CHOICE!
Script from a movie says it all "As soon as they (pharmaceutical companies, politicians, lobbyist) see that legalization won't bring them Million's, BUT FU***** BILLIONS, prohibition will end"
And, for those that say it leads to other things. Could be, I don't know the answer to that, but recent media reports "HERION is now the CHOICE of our YOUTH" I've never seen that plant grown here.
Rave boy

Austin, TX

#121 Dec 8, 2012
Government could tax it and make a looooooot of cash. And I love to and it would be wonderful to be able to smoke a blunt walking past cops and shit
For real

Alice, TX

#122 Jan 14, 2013
GrandmaSunshine wrote:
why do we continue to make cartels rich? legalize and TAX! a great new crop to put people to work in Texas!
i have a great deal of pain and smoking Marijuana is the best most effective way of managing my pain. i don't like the huge list of side effects that come with narcotics and the marijuana works way better than any narcotic and allows me to function in every day living.
Well, if you live in Austin, the capital of Texas, start the petition. Start bugging the senators, the representatives. Or elect nothing but liberals. I usually vote conservative, but I see the benefits of weed and need change to legalize it. Conservatives better get up speed and start supporting the legalization of marijuana other they are going to find themselves loosin future elections based on this issue only. I know plenty of people who smoke and would be willing to give up some of their political convictions just to have the freedom to smoke.

Fort Worth, TX

#123 Mar 12, 2013
All I can say is I'M FROM KALIFORNIA!!! We're IT is used for medical use. It is an effective & scientifically proven fact for pain purposes.
bob toonan

Austin, TX

#124 Aug 29, 2013
marijuana is a all herbal substance that should be used responsibly, and i, along with the estimated 1000 people who also like it, know this.

Cedar Park, TX

#125 Aug 31, 2013
Prohibition didn't work in the early 1900's, and it doesn't work now.
pot truth

Houston, TX

#126 Sep 8, 2013
Vinland wrote:
<quoted text>lmao reduces crime?? Do you have any concrete evidence to support this other than your own personal opinion??
How many potheads are out causing stabbings and rapings? You are and idiot for trying to spin this and have pot heads categorized with the coke heads and speed freaks. Its a downer not an upper. I smoke and not one person I knew or met wanted physical violence after smoking a joint. Get your facts straight.
Jack Burton

Oklahoma City, OK

#127 Sep 10, 2013
You know what ol' Jack Burton always says at a time like this?.........what the hell.

San Antonio, TX

#128 Sep 10, 2013
As a recovering alcoholic/drug addict, I am not going to start smoking pot just because it's legal. I do not drink just because it's legal. Legalizing marijuana would help the overcrowded prisons, cut down violence from drug cartels, allow people to use it for medicine, generate taxes and create jobs. So much good for the country
K d c

Austin, TX

#130 Apr 5, 2014
Because alcohol kills more
Sober A-holes

Austin, TX

#131 Apr 5, 2014
Maybe you need to try some tightass.
I don't approve of alcohol all the time, but I don't judge those who fancy it. Many different types of people smoke. I, myself, am quite successful with my job and personal life. Weed didn't mess my life up. Weed should not be our first priority to discuss. Far more worse things than a fucking plant.
smashing the hippies wrote:
weed is still a drug no matter how u wanna look @ it. every lowlife in Austin smokes weed, goddamn hippies.

Corpus Christi, TX

#132 Apr 6, 2014
Yes I support

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