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phs sport fan

Altoona, PA

#1 Jun 6, 2010
The people of AZ are only enforcing the law of the Constitution. I am sick of hearing it will lead to racial profiling. That is an excuse people are using. If you want to come here then do it legally. Why should my taxes pay for some one else to have health ins when I cant afford it.

Valdosta, GA

#2 Jun 6, 2010
screwed up right wingers in arizona

Marshall, IL

#3 Jun 9, 2010
YES. It is Constitutional! People who are here illegally are criminals. Period.

Troy, IL

#4 Jun 9, 2010
You cannot deny there is a major probem with illegal immigrants entering the country from Mexico. Nothing that has been done by the federal government seems to accomplish anything. Cries of racism are without basis. Common sense should show you that most illegal immigrants from Mexico are Hispanic. Duh! Wouldn't it be logical to concentrate law enforcement's efforts on people of hispanic origin?
AZ res

Marshall, IL

#5 Jun 10, 2010
I lived in Mesa, Arizona for 3 years and you really have to be in Az to understand the magnitude of the problem they have there. It is totally out of control and if this is what they have to do to fix it then i support their decision.

Valdosta, GA

#6 Jun 13, 2010
AZ is the new Nazi state! It is scary all the people supporting AZ.

United States

#7 Jun 22, 2010
Our ancestors got their citizenship and residence by going the route the US stated. Why should ANY group be special and have thier own set of rules?

Jonesboro, GA

#8 Jun 22, 2010
SadState wrote:
AZ is the new Nazi state! It is scary all the people supporting AZ.
Garbage !
Car 104

Peoria, AZ

#9 Jul 9, 2010
Republican Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona signed the bill into law which will take effect on July 29th, 2010, that is, if it is not blocked by a Court Order. I applaud her for her effort, and if the law doesn't Fly, at least she got someones attention in Washington. California is a sanctuary state for Illegal's, and that's one reason they are bankrupt. Arizona has some sanctuary cities, but the "Meanest Sheriff in the World", Joe Arpio is still making sweeps to keep the Illegals looking over their shoulders. The mere signing of the Law even before taking effect, has Illegal's packing up and moving to other states. Maybe Paris, Ill. Who knows. Our Countries heritage was formed by immigrants; but they did it the Right way. Our borders to the North and particularly to the South, has been open for years letting Illegal immigrants, terrorist, drugs, and human smugglers enter with little resistance. Is it any one's fault, no it's the fault of our Government and political parties, who only promise to do something about the situation, when election times comes around. Their moto is: "Tell the People What They Want to Hear". After the election, their promises go mute. Business as usual. Do, I and others have compassion for the Illegal immigrants, and unfortunates, you bet. Their Country is in shambles, run by a corrupt government and Cartels. There are only two classes of people in Mexico, the very rich, and the very poor. It is estimated we have 30 million Illegal's who have come across the border and are now taken care of by the American taxpayers. The Government says, there are only 12 million Illegal's here, No body really know for sure. The problem has been ignored for years and years, and now that the "chickens have come home to roost", nobody has a solution. Now, when we get to this point, we play the "Blame Game", and point fingers at the other party or administration. But now we have come to the critical point, now we have to "Fish or cut Bait". And I really wonder which one will it be. God Bless America.

Sun Prairie, WI

#10 Jul 10, 2010

Terre Haute, IN

#11 Jul 11, 2010
It is true that something needs to be done. Arizona may be going a little too far though. Papers for illegals. What comes next ? Will all Americans eventually have to have papers to go across state lines ? or next county ? Something to think about. I can see why legal Hispanics have a problem with this. What did you think of the cop that pulled you over for no apparent reason and asked for insurance card you are to be carrying. Bet you were not too happy with him either. And if you did not have insurance, you were fined, not sent to another town.
Car 104

Peoria, AZ

#12 Jul 12, 2010
When Legals support Illegals just be cause they are of their national ethnic group, is this right? We already have laws and papers to go to other countries, it's called a Passport. And if I have to carry papers explaining my State or Country of residence, so be it. And if it keep Illegals from infiltrating our Country. Then Good, it worth it. The Legals want all their relatives and friends over and don't care whether they do it the right way or the wrong way. If the people that come over here don't follow the basic law of Legal Immigration, what makes you think they will adhere to our other laws. Sure they got a lot going on in their country, which is fraught with death, corruption in Government, Drug cartels, gun running, terrorist and other form of illegal activities. Now they want to come over here illegally and disrupt our system. They laud how great their heritage is; I say then prove it, and instead of abandoning your Country try to improve it. Now I know this is asking a lot because of the two classes of people, the Rich and the Poor. I don't agree with Amesty, just because we have 30 million Illegals over here, and we have ignored the problem for years; now the easy thing to do is give them all what others have made great sacrafices to get here the right way, Legally. Doesn't seem fair to me or others that have to support the Illegals that are here and then give them a Free Pass to become citizens. Another thing that should be changed is the Anchor Baby ammendment. That's one thing that motivates Illegal Immigration, and ought to be stopped for good. If it's a law that you have to have an insurance card in your vehicle or on your person, this could be reason for a stop by the Police; so what. That's their job to check for compliance. You might not like it; but if you have some sort of domestic problem, who do you call, Right, the cops. That's just the other part of their Thankless job. And I know you can find 101 different answers to negate that statement.
God Bless America.

Since: Jul 10

Winburne, PA

#13 Jul 14, 2010
The US can't support our own citizens...why should we add to our burden...and I am so sick of them not speaking our language in the US
To The Right

United States

#14 Jul 15, 2010
ILLEGAL immigrants. Does no one else notice the first word? I'm all for citizens of other countries moving here LEGALLY, and for the right reasons. However... why should AZ be penalized for trying to enforce the laws that we already have? Wouldn't our tax money be better spent enforcing the current immigration laws, instead of the legal mess with Arizona? It's disgusting when American citizens work hard and pay so much money in taxes, only to have billions of their tax dollars spent on illegal immigrants and their care. I truly believe that America should first take care of its own (legal) citizens before we offer aid to citizens of other countries. Just sayin'.

Paris, IL

#15 Jul 18, 2010
Realizing our great country does encourage and help those in need, we also are SUPPOSED to have laws in place to achieve that without chaos. We are a generous country...don't take advantage; go with the in place system. We both benefit! I then expect you to become a working citizen paying taxes and supporting the country in which you live currently...not your past homeland you were so anxious to vacate. Your allegiance should now be the United States of America.

Blue Island, IL

#16 Jul 20, 2010
I completely support any immigration law that enforces the deportation of illegal immigrants. If someone wishes to be in this country then they should be willing to go through the proper and legal steps to become a U.S. citizen.

United States

#17 Jul 20, 2010
we need to help americans before we help everyone else

Since: Jul 10

Location hidden

#18 Jul 23, 2010
Somebody has to step up to the plate and start somewhere,God only knows Washingtons not capeable!!!

Since: Jul 10

Location hidden

#19 Jul 23, 2010
Absolutely!! someone has to step up to the plate,God knows Washingtons NOT capeable!!

League City, TX

#20 Aug 14, 2010
I say let em in , pay them nothing, tax them, This way you rich folk can hang on to your money. Tax the poor , they don't deserve anything anyway, they are losers!!!!!!!!!!

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