Illegal aliens are felons de jure. Felons are not eligible for consideration for naturalization. Illegal aliens are not respnsive to the rule of law-their actions ignore legal process. The illegal alien is an overwhelming tax load on the existing structure---education costs (here @$8,000/student/year) exceed contribution, if paid, by tax contribution by the alien. Many vote in local elections despite the fact that they are not eligible. Largest populations of aliens are Mexico, and Canada.
In the middle east you can't enter w/o an invitation. In europe you cannot enter w/o papers, and in some countries unless you declare an intention not to apply for work. In south and central america you will be imprisoned for illegal entry, and in the far east a similar outcome awaits you.
Illegals are felons by federal law with good reason. I have sponsored immigrants for naturalization, and they have been my personal financial and social responsibility. They are, today, contributing Americans.
Assimilation is a critical milemark. If you want to carry a dual citizenship you are not an American.
Find your national compass and stay with it.