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Discuss the national Health Care debate in Utica, NY.

Do you support President Obama's health care policy?

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J Adams

Auburn, NY

#1 Oct 5, 2009
Overtaxed because government can not, nor should they mess with the marketplace
Kill Stupid People

Auburn, NY

#2 Oct 8, 2009
45,000 people die every year due to lack of affordable health care. That's a 9-11 about every 3.5 weeks. Medical debt is the # cause of bankruptcy (and subsequent mortgage losses). Every other Western nation has national non-profit insurance. So should we.

Ithaca, NY

#3 Oct 8, 2009
we need this
long time Utican

Auburn, NY

#4 Oct 8, 2009
too much government control.
long time Utican

Auburn, NY

#5 Oct 8, 2009
People that have no income are eligible for Medicaid which all Hospitals will take to cover their care. There is no excuse for people with no income not to have insurance protection.

Those that have too many "assets" are not eligible for Medicaid. Those people need to either start liquidating their assets or find a job with benefits.

I made sure BEFORE I retired that I would have insurance protection - which I do and pay for every single month.
Fed up

Long Island City, NY

#6 Oct 9, 2009
I'm so fed up with the Government at ALL levels. I will vote against EVERY incumbent, Dem or Repub. Take back our government. It's our duty to those patriots that founded this country.

New Hartford, NY

#7 Oct 9, 2009
this is me

Liverpool, NY

#11 Oct 9, 2009
Oh righteous preachers above,and any others opposed to Universal Health Care Reform, has any of you tried to get Medicaid? As the sole breadwinner of a two person family (i'm NOT going to play the single mom card, yes i did chose this) I would like to inform you that to be eligible for Medicaid, your income cannot exceed $1600 per month. I live well within my means and that figure is still impossibly low.
My alternative? NYS childhealth plus for my child at $9 a month, for me, Vicks formula 44D and lots of prayers.

Auburn, NY

#12 Oct 9, 2009
way to much government control
Rue U

Edgewood, MD

#13 Oct 9, 2009
Medicaid is easier said than done. Why is America the supposed world leader always behind the curve in such matters. Oh thats right we're so ingrained into stupidity that we believe what Medical corporations propaganda despite that heir only loyalty is to the almighty dollar
Health Care Reform

Ithaca, NY

#14 Oct 14, 2009
This is what we have to look forward to:

Another look at health care in Canada not pretty

We just returned from a few days in Canada. My sister-in-law finally got a glaucoma/cataract operation. They scheduled her for another one “hopefully next summer.”

Her daughter just got a rotator cuff operation after a two-year wait. We’d heard that surgeons are limited on the number of operations they can perform. We asked the sister-in-law that works for two doctors about that. She said,“Oh yes, they can only do a certain number per week”(except emergency), because of limited operating rooms and surgical teams.

This happens every day in Montreal and is said to be much worse in outlying areas. Part of this comes from cost cutting by closing many hospitals. As for hip replacements, younger patients are given preference by moving seniors to the back of the line. There is a doctor shortage because many are retiring, moving to the U.S. or going into private practice clinics, where if you have extra insurance or if you can afford it, you can get special services but not operations. You have to go to the U.S. for those.

One nephew says he makes 65K per year, is in the 45 percent tax bracket, pays a 15 percent nationwide sales tax and pays annually $220 for license plates, over $100 for his drivers license and higher than N.Y. real estate taxes. He’d gladly pay much more for health insurance to get U.S.-type services and lower taxes and fees.

Free health care doesn’t come cheap.

taxed too death

Auburn, NY

#15 Oct 17, 2009
The government has destroyed all high paying jobs,filled this country will million of extra people. I am sick of working so everyone else can live.
Special Perks

Ithaca, NY

#17 Oct 17, 2009
And our Government politicians get special privleges... They want us to accept their nationwide health care program though have no plans to impose it on themselves... What is good enough for us should be good enough for them....
rush limbowel

Syracuse, NY

#19 Oct 17, 2009
health care is a right, not a luxury. Insurance companies are money grubbing snacks who will drop you when serious illness strikes
The new world

Ithaca, NY

#20 Oct 17, 2009
Free money is a right... Work should only be for those that want extra luxuries.. Everyone should be able to live for free without working...

Same basic principal... Can't let anyone go hungry or be left outside without shelter... Therefore, why work?
I agree

Ithaca, NY

#21 Oct 18, 2009
The new world wrote:
Free money is a right... Work should only be for those that want extra luxuries.. Everyone should be able to live for free without working...
Same basic principal... Can't let anyone go hungry or be left outside without shelter... Therefore, why work?
How is Health Care a right (see Rush Limbowel post) and not getting free housing and food from the government not a "right".... I agree that if we continue down that path then why should anyone work. The government should be taking care of everyone (healthcare, food and housing) as it is our right to get them... We can't let people get hungry, cold, or sick.. It is the right of the government to take care of eveyone...

I don't agree with this philosophy but I do agree with this post; if health care is a right then we might as well continue down the list of everything else that should be considered a "right"...

Syracuse, NY

#22 Oct 19, 2009
Do you know, if your Dr. will see you in the hospital??? When my mother was sick her dr. that she had seen for the last 20yrs. who was employed by that hospital did not see patients in the hospital.The hospitals employs drs. who only see patients in the hospital(hospitalists) The hospital also employes dr. to see patients in their offices.Then when you get admitted you see some strange dr. you have never seem before.Where is the continunity of care. When a person is admitted to the hospital it is a very trying time this is when having a familiar face comes into play.PEOPLE WAKE UP WE NEED TO FIGHT FOR GOOD HEALTH CARE.If they want goverment managed health care I want the same plan Mr. Arcuri has.If its good enough for him its good enough for me. Never mind 10,000 pages of pork.Everyone has to get their hand in the pie. Thats why our taxes are so high....

Victor, NY

#23 Oct 19, 2009
rush limbowel wrote:
health care is a right, not a luxury. Insurance companies are money grubbing snacks who will drop you when serious illness strikes
What Constitution are you reading from? Health care is not a "right". It's a privilege obtainable by the wealthy (sometimes called those who work), a benefit provided at the discretion of an employer, or a government subsidized plan for the elderly or a charitable gift provided by the good will of others. Insurance companies are not charitable organizations nor are they non-profit businesses. What you want to latch on to is Health Care Reform where everyone is covered and can't be dropped. The government proposes to give you this because they don't operate to make a profit and are charitable in a welfare oriented way. You'll feel better about being medically insured although the sure to come tax bite for this freebie may give you ulcers.

Auburn, NY

#24 Oct 19, 2009
Too much government interference. Don't want to go the way of Canada.

Westport, IN

#25 Oct 20, 2009
It is a plan to overtake your individual rights as a free american. People need to read the bill, which they will not allow us to do. More taxes and forced into something they can not pay for and because of that, if you do not take it, it will mean fines and jail time. Government control people.

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