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Santa Clara, CA

#22 Dec 27, 2009
It is true that the federal government should protect us from predatory insurance practices. There should be government support for those the private industry deems "uninsurable" but we have to understand we must take initiative and seek the best plans for ourselves and not leave it to government. The minute government starts meddling too much it kills incentive to improve quality. So yes, in the short run, government mandated protections from barring those with preexisting conditions sounds like it is a good thing. But if government money is there to pay for healthcare, then doctors essentially turn into mechanics looking to bilk you for every service they can think to perform, even if it isn't necessary. My wife is self-employed also and I have no insurance so I know where you are coming from. Sure quasi-free healthcare sounds good at first but I guess I have just bought into the argument that it will lower quality standards overall by stifling the incentive to create new and better healthcare, which the U.S. System is famous worldwide for doing. We don't have a healthcare problem, we have a healthcare funding problem. We have the best care, but no one can afford it. This shouldn't mean that we should have our government force prices down, it should remove all the governmental and bureaucratic labrynth our healthcare must get through to exist. Doctors are provided little protection from tort lawsuits and therefore order many unnecessary tests and this also drives the prices of insurance higher. We must understand that a healthcare system, with some fundamental protections by our government only, would function best in a free market system. Dems are saying now that a free market healthcare system is what caused the problem but we have never had such a thing. Every instance of healthcare has been heavily regulated by the government and inevitably drives prices up and that is not a free market, that is the problem. Obama would like us to forget that just because we had a Republican for the last 8 years we still didn't have a free market. A free market healthcare system, fundamentally regulated to provide protections, would function like every other free market system. It would by its very nature seek out to lower costs while improving quality. Our government has at least up until this point not stifled creativity but they have effectively driven up costs by their mere involvement. So instead of getting newer and newer healthcare technology for cheap we get new technology very expensive. Someone put it great when they said: you know when new technology comes out, like the dvd player when it came out. Everyone knew a guy who had it before everybody else, when a dvd player still cost $400. And he was the only one to have one until they were made cheap enough where more and more people could afford them. The U.S. Is like that guy. We have the new technology first, but we also pay more for it. We need to figure out a way around this but I gurantee government intervention is not the answer. It always has the negative effect. Also under this bill we are going to be FORCED to buy insurance, just to live. Much like we have the privelege of driving so we must buy car insurance. We are blessed with the privelege of living in the U.S. So we must buy health insurance. For the first time in U.S. history we are being. Forced to buy something simply to live here. I agree we need change but this bill is not the answer. This is not what I signed on for when I voted for Obama.
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United States

#23 Dec 27, 2009
Thank you for all the information you have provided. You are one very informed individual. I just do not know which way to turn at this point. Do with or without insurance. Like you said we are eventually going to be "made" to purchase insurance whether we can afford it or not. Thank you again.

Mount Sterling, KY

#24 Dec 31, 2009
Too costly.

Greenback, TN

#25 Dec 31, 2009
To everyone!
Question Answered

Elkhorn City, KY

#26 Jan 1, 2010
I really dont think it will work.

Santa Clara, CA

#27 Jan 1, 2010
Oh no, it will work. It will work perfectly, just not for us.

Georgetown, KY

#28 Feb 4, 2010
Agnosticated is very informed & gets the entire picture of the insurance industry & chronic mismanagement of most any program provided by our national government.
I have worked in health care my entire life, primarily working in hospitals (primarily in management positions) & have seen the abuse of the government & insurance systems that has so many flaws. OK, most of the abuse was by those insured either by private or government programs (esp. Medicaid). I saw very few incidents of physicians or hospitals abusing the insured. I will agree that due to the "suit happy" that doctors do order more tests than they would have in the past. Can't blame them. They are just trying to cover their butts. Consumers perpetuated that trend.
I cannot recall an incident in which someone was harmed or condition deteriorated because of lying in an ER unattended for hours waiting for treatment as someone spoke of. Maybe I worked in superior hospitals than that person had experience with.
I do not have an employer that provides anything toward the cost of my health insurance which costs nearly $500/month for me. Until our legislators are willing to have the same health care system that they dictate for the rest of the citizens of the US, I have no intention of supporting the BS of governing bodies that have an agenda that does not put the interest of their constituents first. Our legislators are "in bed" with too many people to believe that they would do "what is best" for the citizens of this country. Sadistic as it may sound, I expect our legislators to take care of themselves before they take care of "us". When have they proven otherwise??

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