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Discuss the national Health Care debate in Cape Coral, FL.

Do you support President Obama's health care policy?

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Fort Myers, FL

#1 Sep 15, 2009
No explanation needed.

Cape Coral, FL

#2 Sep 19, 2009
Because I have not insurance
cape resident thirty yrs

Cape Coral, FL

#3 Sep 20, 2009
Simply no!

Brooklyn, NY

#4 Sep 20, 2009
Why would anyone, other than people without any insurance, want to let the government control health care?

Cape Coral, FL

#5 Sep 30, 2009
no government run anything!
luigi linguini

Cape Coral, FL

#6 Oct 1, 2009
obama has no plan the democrats havea plan to make us all slave of the governament
Stephen Rutkowski (

Fort Myers, FL

#7 Oct 2, 2009
need national health care. If people are not working living on unemployment no matter how cheap you make medical if they dont have the money after expenses they just cant but insurance. If a buisness owner only workes his employees under 40 hours he dont have to provide insurance, an emergence room only provides basic care if you do not have insurance you cannot get primary care and if you do you cannot afford prescription drugs one payer everyone paysa percent of his pay rich or poor unemployed built into their checks or taken out of tax returns
Retired in Cape Coral

Cape Coral, FL

#8 Oct 4, 2009
I have a very good health plan and I don't want the Government to mess with it. I will guarantee that if they pass a plan over a period of years everyone will have to switch to it, but they will keep there own plan. Congress is not a "For The People" type of governing body.

Cape Coral, FL

#9 Oct 6, 2009
simply no

Fort Myers, FL

#10 Oct 17, 2009
Does our government really need to borrow (& pay back with interest) almost
$1 trillion in order to cut $500 billion in medicare-medicaid waste & fraud?
If our government knows this waste & fraud exists, then fix the problems.

Save our country the $500 billion first, then work on repairing our health system.

How many people do you know that borrow $1.00 to save $0.50??
Why would anyone think that this is a good deal for our government if you don't do it yourself??

Why is the "health reform" good enough for everybody except our government employees?

If it is good enough for me, then it damn sure is good enough for them.

Let Congress (& staffers) & the white house administration (& staffers) be the first ones signed onto the plan.

Let them show us how it is done.!!
Dorothy Ferrigno

Lehigh Acres, FL

#11 Oct 17, 2009
Abortion will still be paid out under other funded organizations, that is deception. Cutting Medicare after we paid into it all of these years is fraud. Unfortunately, our President has been telling us what we want to hear and doing exactly what his Socialist agenda dictates to him. I will contend with this on Election Day with my VOTE!
joan reinek

Cape Coral, FL

#12 Oct 18, 2009
my only choice is yes , doinbg nothing will distroy the american middle class , the cost of medical care is outragous
Melinda Bates

Fort Myers, FL

#13 Oct 19, 2009
joan reinek wrote:
my only choice is yes , doinbg nothing will distroy the american middle class , the cost of medical care is outragous
My choice is NO. The American middle class is being destroyed even without health care 'reform'.

Just look at the Cap & Trade bill that Congress & Obama are trying ot force on us. Your electricity bills "will necessariy sckyrocket" per Obama.
How is that going to help the middle class? You do realize that 'everything' that is made, transported, or used has in one way or another electricty involved. So of course everything will go up in prices, not just your electricty.
Yep, Crap & Tax is another way to steal courtesy of our government.

Now they want to borrow almost $1 trillion (and pay back with interset) to save $500 billion.

How many people do you know that run their finances (personal or business) that way?
Borrow $1.00 to save $0.50?
Felipe Ortiz.

Lehigh Acres, FL

#14 Oct 23, 2009
With companies like the one I work for eliminating the HMO insurance coverage for this year open enrollment option it justify why we need health care reform,it's a no brainer.Obama is the best president this country has ever had.
Aodelio Valentin

Lehigh Acres, FL

#15 Oct 23, 2009
There is no afortable health care insurance coverage in the USA just a doctor's office visit is close to$200.00 unless you get coverage from "some"employers who can afford it.I believe that people against the reform are ignorant.

Fort Myers, FL

#16 Oct 27, 2009
althou i have health insurance i strongly believe that as a Christian I need to support any bill that would allow others less fortunate to have the benefit of afforable health care. The Insurance Co. charge premiums that continue to go up and they do need to be checked.
Vinny Boombatz

Cape Coral, FL

#17 Nov 15, 2009
this issue has been in the news since the beattles arrived in new york city in 1964.
with 20% of the u.s. population without a
healthcare plan. mostly due to the impracticality of wages vs. the cost of a policy it is time to start somewhere.
If it needs tweaking later do it.
the taxpayers are taking care of those with
no policy in the emergency rooms of practically every hospital in this country.
with 300 plus million people paying into the
same group plan we all should have the same
quality plan the boys and girls clubs (house
and senate) in washington d.c. have.
I also bet those folks probably do not pay
for them or their families.
we are in need of less self serving and more
civil servant.

Fort Myers, FL

#20 Nov 21, 2009
It will be extra taxed, cost more, and doctors are opposed to it. It will make care worse and we will have to stay in line for care.
Lou Katz

Cape Coral, FL

#21 Nov 22, 2009

Delft, Netherlands

#22 Nov 22, 2009
@ Lou Katz

Why 'greatest country in the world'? USA has most prisoners; the death sentence (I abhor); millions who live in poverty and without health insurance; excessive violence from gun-owners - resulting in American attacking and murdering Americans.

You are proud of this?

It is surprising to see Americans'nationalisme 'we all stand together' crying over 9/11 (understandably) but apparently don't give a stuff if their American major cannot afford to be sick - and die.

America 'christian country' has not learned that Jesus-Christ looked after the poor, the sick, the widowed ..... with too many Americans only thinking of their own pocket under 'I'm all right Jack and the rest can get stuffed'!

In contrast to U.K. and all countries in Europe where people do have excellent health services for everybody. How come it is possible here but not in USA?

As soon as private companies are involved, they want to make profit; and nobody should be the victim who cannot afford to be sick because they cannot afford to pay for these companies'private profit!

Health, water, gas, public transport are best in the hands of the government/civil servants in all countries as, for instance, our trains ran perfectly, were very clean - before take-over by various private interests.

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