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Do you support President Obama's health care policy?

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Dawn Sensat

Baytown, TX

#1 Sep 17, 2009
The gov't needs to stay out of business.. Medicare is broke and so is medicaid, why trust them with other people's health insurance.

Baytown, TX

#2 Oct 2, 2009
Health care is not a right but a personal responsiblity.

Baytown, TX

#3 Oct 2, 2009
Health care is not a right but a personal responsibility.

Baytown, TX

#4 Oct 7, 2009
It is well needed. It's a right not a privilege. In order for me to work and ad to society i need to be and stay healthy.
Todd Snarkins

Peoria, IL

#6 Oct 8, 2009
You're an idiot. Healthcare is not a right. From what do you derive this "right?" If I'm a doctor, will you force me to provide care to you because it's your "right?" What about my rights.

Healthcare is a responsiblity, that belongs to YOU.

Since: Feb 09

Baytown, TX

#7 Oct 9, 2009
I can not support anything that offers services for people that are here illegally that my tax dollars are paying for. I do feel that as a nation we are in a health care crisis that there is not a easy solution for. Yes we need to do something to help but I feel the question still remains of what when and how.

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

#8 Oct 9, 2009
If they can't even make the DMV better how on earth can they fix the health care system? I vote NO to raising taxes, punishing americans for not getting a national health care, & paying higher in premiums!
Immigration Control


#9 Oct 14, 2009
My question is, if Americans are required to have Health Insurance or be fined 1900.00, who is footing the bill for the illegals to have health care? Why hasn't OBAMA brought this out in the opening and stop being so damned sneaky about it??? I don't feel it is our place to foot the bill any longer for these blood sucking Illegals! Mexico damned sure wouldn't do it for us if we were over in their chit hole!! I thought was America, not Mexico or Russia!
Immigration Control


#10 Oct 14, 2009
I thought this was AMERICA, not MEXICO OR RUSSIA!!!!
Todd Snarkins

Peoria, IL

#11 Oct 15, 2009
There is no "Healthcare Crisis." Unless you're dying and no one will help you get to the emergency room, which will take care of you and hand you a bill, it's not a crisis. Not having insurance to pay for your doctor's visit is not a crisis.

This is the crisis: We have to pass this legislation RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!

That's the crisis. Just like "global warming", er, I mean "climate change," also known as the weather.


#12 Oct 19, 2009
Here is a petition that everyone should sign, that is if you care to know the full truth of what is in the HCR bill:

United States

#13 Oct 27, 2009
Have anyone ever been it the ER? This is where people go instead of the doctor. We still have to pay for their visit, we just have to pay more cause they can't afford to go the regular doctor.

Center, TX

#14 Nov 30, 2009
It will kill off the old people too soon.
red dawn

Crosby, TX

#15 Nov 30, 2009
maybe OOBOMBIE will send that civilian army he wants ,to arrest you if you do not have government issued health insurance welcome to the new world comrade-- the world of HOPE AND CHANGE-- the world of comrade messiah oobombie-- how is that hope and change you voted for working out for you now ???????
Scott J

United States

#16 Nov 30, 2009
BIG GOVERNMENT IS ALL IT IS!! Lets keep our democracy in this country. Seems we are headed towards Socialism if things like this are allowed to happen.
red dawn

Crosby, TX

#18 Nov 30, 2009
what LORD MESSIAH HUSSEIN OOOBOMBIE has planned for this nation--- socialism is just one step in destroying this nation. welcome to the new world order comrade

Since: Nov 09

Atlanta, GA

#19 Nov 30, 2009
Dumb# 1: Not having the ability to note that those opposing the Health Care plan on the Senate floor are wearing ties so loud...the average civilian mind cannot hear the speakers points.

Dumb# 2: Having the nads to announce to announce to a nation that still has fire arms that their grandparents are going to die soon, true to population control policies resulting in a shortage of gumbo, as well as stealthy access to the liquor cabinet.

Dumb# 3: As long as people cannot take good care of themselves, precint 2 of Baytown will experience a marked decrease in commission ( yet again) because there is less people needing problems solved. This means law enforcement will offer the government a hearty serving of " ph*ck u" on a national scale. Where is your police state now?

The Aussies need to mow something delapidated down and scooch on over.(*pops top* Ahhh...time to level up.)

Dumb#3: Farting around for 4 hours while we wait for the senate to come to floor and paying our satellite TV bills so they can pay the sponsors we have to sit through while we wait for them to come to the blessed floor..and of course indulge in materialism which supports the f*ggin bill anyway through said commercial.

Dumb4# Catching me at the bar and watching me run my hand along the underside of the table as well as the back of the chair and finding the g-nads to do it anyway. What you may encounter is not what you would expect, although ridiculously exciting.

My a** is not near as troubled as theirs is about to be....


United States

#20 Jan 22, 2010
When we buy health insurance, we are pooling our money together so that we can be taken care of if it turns out that we're unlucky enough to have a serious medical condition. This should be done with everyone, including those who are unlcuky because they were born with a pre-existing condition or financial hardship. Leaving our fellow Americans subject to profit-driven corporations who are willing to deny you treatment multiple times for no other reason than they know that many people give up eventually... is atrocious, heartless, and in no respect what a true American would do.
red dawn

Crosby, TX

#21 Jan 28, 2010
ALBINO--I have a bridge for sale that crosses the houston ship channel, would you like to buy it????. hell if you are easy enough to buy obamas crap, you just might buy the bridge.

Baytown, TX

#22 Jan 29, 2010
My back hurts. Neck is stiff. Hands are calloused. Muscles are strong but sore often. All because I bust my ass at work, pay large sums of taxes to the government, and do my part in society as a self sufficient human being. I will be damned if I support the lazy bastards out there that mooch of of us tax payers and care less about running our country in the ground. We pay taxes and need to demand to any extreme that Obama be shut down. We need to educate supporters of the Obama health care plan that they are screwing us all.

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