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Discuss the national Gun Control debate in Utica, NY.

Would you support a ban on handguns?

Utica opposes

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old friend

Wake Forest, NC

#83 Oct 8, 2010
goverment control on guns has never proven to be good for any democratic nation, and this is coming from a cop!

Rome, NY

#85 Oct 8, 2010
The SCOTUS has ruled "individual right". It will take a lifetime for this ruling to work its way through the system. The first law to fall will the Federal Switchblade ban. Enacted following the movies "Blackboard Jungle", and "Rebel Without a Cause", this was the classic "kneejerk" reactionary legislation sponsored by none other than Estes Kefauver; liberal Democrat. Owning a folding knife that opened with one hand was deemed a Federal Crime. New York State went even further; making almost anything with an edge a "deadly weapon". Our legislators added the "butterfly knife" to the list recently. It's maddening to consider the laws enacted to restrict individual freedom. It's more maddening to consider that majorities have supported that crap in some twisted sense that it might buy them some security.

Utica, NY

#86 Oct 9, 2010
Would all you people who want guns shoot to kill? Or would you just try to maim? An "eye for an eye" or "thou shalt not kill"

Brooklyn, NY

#87 Oct 15, 2010
I would support a ban on assault weapons.Like AK47's.

Utica, NY

#88 Dec 22, 2010
We as Americans have the right to protect our self and our families and the gun is the most effective way to do that. I think we need to go back to the days when gun safety was taught in schools.

Buffalo, NY

#89 Dec 22, 2010
My rights

Caroga Lake, NY

#90 Dec 22, 2010
If we law abiding citizens allow Washington liberals to take our right to possess and purchase firearms,we as Americans are all dead. Only criminals will have firearms and they will not be afraid to use them more often.
hambone sez

New Albany, MS

#91 Dec 23, 2010
hotMESS wrote:
Would all you people who want guns shoot to kill? Or would you just try to maim? An "eye for an eye" or "thou shalt not kill"
If someone breaks into my home ,and I am home ,he will be met with 20 buckshot pellets the size of marbles.I have no idea where they will hit him,and don't care.It will be his fault for breaking into my home,not mine.I may feel bad about killing him ,but I will get over it.
Robert Walsh

Utica, NY

#92 Jan 4, 2011
As a gun owner i think a ban should be on the Obama click.Leave our guns alone and pray this country doesn,t get attack,the only ones that can keep this country safe are the gun owners.

Des Moines, IA

#93 Jan 6, 2011
hotMESS wrote:
Would all you people who want guns shoot to kill? Or would you just try to maim? An "eye for an eye" or "thou shalt not kill"
I would shoot to kill to save the life of an innocent person including myself. Does that help?

Des Moines, IA

#94 Jan 6, 2011
scott wrote:
I would support a ban on assault weapons.Like AK47's.
Why? Is it because the media has convinced you that thos big, black ugly guns are more powerful than other guns?

Utica, NY

#95 Jan 11, 2011
No I do not. I support enforcement of stricter laws and harsher punishment for gun crimes.

Utica, NY

#96 Jan 11, 2011
I like it when my Daddy sticks his "loaded" gun up mu bunger and shoots his load in me!
I bet

Utica, NY

#97 Jan 11, 2011
More people are killed with automobiles, let's ban them.

Baldwinsville, NY

#98 Jan 12, 2011
I got rights!
common sense

Baldwinsville, NY

#99 Jan 12, 2011
Armed wrote:
Gun control laws have done absolutely nothing to reduce crime, in fact gun control increases violent crime by disarming the citizens. I never unstood liberals on this position. It's such a common sense thing! Why can't they comprehend that criminals aren't going to obey any of the laws they establish???
Most liberals are not against owning guns. It's the automatic weapons like Uzi'and large bullet clips that seems senseless. So your saying we do nothing and continue to experience mass killings. Just make it easier for criminals to get guns. In Europe this is not a problem. very strict gun laws. I can't understand why anyone would ever need a gun that shoots hundreds of rounds a minute to protect themselves. The argument that people kill not guns is STUPID and IDIOTIC.

Rome, NY

#100 Jan 19, 2011

Rome, NY

#101 Jan 19, 2011
MY RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

Baldwinsville, NY

#102 Jan 19, 2011
hotMESS wrote:
OK "nygunman", maybe what bothers me the most is not knowing when someone is "carrying". Not criminals, but "law-abiding citizens.
Maybe if they were required to "post" that they have a weapon - on them or on their property,in their car, etc.
Can you imagine the mess if everyone whipped out a gun during the AT&T incident?
I have had a permit for about 10 years now. I have not once carried my weapon in public. Most people that I know who have CCW do not carry. We shoot in a range. BUT, if I ever do feel the need to's nice to know I have that option.

I know this sounds kind of...ummm...fatalistic (?) but if society goes to s**t, you will not have a firearm to protect your family and it will be too late at that point to get one. And law enforcement will be either too busy or non-existant.

Something to think about.
Pho Shure


#103 Jan 28, 2011
Banning handguns won't keep all of them off the streets, but it's a start to try and control the violence in America. Violence has gotten way out of control in this country, It's more like it was in the wild,wild west! Put down your guns and surrender.

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