Hell, it's real simple, it doesn't matter who it is. There has never been a bigger threat to this Country and to the World then that vile bastard currently occupying our White House, and all one has to do is look at what he's done. There has not been a single thing that bastard has done, except destroy this Country, and he's been hell bent on doing it just like he wrote about in his little "My Father's Footsteps" book. His father was a damn criminal just like he is. While that shit may fly in Kenya, it will never fly here, and my goal always has been and always will be to see to it we rid our White House of that coup, and I will do everything in my power to see to it he receives the Death Penalty for his treason, along with the War he is about to incite here.

Hell, people would vote for Hitler beforer they'd vote for that vile bastard, and if that were possible, Hilter would actually be plus compared to what we have now...not that Hitler qwould be any good, it's just that he'd be a hell of alot better than what we have now.

This bastard should'nt be in the White House now...he should've been impeached 2 1/2 years ago, but we've got a Congress that is too stupid to get off their sorry asses and do it...we're gonna do that job for them come election time, and things are about to change ina big way.