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Downtown Girl

Lake Charles, LA

#63 Sep 1, 2011
Tyler Alan Smith wrote:
<quoted text> How the hell can u be a dude when u were born a chick? whoever believes in that genetic crap are just nutcases. idiots and very arrogant.
I suggest you buy, or rent, the movie "Halloween" this coming season as it has been reported....(even the doctor I had at Bayou Comp SWLA has told me this....although not officially confirmed by Jamie Lee herself) that actress Jamie Lee is intersexual. At least you will know intersexed people do exist and they aren't nutcases, as you say, but real people.
Get the Hell out

Brookhaven, MS

#64 Sep 16, 2011
Tyler Alan Smith wrote:
<quoted text> How the hell can u be a dude when u were born a chick? whoever believes in that genetic crap are just nutcases. idiots and very arrogant.
Do you "believe" in wikipedia?
You're obviously the crappy-nutcase/arrogant-idiot.
I feel bad for people who have to deal with being intersex. Except for ol' 3 first names here; you really should go F yourself.
Gerald Clark

Austin, TX

#65 Oct 21, 2011
I love it when people only live by certain parts of the bible.but insist they live by the whole bible!...very christian of you!

Lake Charles, LA

#66 Dec 8, 2011
It is simply not natural. God made a woman to be a companion to a man and to hv children together, not a man for a man and a woman for a woman! I personally believe its a crime against nature and disgusting.!
Hard Working Man

La Vergne, TN

#67 Dec 9, 2011
Back in the day..........
Gay meant that you were HAPPY..........
Hard Working Man

La Vergne, TN

#68 Dec 11, 2011
God does not approve.........

Sulphur, LA

#69 Jan 17, 2012
Marriage should be between two people who love each other. Neither the government nor some people's ignorance should be able to keep two women or two men from being married. Marriage is a human right not a heterosexual privilege.

United States

#70 Jan 17, 2012
It's about equality. And please tell me how gay marriage hurts or affects you negatively?

Corona, CA

#71 Jan 17, 2012
1. kim kardashian, why is she allowed to marry?
2. the bible says alcohol, pork, turtle, animals that have not have been bled are bad
3. the bible does not speak about lesbians
4. separation of church and state
5. If you care so much about marriage why are people allowed to divorce? jesus said that its a sin
6. If you care about what jesus says why do you hate?
7. Jesus also said disobedience is a sin, do you go to church on saturdays? if you dont then you are sinning
8. Do you know that the bible says that we can have slaves?
9. Did you know that the horoscope is satanic?
10. God hates witchcraft harry potter, twilight, etc.
11. Do you give your tithes? it is 10% oh your earning
12. Did you know you are sinning just by judging
13. The bible says God loves everyone.
14. God hates glotonery which means every fat person is going to hell
15. If your wife cheats on you have her stone
16. Are you divorce?
17. Did you cheat on your partner?
18. Do you curse?
19. Do you bully people?
20. Do you play with peoples feelings?
21. Do you gossip?
22. Do you eat shrimp?
23. Is there something that you put before God?
24. Do you masturbate?
25. Do you have sex with different people
26. Do you listen to music that is not christian?
27. Why did they greeks have boys as sex toys?
if the answer is yes then you are going to hell

Sulphur, LA

#72 Jan 18, 2012
Everyone deserves to be married and miserable no matter who they decide to spend their life with!!
Sabrina Heffron

Sulphur, LA

#73 Jan 18, 2012
people should be able to love and devote themselves to whomever they love regardless of live life one time why not be happy and do it to the fullest?

Lake Charles, LA

#74 Jan 18, 2012
Humans should marry who they want. What's wrong with happiness?
Stephen Walker

Sulphur, LA

#75 Jan 19, 2012
I mean, why the heck not?

Lake Charles, LA

#76 Jun 23, 2013
Gay males brains different from straight males brains, Gay Men Have Bigger Brains A part of the brain called the anterior commissure was found to be 34% larger in gay men. It connects two structures together. The amygdala on each side of the brain. So, what does the amygdala do?
Its a very, very emotional structure. And it's fast. If you suddenly notice a bus heading toward you, and you feel a 'burst' of fear, that's your amygdala; the one on the right. If you feel a burst of elation when someone looks at you with attraction in their eyes, that's your amygdala, too; the one on the left.
A gay man's brain has more connections between the opposite emotional centers than other brains.
The amygdala does an important kind of recognition, too. It recognizes other people, or more importantly, how they're feeling. It responds to facial expressions, tones of voice, and, I'd guess, body language as well.
My guess is that its important in seeing potential mates, and so, its the part that knows who you're attracted to, gay, straight, transsexual, bisexual or whatever.
The gay male brain uses the same parts to be attracted to a man that I use to be attracted to a woman.
I cannot help but wonder if the extra connections might allow extra recognition skills, and a wider sense of what a person's meaning might be. When a male brain selects people of the same gender as the focus for sexual feelings, it gives its owner a set of concerns and needs in common with women. Men become the people they want to be with, forcing them to pay attention to men's needs, and women become the object of identification, at least in some ways. At the same time they ARE men, so they still have to identify there, too. As a straight man, an attractive woman 'means' something very different to me than she does to a gay man. And guess what? The amygdala mediates our experience of 'meaningfulness'.
Such a person would be able to empathize with a very large portion of the total population; larger than heterosexuals of either gender.
Most evolutionary biologists will agree that if a species preserves a trait, its because that trait helps that species survive, or at least did so when it first emerged.
One of the traits of the human species is that close 10 percent (the number changes according to who does the counting) of our populations are gay. If Darwin (and some others) are right, the our species needed gay males when we first appeared, and we might need them now.
What for?
Well, gay men do not compete with straight men for one thing, but they understand many, if not most, uniquely male concerns, because they are men.
And they share enough in common with women that they understand women's concerns, too. Many lesbians are a bit taken aback by how indifferent many gay men are to feminist political concerns, but those aren't the women's concerns I mean. I'm talking about such things as 'cognitive style','linguistic patterns and other things that you need a special dictionary to get.
Gay males might have enhanced their tribe's ability to respond to danger quickly. Their voice in the councils of the first human tribes could have been a profound advantage
There are two things that help an individual be heard in human cultures. One is to be the boss, and the other is to have as few conflicts with others as possible
Gay males, being less interested in war than other males, do not conflict with their tribal neighbors.
They do not compete with straight males for sexual opportunities. And, they do not compete with women over the resources for their young. A hundred thousand years ago this was probably VERY important
You can see nature or rather god created this in man and it is human nature. Same sex is universal in the animal kindom. So with equal protection under the law, same sex marriage should be legal To deprive a human being the same rights you have is immoral, and illogical depriving them of the same happiness you can get is wrong

Oklahoma City, OK

#77 Jul 27, 2013
How does it hurt anyone that is not gay for 2 gay men or 2 gay women to be married?

El Monte, CA

#78 Aug 4, 2013
Can't give them that right. Then go to church that doesn't make sense.

Sulphur, LA

#79 Aug 5, 2013
Marriage should be between a man and a women .

San Rafael, CA

#80 Aug 15, 2013
Who cares? It's not hurting anyone. Many schools--elementary, middle, and high schools-in Moss Bluff, Lake Charles, Sulphur, and Westlake have gay teachers, and it doesn't seem to be hurting anyone. And since we live in a country ruled by civil law--not taliban or christian law--the issue is basically moot.

Any bible is nice if you want to believe fairy tales written by men to control people.

I'll vote against Gay Marriage when pre-marital sex, divorce, smoking, and adultery are outlawed first. When all the pedophile "christian" priests are thrown into jail. When any tax exempt church hides both the problems and their money from victims of abuse is shut down. These do far more damage to "society" than gay marriage. These are "choices." Being gay is not. But even if it was, and it's not hurting anyone else--what business is it of anyone else's?

I'm GLAD we don't live in a theocracy.

Los Angeles, CA

#81 Aug 17, 2013
Bill wrote:
God did create everyone as equal but he also set down guidelines for living. There are many Thou Shalt and Thou Shalt Nots that must be followed. Same sex marriages are unnatural. If it were the norm, it would result in extinction. That gives no one the right to "judge" them though.
No "god" created anyone. She's a myth--a fairy tale. Grow up.

Los Angeles, CA

#82 Aug 17, 2013
Hard Working Man wrote:
Back in the day..........
Gay meant that you were HAPPY..........
It still does! It's the poor, misguided folks who claim to be "christian" that are truly miserable.

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