Gay Marriage Debate - Sparta, IL

Discuss the national Gay Marriage debate in Sparta, IL.

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Ryan Rhodes

Shelburn, IN

#1 Jan 18, 2012
I'm gay <3 I support all Healthy Love
Brittany S. :)

Carterville, IL

#2 Jan 18, 2012
If your happy with the same sex then nothing else should matter. And everyone should except you for that. :)
Jessica Robinson

Nashville, TN

#3 Jan 18, 2012
I simply have a religious viewpoint. God made Adam a wife from his rib to stand by his side. He never intended for a man or a woman to be with the same sex. In the bible he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, which was a city full of homosexuals because he didn't approve of it. I'm not judging anyone because God is the final judge but I am standing to say I am 100% against it.
Steve lol

United States

#4 Jan 19, 2012
Its gross

United States

#5 Jan 19, 2012
I'm with Jessica god did not make Adam and Steve he made Adam and eve. I think same sex is nasty as fuzk but I'm not haten

United States

#6 Jan 19, 2012
Its nasty
Catalina Valleroy

Savage, MN

#7 Jan 19, 2012
Who cares if you think its nasty? Who gives you the right to call someone nasty if they are happy together? Not one damn person deserves to be told, "Your not allowed to be happy with that person" Like, who the fuck are you or anyone else to deny someone happiness. Think of the situation if you yourself was gay or bisexual. Obviously you can't understand how the shoe would be on the other foot and you would completely support it if you were gay yourself. You must look at the situation as if it was meant for you. Would you want to be told you can't spend your life with someone you love and be happy? No, you wouldn't. So before anyone tries to bring up the convo of "God", think about yourself and how this would affect you if you were gay or bisexual. Leave religion out of this. Government and religion were never suppose to mix, "seperation of church and state".

Sikeston, MO

#8 Jan 19, 2012
It's funny how civil rights work. When our generation looks back on MLK and the Civil Rights Movement, we look at those who opposed as racist and unfair. We look at those who opposed interracial marriage as close minded bigots. Every civil rights movement this country has ever experienced has ended with more rights for those seeking them. I just wonder how future generations will view this battle. Will they see those who oppose gay marriage as unfair, close-minded, bigots? All past civil rights experiences seem to show that the opposition usually ends up looking like fools. Just saying.
Judy Beford

Shelburn, IN

#9 Jan 19, 2012
I love my grandson Ryan very much
got-out-of-spart a

Marion, IL

#10 Jan 19, 2012
Catalina do you always have to voice your gets old!
Jessica Robinson

Nashville, TN

#11 Jan 19, 2012
So are you gay or have you experienced those feelings? If not, then might I ask, how would you know how it feels? You say Goverment and Religion are supposed to be seperate and yet I do believe that our founding fathers based the United States of America on religion. Hence: "In God We Trust" "One Nation Under God". Therefore, using religious viewpoints are fair game! I believe with every morsal of my body that its completely wrong! Now am I dictating or trying to tell people that they can't be gay?? Not at all! It's not my decision. No sin is greater than the next! God is the final judge as I stated before. Whatever people choose to do is there situation but when asked, I will most definitely express my opinion. Its an opinion, something that everyone is intitled to. So bashing someone's opinion and using ignorant language isn't exactly an intelligent way of going about things.(my opinion)

Colorado Springs, CO

#12 Jan 20, 2012
Not everyone has the same religious views, but I believe in the pursuit of happiness. Everyone deserves what makes them happy, and If it's being with someone of the same sex then so be it. Not everyone will like it, nor agree, but we aren't put on this earth to please everyone. Some believe we r here to please God, which they can deal with their own judgement in the end. I have gay friends I don't hold that against them. Am I gay? No .. I've never had those kind of feelings. However, i think everyone knows how it is to have something stop you from being happy. I am a strong believer in God and i know what he made man & woman for, but, Religion aside, everyone believes differently, but that doesn't make them any less of a person, or undeserving of happiness.
Catalina Valleroy

Savage, MN

#14 Jan 20, 2012
and jessica, i completely agree with you. thats YOUR opinion, everyone has different opinions. I just decided to voice mine because im a strong believer in gay marriage just because i have so many gay and bisexual friends that i love that i will always support my friends. Just an opinion. No need for people to get hostile and take my opinion to heart. Shit gets old.(got out of sparta)
Jessica Robinson

Nashville, TN

#15 Jan 20, 2012
(Got-out-of-Sparta) Everyone has an opinion and no matter who it is or how many times they decide to voice it is their right. Therefore Cat has a right to say whatever she wants, just like you also do. If its something personal against her then maybe it should be adressed with her rather than throwing cheap shots behind the web.
(Catalina) I understand, I have gay friends as well and I absolutely love them to death! Do I support their ways? No, not at all! But I don't spend my time trying to tell them that they are wrong because that would ABSOLUTELY be wrong of me! I make it clear that I don't believe in being gay but I NEVER look at them as less of a person because they are not! Honestly, gay's are some of the most courageous beings on this earth! How many people do you know that can come together and stand up against opposition and hatred? Not many at all!

United States

#16 Feb 18, 2012
Fuzk Catalina she don't mean shit she probably a lesbians bitxh anyways
Phil Burns

Brazil, IN

#17 Apr 1, 2012
I am gay and completely proud to be. This is the 21st century people, just get over it. We dont hate on straight people, so dont hate on us.
Katie Renfroe

Shelburn, IN

#18 Apr 1, 2012
My opinion on all of this, is it doesn't matter if your Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transexual, Straight or Whatever, as long as your happy. There is nothing wrong with happiness. I am bisexual & very happy. My best friend is Gay & is also very happy. Don't try to bring someone down just because you don't approve. I don't believe in the bible, or religion, or any of that. Because Im happy with how I am, & how Im living my life. I dont need to base my life off a book. I know this comment might cause some religious debates, But I will not be commenting back on this. I just wanted to state my opinion & go.
I Beg To Differ


#19 Apr 1, 2012
People who possess a moral character do not agree with the "anything goes" theory.
CJ Watss

United States

#20 Apr 18, 2012
Phil Burns wrote:
I am gay and completely proud to be. This is the 21st century people, just get over it. We dont hate on straight people, so dont hate on us.
I agree 110% the only thing that should be hated on is close mindednes. It's time for everyone to stand up together. Put our differences aside and work on a better future for the next youth((:

Ogallah, KS

#21 Apr 19, 2012
Because I am in love!

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