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Just Saying

United States

#83 Jan 20, 2012
FX Leach wrote:
<quoted text>
Did the easter bunny create god?
Stupid Question From A Stupid Person, You Must Be Queer As A Three Dollar Bill.

Paintsville, KY

#84 Jan 20, 2012
This is so cool...
Too many fools quote the bible to use against others, while they are committing sin in their own hearts and homes.. haha

Inez, KY

#85 Feb 4, 2012
Everybody,deserves to choose the one they,want to spend their life with.

not the Gov.Or The CHURCH choosing for them. Thank you AMERICAN*** for making freedom RING.

Logan, WV

#86 Mar 20, 2012
I am a supporter bc I am a lesbian. The ppl on here say that it's against the bible and all of this stuff. News flash so is gossip and starting crap on the Internet. I'm a firm believer of same sex marriage and being equal. Love is love.
Gay Pride

Paintsville, KY

#87 Mar 24, 2012
Everyone should have the right to be happy. We don't take away your happiness, so why do you take ours? We didn't do anything to you. If we're in love, we're in love, and we're going to get married eventually. We can go out of state to get married. I just don't get why you try to take away our rights when we don't try to take yours.
kyle branham

United States

#88 May 22, 2012
smart people know its fine to be different as long as you hurt no one

Williamson, WV

#89 May 28, 2012
dont need to explain

Williamson, WV

#90 May 28, 2012
amen tommy tellem like it is insane bull writin by people like the taliban

Virgie, KY

#91 May 29, 2012
It's funny.
God loves everyone,
Yet Christians go on about gays?
PSHH please.
They're normal people.
They parked their car today, they didn't "gay" park it.
Grow up.
Welcome to reality
Not everyone is like you!

Wheelwright, KY

#92 May 30, 2012
Screw Gods laws, I am aethist, so why don't you book readers do yourself a favor, stay out of our darn business!

Clay City, KY

#94 Jun 2, 2012
Hummmm wrote:
This is so cool...
Too many fools quote the bible to use against others, while they are committing sin in their own hearts and homes.. haha
true. Hell with it all. Lets just have a few drinks and an orgy and be happy
Anthony Branham

Winchester, KY

#97 Jun 14, 2012
I think its basic equality.The people against gay rights are the same ones who would have been against womens rights and civil rights. I mean, the bible says women are inferior, yet i bet half of you are women and try to simply explain that part of the bible away. Or you have had a ton of extra marital sex and say thats fine. you pick and choose parts of your religion to follow.

Prestonsburg, KY

#98 Jun 15, 2012
If God loves us - he will accept us as we are individuals - People are all different - I see nothing wrong with being gay- that doesn't bother me with all my other more important problems- The Bible also says that God is the judge not man-

United States

#99 Jun 16, 2012
God didn't intend for you to be righteous on Sunday while sinning the rest of the week. why is the bible always thrown into the gay marriage when everyone sins ? even gay people have feelings ... look in your bedroom at the sins male and females make ...
Above it

Jonancy, KY

#100 Jan 9, 2014
You people are idiots. You DO NOT choose to be gay. You don't wake up one morning and say "I'm going to start liking the same gender" because by saying that, you allow the possibility for yourself to make the conscious choice to become gay. You are born, knowing who you like, or what you like. There was a time when women didn't have rights, and neither did African Americans. They were made to be slaves and they rose above it. As will the gay community. How would you people feel if we had to vote to legalize your marriages? You wouldn't like it, I'm sure. You'd all bitch and complain until the politicians give in and give you what you want. Just like 90% of eastern Kentucky are lazy and worthless because they sit at their houses (that the tax payers are paying for) and do NOTHING! When they are perfectly capable of working and making a living for themselves. I think that is the real issue here, not who can marry whom. It shouldn't matter! And remember separation of church and state? The bible should have no ruling on what laws are passed and what is deemed right in the eyes of the law. The bible is an ancient outdated book that people take out of context to further their own agendas and try to scare the entire world. Marriage is a man made thing anyway. It's just for tax purposes and benefits to spouses and families. Matrimony is what was made by "god" or whoever. Change is what founded America. So people should get over it, gay marriage will be legalized within my generation (I'm 20) and I'm proud to be a supporter of their rights. Remember when you point a finger, you have three pointing back at you.

Auxier, KY

#101 Jan 10, 2014
Gay men are known as tird tappers,some lizzies are hot some not,hopefully Kentucky will never allow homo marriages.

Auxier, KY

#103 Jan 10, 2014
Please I hate to say it but those in favor of gay marriage .need to realize that Kentucky is not California, u guys probally move to California ,any were but here.

Auxier, KY

#104 Jan 10, 2014
Were all sinners its true but some sins are worse than others .let the gays do there thing just don't do it around me.stay in the closet

Auxier, KY

#105 Jan 10, 2014
U can't legalize it what would u tell the man who wants to marry and have 6wives then his son wants to marry his dog,or how about the man who wants marry his wife and her mother.u can't discriminate against them can u.marriage has always been between a man and woman.should stay that way.times sure taking a turn for the worst .
Above it

Jonancy, KY

#106 Jan 10, 2014
There's no need to move to California. You rednecks need to mind your own business. If you can think of any way at all that it would directly bother you, I could understand. It's not like the gays are going to take over the world or terrorists will gain more power. It's simply two people in love wanting to spend their lives together, and they have every right you do. And who cares if a man wants 6 wives? Or a guy wants to marry his dog? Who are we to judge? What makes you so much better?

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