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Moultrie, GA

#1 Jul 7, 2011
because marriage is between a man and woman anything else besides that is not of God. God didnt take man out of man but a woman out of a man thats two opposites sex not same sex.
Gary Eastman

Middleburg, FL

#2 Aug 27, 2011
Marriage is a legal contract granting rights & responsibilities to the 2 parties who accept this contract as witnessed by the civil state. Given separation of church and state, it has nothing to do with a given religious belief. Heterosexual people can marry whether or not they plan to or even can bear children, no matter what their race or age (as long as 'of age'). The lowest divorce rate in the US is in Massachusetts, the first state to legalize gay marriage. There is absolutely no reason why two tax-paying gay American citizens in a loving, committed relationship, should not be allowed the same legal advantages and responsibilities that heterosexual couples are. To deny gay couples legal marriage is to deny equality to a segment of the population. Nowhere that gay marriage has been legalized has there been shown any detriment to the marriages of heterosexuals which, by the way, even without gay marriage, are already at a 50% divorce rate in the US. Those who are concerned about marriage, family values and the like ought to look to their own house first before denying to others the rights they can readily possess by law. To do otherwise is hypocritical and unjust.

Middleburg, FL

#3 Aug 27, 2011
Vickie, the United States is a nation founded from its beginning on the principle of separation of Church & State. This means that your or anyone's interpretation, belief or opinion of God or God's intention is your own personal freedom. Not every American believes in God as you do; many do not believe in the same God or any god at all. To formulate American law by any one religious opinion naturally deprives others not of the same opinion of their freedom of religion. That is why the Founding Fathers wisely determined that these United States would not be founded on any established religion governing our laws.

Marriage is a legal contract, just as is divorce, a birth certificate, a will or any other such legal document. It grants certain rights and demands certain responsibilities from those who enter into these contracts. When heterosexual couples are granted a marriage license they are not asked their religious beliefs, whether they will have children, even whether they will be faithful to one another. These are the provenance of religious organizations, should a couple wish to have their marriage recognized and or blessed by such a body. Churches and other religious bodies will marry a couple only after they have obtained a legal marriage license from the civil, secular state. This clearly shows that the license has nothing to do with God, with religion, with childbirth or any other such thing. It is purely a legal contract.

It is then up to the individual couple to make of that marriage what they will.

George Washington signed the Treaty of Tripoli which stated that the United States is in no way founded upon the Christian religion. There are heterosexual couples who are atheists. There are gay couples who are Christians. Religion has nothing to do with a marriage license. A marriage license grants the couple over 1000 legal rights in order to aid them as a financial, social and legal household.

There are many nations in the world and several US States that grant marriage licenses to gay couples. Doing show has had no ill effect on heterosexual marriages. Why should it? It is a legal contract that, if anything, strengthens society. Divorce is 'not of God' if one goes by Biblical standards yet it sure is legal in every one of the 50 US States, isn't it? Why? Because the Government understands that divorce is yet another legal contract that annuls the marriage license with its rights and responsibilities.

There is absolutely no legal leg on which the opposition to marriage equality for hetero and homosexual couples can stand -- unless one wants to be bigoted, discriminatory and very unAmerican, given our country was founded on 'the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness' for ALL - not just those in society whom you or anyone else approves.

Should we go backwards and take the vote away from women or not allow them in politics; should we deny black Americans the same rights as whites; should we reinstate many laws from the past that we now see as anachronistic, unjust and unenlightened? Gay marriage is just another phase in our country's ever-progressing development of removing barriers that prevent a given part of our society from having the same rights as others.

Peace & Love to you,


#4 Aug 27, 2011
America is founded on equality. Denying some tax-paying, law-abiding American citizens the same legal rights others enjoy isn't fair.

Fitzgerald, GA

#5 Aug 29, 2011
against christ teaching and against nature.
home gurl

Paris, KY

#6 Sep 16, 2011
u right god dsnt agree with guy marragies lets try nstop all this mis leades its nt in gods book ppls

Moultrie, GA

#7 Sep 19, 2011
If you say being gay is wrong and against God's wishes then you are saying he made a mistake by allowing them to be born gay. Because people are born like's not a disease and not a decision. It's the way they are. God allowed it so deal with it. Move along, move along.

Byron, GA

#8 Nov 14, 2011
people fall in love who they wanna fall in love with
patricia pedridck

Fitzgerald, GA

#9 Nov 25, 2011
god created us all and loves us all

Moultrie, GA

#10 Dec 4, 2011
So basically you are saying....God made a mistake by creating gay people. They wouldn't be that way if he didn't allow it to happen. I was always taught that everyone is here on this earth because God wanted it that way. If a person exist without God wanting them to be here then God is either not all powerful or he made a mistake.

Moultrie, GA

#11 Dec 4, 2011
Gays are people too. I have gay friends, family and customers. They all have my support.
Ed Spacer

Ray City, GA

#12 Dec 17, 2011
Homosexuality is an abomination.

Manorville, PA

#13 Jan 18, 2012
why cant they marry??? they have a right to be happy -_________ ur not getting married to a man so all the ppl against it can STFU its not ur option to stop them from loving eachother

Singapore, Singapore

#14 Jan 18, 2012
Because gay people are people just like the rest of you guys, and we deserve a happy life as much as the rest of you do.

Singapore, Singapore

#15 Jan 18, 2012
Personally, I find it disgusting how people judge homosexuals based on the Bible. You know what, if your almighty God really doesn't condone homosexuality, then why did he even put gay people on Earth? If you look at it that way, your God is an ass because he created them knowing that they'd suffer and live their lives miserably because of his own teachings.

Get it right. Homosexuality is NOT a choice, it's not a disease. Just like being born a different colour or a different size isn't a choice or a disease. get that through your thick skulls.

Since: Jul 08

Plano, TX

#16 Mar 28, 2012
Ed Spacer wrote:
Homosexuality is an abomination.
So is eating at Red Lobster

Berlin, Germany

#17 May 9, 2012
Maddening Maddy wrote:
<quoted text>
Personally, I find it disgusting how people judge homosexuals based on the Bible. You know what, if your almighty God really doesn't condone homosexuality, then why did he even put gay people on Earth?...
There is no god and dog didn't put anything anywhere. This universe, this binary star solar system, this planet is made of
carbon-based molecules that have evolved together over millions
of years into mammals that infest this otherwise pristine world.
Four legged animals only breed with the opposite sex.
Why shouldn't the human species be like the animals. Sex is for
procreation not sport. Butt-blasters are for target practice
and have no place in a civil, polite society.
"All you queers, back to the closet".
Ed Spacer wrote:
<quoted text>
Homosexuality is an abomination.
Roger Williams wrote:
<quoted text>
So is eating at Red Lobster
I like Red Lobster and Waffle House.
I hate Taco Hell and queers.

Belleview, FL

#18 May 23, 2012
Marriage is between a man and a woman.

Fitzgerald, GA

#19 Sep 13, 2012
Marriage is for people who love one another, reguardless of gender.
You are no one to tell others what is and what is not real. I don't believe in god, but I don't mind the people who do. What I do mind, however, is the people that use the bible against others. Being christian doesn't mean shoving your religion down others throats, and it doesn't mean hating others because of what you think the bible teaches. I have christian friends, who are gay, and some who even support gays. So, saying a place that hates and kills others based on their sexual orientation is civil is uncivil in itself. Everyone has the rights to be who they want to be and date who they want to date. I could go on, but I think I've said enough for now. That being said, good day.

P.s. Taco Bell is great, seafood is gross, Red Lobster does however have good biscuits. But I don't really get what this has to do with the topic.

United States

#20 Sep 25, 2012
Ed spacer ima make love to yo daughter or future daughter or wife which ever I prefer Mmm I kno right I'm do gay

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