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Las Vegas, NV

#449 Feb 1, 2012
natoregonian419 wrote:
<quoted text>Well then I guess I can use the scientific reasons. One, homosexuals have a higher risk of dying from AIDS and contracting all other sorts of biological beasties. Two, a homosexual "couple" CANNOT produce their OWN child if they want one, and three, they are simply NOT biologically compatable. The rectum is a WASTE container, and a woman doesn't have the NATURAL apendage to please her partner. Simple as that.
You are joking, right? The only people I have come to know in my life that have contracted AIDS are actually heterosexuals that live very promiscuous lifestyles. And I know multiple heterosexual men that enjoy pleasing themselves in a woman's rectum. Too much information, maybe. But it is not only a homosexual lifestyle that practices the odd behaviors you so mentioned. There is actually a higher number of heterosexuals with AIDS/HIV than homosexuals, and the epidemic was caused by a heterosexual woman in San Francisco in a bath house. Really, your logic is, well, not logical. As far as a woman not having a natural appendage to please another woman.. well, I have never had a problem pleasing another woman. Really, I could forward you to some woman that could vouch on that one, or just set you in a better state of mind as far as that goes. Heterosexuals have just as many problems as homosexuals. I am gay, and I honestly do not believe that two men or two woman should be married under the eyes of God, in a church. That is not fair to any church, or follower. But under the eyes of a government, two men, two women, or a man and a woman should be "married," for truly, it is the rights that we are all looking for. I want to be able to visit my wife in a hospital or share a house with her. Adopt children that are desperately in need of homes (Which, by the way, homosexuals adoption rate have saved a myriad of lives, and are as helpful as the heterosexuals that are unable to have babies themselves). Really and truly, all you have are excuses. Your religion is not the ONLY religion in this country, and there are many "Gods." I could come up with my own religion with a multitude of followers that all believe homosexuality is right, and heterosexuality is a sin. Would we be wrong? No, just different. Really, this is America. If you do not like the variety in religions and beliefs, then please, find a country that is strictly Christian and follows your beliefs to the T. Because you will never find that type of comfort here. First it was the Jews, then the blacks, then the atheists started showing up, now the gays? Really, you think if God hated all of us, he'd stop producing so damn many of us.

San Marcos, TX

#450 Feb 8, 2012
yes ppl should be able to marry who they fall inlove with you cant help you u fall in love with you are human i am gay and proud of it and want to marry my partner if only it will be legal in tx we all pay taxs so why cant we all just love one another and be happy for every one it sometime hard for ppl to come out and say that there are gay cause ppl put them down or look at them the wrong way we have felling too. i am glad to be a lesbian i am happy for who i am and i love my girlfriend just wish we can get married,
Tana Goodwin

Las Vegas, NV

#451 Feb 8, 2012
yes, I do

Las Vegas, NV

#452 Feb 8, 2012
Homosexuality is natural and occurs, not just among humans, but also among animals. If God created all then he also created all gay creatures. You are finding fault with God, not gay humanity

California City, CA

#453 Feb 8, 2012
God did not make man. Man made Gods.

Las Vegas, NV

#454 Feb 11, 2012
nobody should be judged by who they love. .same sex or not

Las Vegas, NV

#455 Feb 11, 2012
Gay marriage is another step into LGBT equal rights throughout the nation. People, like myself, who are apart of the LGBT Community deserve to be here and should have the obligation of living freely like their counter-parts; furthermore, I have a good feeling that it will rejuvenate the political nation.
Antonio Arpon

Las Vegas, NV

#456 Feb 24, 2012
There's a denial of rights given by the civil definition of marriage. Something that is unconstitutional.
Kathleen Mason

Las Vegas, NV

#457 Feb 29, 2012
Love is love, and until people understand that it has nothing to do with others' religion, we won't evolve into a greater nation.
Kathleen Mason

Las Vegas, NV

#458 Feb 29, 2012
Welcome to America, where we have freedom of religion. We don't all believe in your God. We aren't all under some ridiculous illusion that it's an abomination. It should be a man and woman so we can reproduce? What about infertile couples? What about all the kids who are up for adoption? What about couples who don't marry until they're older and can't have children? Don't like gay marriage? Don't marry someone of the same sex.

Monterey, CA

#459 Mar 15, 2012
yes i support we're all equal point period blank
maria e chavez

Albuquerque, NM

#460 Apr 30, 2012
yes i support gay marriage ive been with someone for 30 years and its been good if we could get married we would not have to worry about are stuff if one of us dies.
Why do you care?

Tokyo, Japan

#461 May 5, 2012
Marriage is a human right, not a heterosexual right. And what does it matter to you if they're happy.
Jon Martin

Las Vegas, NV

#462 May 5, 2012
Here Here! Too bad there are so many people who just can't seem to understand that.

They would be much better off if they were to just worry about things that are important in their lives and stop trying to run anyone else's.

And the next time I hear someone try to use something such as the bible to support their misguided and bigoted view I think I'm very likely to vomit all over them

Las Vegas, NV

#463 Jun 18, 2012

Las Vegas, NV

#464 Jun 26, 2012
because'' it should there beevery damm person anyway'' the more money that coming in to nv the better'' so if that means gay guys getting married then ok
Jon Martin

Las Vegas, NV

#465 Jun 26, 2012
That is well and fine, but the only reason that anyone should need to think about is that marriage is a right - and religion has no place in it. The US Constitution makes the separation of church and state a law and leaves religion NO status in that regard. All arguments against same sex marriage is based on religion and that isn't a valid reason to deny it to anyone - it is no different than saying that two people can't be married because they are of different races - that was outlawed long ago as well it should be - now is the time for the intolerant bigots to return to the holes out which they have crawled and let intelligent people rule the day.

The time has come for this argument to be sent off the same way that the idea that the world is flat or that men didn't land on the moon, that it was totally manufactured in a Hollywood sound stage.

Las Vegas, NV

#466 Jul 12, 2012
It's bullshit that queer individuals can't have the same rights as married couples.(Yeah, that's right, "civil unions" aren't the same at all.) And WHYYYY you may ask? Because religion is getting mixed up in our government! Hatred born of religion, even, although Jesus would sure as hell be ashamed.
Jon Martin

Las Vegas, NV

#467 Jul 12, 2012
Religion is always the problem - they make a big noise about freedom of religion in this country - the real problem is that we need freedom FROM religion. Since churches don't pay property taxes everyone else pays more, there we are being forced to subsidize religion despite not belonging to it or even being against it. And now the religious "right" is pushing their nose into more and more things where they don't belong - if two people, who love each other, want to get married their gender shouldn't have anything to do with it. The fact that two males or females want to be married certainly doesn't have ANY effect on anyone else's marriage since they aren't involved so why should they care or in any way be involved?
Angela L

Las Vegas, NV

#468 Jul 26, 2012
You should never have to ask permission to love a person. Love should have no boundaries.

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