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Hinesville, GA

#1 Aug 21, 2010
Well I am homosexual myself and I do plan on getting married one day.
Ludowici Born in and out


#2 Aug 22, 2010
Marriage is a union between a Man and a WOMAN

Manchester, KY

#3 Aug 30, 2010
Ludowici Born in and out wrote:
Marriage is a union between a Man and a WOMAN
See, you are one of the reasons that I moved away from the state of Georgia. Closed minded and hypocritical. Personally, I am not homosexual, however, it is not my place to judge anothers actions. If she wants to marry another she then by all means go ahead. I will buy you a blender as a wedding gift. Same goes for the man that wants to marry a man. As well as the man that wants to marry the women. What gives you the right to pass judgement on someone else? What makes you think that you are so freaking special that you have the right to tell people what to do with their lives?
sam. or cloud 9

United States

#4 Aug 30, 2010
Leviticus 18&22explans it all !!!!!!!!

Hinesville, GA

#5 Sep 1, 2010
people should get to chose who they can marrie not everyone else

Anchorage, AK

#6 Sep 4, 2010
First Gay Marrage then "Child Love" Shoot soon you'll be able to even marry the family pet! IT'S JUST NOT RIGHT!!
Mary Wells

Athens, GA

#7 Sep 14, 2010
Because it is wrong.

Since: Jul 10

Location hidden

#8 Sep 14, 2010
Georgia and the rest Bible Belt states have (outside of Nevada) the highest divorce rate in the country. It is pretty clear that the people in Nevada and the Bible Belt don't view marriage as all that sacred. Why, then, are they so opposed to allowing gays the opportunity to get married and possibly be as miserable as they obviously are when in the married state?

Fort Stewart, GA

#9 Sep 14, 2010
The nain point is, how can we interfere with the personal choice of others. Some hate homosexuality to the point that they turn thier backs on ther own children. We tell children to accept others for who they are, not what they are. Im hetrosexual and love sharing my life with the love of my life, she takes care of me and though tough on me at times, she is tender and soft when she needs to be. Do we all hate loneliness, yes we do. Loneliness is the worse feeling in the world, it eats at out souls and slowly kills our will to live. The bible is a road map to how life is to be lived, the destination is the same, just the path there is different. Some like the scenic route and some just want to get there. In closing, there is enough hate in the world to start many wars, why war against the heart of others, it just leads to hate and vengful feelings.

Fort Stewart, GA

#10 Sep 14, 2010
Ummm. did not mean for that to happen

Columbus, OH

#11 Sep 16, 2010
I think its unethical

Hinesville, GA

#12 Oct 20, 2011
For those claiming it is wrong I suggest you actually go back and read the scriptures and find the true interpretations and understanding of what was going on in the time when the bible spoke of homosexuality.

Also for those who live on that one verse...please tell me where in the new testament that Christ spoke on homosexuality? When he came back he was hanging with everyone the Old Testament had looked down on, prostitutes, tax collectors, he was at parties the whole nine.

As for those who say it's a choice answer me this...all my heterosexuals who say this...since being gay is a choice for the men when did you stop sleeping with a man and start sleeping with a woman -and for the women when did you stop sleeping with a woman to start sleeping with a man.

If your straight and could never in a million years see yourself sleeping with someone of the same sex then there is your answer - it's NOT a choice and since were all created in the image of God and his plans are to prosper us and not to harm us then obviously he created us just the way we are.

He didn't create blacks to be slaves, he didn't create Jews for the Holocaust, he didn't create women to just be mothers and stay in the kitchen but yet the bible has been used to oppress and kill these people for years.

I think you guys who are so quick to judge and oppress need to take a take some time out and actually start thinking for yourself, search out the word and it's true interpretations for it prayerfully as peoples lives depend on it.

Dillon, SC

#13 Oct 27, 2011
not right

Savannah, GA

#14 Jan 18, 2012
Well, I mean, if you want to live by the Bible, by all means. But please don't preach that a man can only lay with a man unless you're also stoning those who have sex outside of marriage, not wearing clothes of mixed cloths, not cutting your hair or beard, and sacrificing your goats.

Big Rapids, MI

#15 Jan 18, 2012
[QUOTE who="sam. or cloud 9"]Leviticus 18&22explans it all !!!!!!!![/QUOTE]
Do you know any other parts of Leviticus? Namely the ones that ban you from eating pork, lobster, a number of types of birds? Hope you enjoy those strict diet regulations
dorothy sikes brooks

Fitzgerald, GA

#17 Jan 18, 2012
Everyone should have a chance at happiness , what they choose and who they choose is nobody bussiness be there own.
opened minded

Fitzgerald, GA

#18 Jan 18, 2012
you have prist and preachers, mayors, law makers, actors, school teachers, baby sitters, care people for the old, it's there and eveyone knows it, that are doing the same thing , just behind closed doors. they hide what they really are. they even like little children that can't fight back. if people are grown let them face there own judge when time comes.why should anyone not be happy in this life who knows what the next one will be like. face it people the bible is a book and has always been a book and will always be a book to scare people into doing right even if it's wrong to someone else.i'm not gay but i have a daughter that is and i may go to hell for not preaching to her that's it's wrong, but as far as i see it i wont be the only one in hell !!! if you don't like it then don't it's the way the world has always been , it's just out in the open now.!!!!!!!!!

Hinesville, GA

#19 Jan 19, 2012
It's human rights and in the future I want to be on the correct side of the silly argument.

Hinesville, GA

#20 Jan 19, 2012
I support gay marriage. And when you go around calling gay marriage 'unethical' and 'wrong' it is offensive. Do you not realize that? This is who we really are, and how dare you tell us to not be ourselves. Here is a fabulous suggestion that I'm sure you've all heard:
"Worry about yourself instead of others."
Please. It is as much of our business what you do as it is your business what we do.

Bluffton, SC

#21 Jan 23, 2012
im outraged that people are so closed minded to change, the way i see it i pay taxes just like anyone else with a job in this country and should have the same rights but instead others that should have no say on who i marry or who or how i raise my kids are making these choices for me.

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