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Not An Asshat

Greenville, SC

#43 Jan 17, 2012
Everyone has the right to be with the one they love, regardless of what all the asshats in the world say.

Greenville, SC

#44 Jan 17, 2012
Marriage is not restricted only to a Christian definition, nor to just a religious definition in general. In this country, church is SUPPOSED to be separate from state, meaning that religious opinion and beliefs should not have bearing on whether or not gay marriage is considered legal. Because of this, I can't see any logical reason why the LGBTQ community should not have the same rights as the rest of us.

Greenville, SC

#45 Jan 17, 2012
straight christian in support of gay marriage.

Greenville, SC

#46 Jan 17, 2012
ullbeinhell wrote:
immoral and sends wrong message to youth.
yeah...EQUALITY is the wrong message to send to youth...
Aysha De Jesus

United States

#47 Jan 17, 2012
A marriage ain't between a man and woman. Its between love and love <3

Taylors, SC

#48 Jan 17, 2012
people disgust me.

I am a pansexual female (meaning I don't look at gender, love is love) and i know that I didn't CHOOSE to be this way. if I could be completely straight, I would, because of all the hurtful comments I get and people wanting to take away MY RIGHTS, just like YOU, but i'm not fully straight nor will i ever be, because i was born this way. i didn't choose it, nor can I help it.

If God wanted everyone to be straight, he would have made everyone straight. why should we judge on something people can't control? that's like saying mentally disabled people shouldn't marry. and as for "call it something other than marriage" lets look up the definition of marriage:

a (1): the state of being united in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law
b : the mutual relation of married persons : wedlock
c : the institution whereby individuals are joined in a marriage
2: an act of marrying or the right by which the married status is effected; especially : the wedding ceremony and attendant festivities or formalities

I see nothing about it having to be a man and a woman. Love is love and why is it your problem if your gay neighbor wants to get married? if you don't like it then don't be around them, but please please please don't take away their rights. they have every right to be happy and married if they choose.

You oppose gay marriage because it is "wrong" even though they love each other, but kim kardashian's 72 day marriage is okay?

Get that stick out of your ass.

Williamston, SC

#49 Jan 17, 2012
ReedyRiverRat wrote:
Call it something else. Marriage is reserved for male and female relationship.
I agree completely, just like in the early 20th century, white bathrooms were reserved for white males and females and colored bathrooms were reserved for black males and females. Same thing, right? Thanks for pointing this out to all of us! Separate but equal has always worked for this country!
Elizaveta Hedervary

Milwaukee, WI

#50 Jan 17, 2012
It seems the only reason I see people being against gay marriage here is because of their religion.
What about people who don't have your religion? Their religion is just as justifiable as yours. And some don't have any religion at all. You're using things against them that they don't believe in, and it seems ridiculous to them that you're denying them rights because of something they see as a fairytale.

There is a separation of church and state for a reason. Unless God comes down and tells me face-to-face I shouldn't love another woman, then there's nothing stopping me. I'm going to get married to the woman I love, I CAN'T love a man. I'm not attracted to men. What am I supposed to do? Live unhappily and disgusted? No, I'm going to follow my heart and go where my dreams take me. If you don't like gay marriages, then don't get one. It is not your duty to judge, anyways. Isn't that God's? If gay marriage is allowed, will it effect your marriage and family in any way?

Although I'm using logic here, and I'm aware homophobic Christians don't really like logic, so it may be hard for them to take in. Take your time. I'll be here kissing my girlfriend.

Gaffney, SC

#51 Jan 17, 2012
Not governments job to dictate who can marry
Daniela Garcia

Pereira, Colombia

#52 Jan 18, 2012
Bob wrote:
It is not natural and gives no benefit to our society.
Making a shit ton of kids that end up going to adoption.bad foster homes and never finding a loving family isn't beneficial either. At least be thankful that there are same-sex couples who are giving kids a family and home, at least be thankful that there are lesbian/gay people who go to war to protect your lives, while you're here on your chair complaing how gays aren't beneficial.

Greer, SC

#53 Jan 18, 2012
Regardless of my beliefs, even though I am christian. I think that christians shouldn't condemn other people for their choice in a spouse, just like we should not judge people for not being christian. Christianity is about loving, not shutting people out because of their choice. Get real. I support this whole-heartedly.
Madeline Brooks

Hickory, NC

#54 Jan 18, 2012
Gays are amazing. I truly can't even talk to a person who opposes gay marriage. You'd have to be some kind of monster.
-Maddie age 16

Lawrenceville, GA

#56 Jan 18, 2012
You love who you love and the government shouldn't tell you otherwise.

Greenville, SC

#57 Jan 18, 2012
Love is love.
Nicole borm

Easley, SC

#58 Jan 18, 2012
My firend Is a gay. I just want her to be happy in the future.

United States

#59 Jan 18, 2012
Love Is Louder.

United States

#60 Jan 18, 2012
Why shouldn't gays be allowed by allowed to marry? "Moral" and "right or wrong" is simply a matter of opinion and shouldn't be dictated by anyone. Under what authority can you say that people aren't allowed to marry the ones they love?

United States

#61 Jan 18, 2012
Dave wrote:
ridiculous question, Gay Marriage is an Oxy Moran
You're a MORON, you bigot. You can't even spell right. Besides, gay marriage isn't an oxymoron; it's tautology. Look it up if you don't know what that means.

Greenville, SC

#62 Jan 18, 2012
Because I might end up marrying another woman
Candice Owens

Reidville, SC

#63 Jan 18, 2012
Homosexuality is just as natural as heterosexuality, just not as common. It's found in animals as well as humans. I know that other people around me use religious reasons to keep fear and prejudice in their hearts, but I cannot.

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