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Suwanee, GA

#21 Jan 19, 2012
Sin is sin. Might as well be happy doing it. You know you have to answer to it in the end. Don't try to be perfect. How many of you have tattoos and piercings? That's unlawful in the Bible. How many of you think about hurting someone? Every sin has the same punishment as murder or rape-- Death. It all depends on whether or not you've accepted Christ as your personal Savior.

Gainesville, GA

#22 Jan 20, 2012
I am an abomination according to some of you. The weird thing is you might know me. I could be your friend, your daughter, your neighbor, your coworker. All I want is the right to not be punished for my love and for those of you quoting the bible; Ruth says, "Entreat me not to leave you, or to turn back from following you; For wherever you go, I will go; And wherever you lodge, I will lodge; Your people shall be my people, and your God, my God. Where you die, I will die, and there will I be buried. The LORD do so to me, and more also, if anything but death parts you and me." (Ruth 1:1617 NKJV) That sounds a lot like a lesbian marriage to me.
Correction Please

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#23 Jun 28, 2012
A Watcher wrote:
<quoted text>

The same chapter that says it is wrong says not to eat pork or shellfish.
pork and shellfish and not "Kosher". Jews do not consume them.
Correction Please

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#24 Jun 28, 2012
Clifton Moor wrote:
Straight people and gay people can NOT control the way they are born.
No one is "born gay". Sexual awareness comes later in life. People that don't get it right have something wrong with them.
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Amsterdam, Netherlands

#25 Jun 28, 2012
John wrote:
<quoted text>
Do you think when God created Human Kind he reached into his bag of wonders and pulled out Male and Female by chance? no he did not. Being Gay its a choice, many of them feel like they have a choice because of how they were raised at home, but the right education would not leave room to choose because they would know right from wrong, the 0 cannot go inside of a 0 nether the 1 inside of a 1 only 1 can go inside the 0.
Spot on !
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Amsterdam, Netherlands

#26 Jun 28, 2012
Steven Henry wrote:
Who I love is who I love. Who are you to control it.
No one is trying to control "who you love". In case you forgot, this debate is about homosexual marriage.
Correction Please

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#27 Jun 28, 2012
Emilio wrote:
<quoted text>
I hope that at the very moment you say this, that you do not have two of the same crops right next to each other, wear clothing of two different materials, have spoken to a woman on her period or worked last Sunday. These may be classic examples to refute your claim, but they are also solid. I don't wish to talk to you about how the Bible is more metaphor than solid facts, but I don't believe you would listen any further if I did so. The passage in the Bible that speaks of what you think is "God's stance against homosexuality" actually defines the Christian religion's stance on rape and molestation between any two genders.
scatterbrained homobabble.
Correction Please

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#28 Jun 28, 2012
Victoria wrote:
Love is love.
Queer is queer.
Correction Please

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#29 Jun 28, 2012
Noel Blessing wrote:
Honestly your religion has nothing to do with whether they should get the right to marry or not.
Tell that to the 235 million American Christians.
The constitution set it up so our government is separate from religion.
The constitution is set up so our government cannot interfere with our religion.
So your discrimination towards homosexuals is just as wrong as the discrimination against the African Americans
No comparison whatsoever.
I don't know about you,but I don't want to be remembered in the future as the human being that spread hatred.
And I don't want to be remembered as someone who condoned sexual perversion and depravity.
Correction Please

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#30 Jun 28, 2012
Violet wrote:
All I want is the right to not be punished for my love
You're safe. The libtard court struck down the laws against homosexual sodomy.

Since: Jul 13

Gainesville, GA

#31 Aug 9, 2013
Support gay marriage

Flowery Branch, GA

#32 Oct 9, 2013
most folks are unaware that the anti gay scriptures in the bible are really about people puttimg sex before god it has nothing to do with it being a same sex relationship. committed love should be allowed to have legal protection period. marriage is actually a civil contract not a spiritual matter if a church does not want to perform a same sex ceremony so what.
A Concerned Christian

Gainesville, GA

#33 Apr 24, 2014
One of the things that has greatly concerned me is the lack of clear, consistent, historically accurate deep thinking that used to be the mainstay of our conversations and debates with one another. Instead of honesty and accuracy we have become a culture bent on politically charged rhetoric that has not continuity in our thinking and behavior from one subject to another. We redefine words to mean what we want them to mean, throw out the historical context of the constitution and rule of law that has enabled each of you to post your mind here without the loss of liberty and accept any ideology that will enhance our standing in a culture that is already confused and chaotic.
Looking over these posts I see little if any real honest debate on this issue...just emotional fluff and half hearted understandings that have more to do with selfishness and political ideology then with any real substantive understanding of this subject as a whole.
Emilio speaks from only one portion of scripture on this subject and completely negates the vast quantities of other passages related to the prohibition of all types of sexual immorality (including homosexuality). Noel Blessing seems to miss the fact that the separation of church and state clause (which really isn't a clause at all in the constitution) had a very strict context to it. Steven seems to be in favor of "quelling" one social practice while trying to defend the fact that he wants his particular practice not to be quelled. Clifton seems to ignore the bible, science psychology, sociology and history with his statement. Ejecto and A Watcher...where do we even begin.
Instead of throwing out half baked notions of right and wrong perhaps we should study our subject matter before speaking on it. Perhaps it would be better to think before we hump on the social media platform and show just how confused and superficial we have become as a people. Perhaps we should take time to properly investigate and inform ourselves rather then get our information from Judge Judy, a biased media (who shoots for ratings over substance) or a failed educational system that is more concerned with politics then with honest education.

Gainesville, GA

#34 Jan 5, 2015
I support gay marriage! I was born this way and no one can change my feelings. NOT EVEN YOU!

United States

#35 Jul 3, 2015
I personally know that GOD created marriage , GOD created
it to be between a man and a woman !!! It was GOD that said... he made adam fall into a deep sleep and removed from adam a rib and made WOMAN AND SAID... Therefore shall man leave his mother and father and cleave unto his WIFE and they shall become one flesh. This the intended means of the creator GOD.
its called a biblical sin .
if GOD denied lucifer the rights of heaven for trying to redo, change, modify or go against that of which he (GOD) created and GOD also destroyed an entire city because women were laying with women and men were lying with men and they were denied entrance into his kingdom.
I'm preaching to someone now, dont let the gates of hell prevail against you !!!
GOD has proven what he thought of those that goes against his creations .

United States

#36 Jul 3, 2015

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