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James Bryan

Andover, NJ

#43 Jan 18, 2012
Did you know in the verse of the bible that says you cant "lie with another man", you also cant eat shellfish, wear clothes of more than one fiber, plant a field with more than one type of seed, and touch anything a women on her period has touched until it has been cleaned?
New School

Guymon, OK

#44 Jan 19, 2012
John Ditch III wrote:
affilliation is one thing but marrage is between a man and a woman. This is the way God created family. Same sex joining togather is a worldly act and not blessed by God. There is no reproduction in same sex bonding, only adoption.
And there's something WRONG with adoption? I don't think so. Also, have you ever considered the fact that God loves all of his children? It is not your job to judge these people and it is most certainly not your right to say what God does and doesn't bless. For all of the things that the Bible says, it is heavily censored and I would take everything that book says with a grain of salt.

The definition of family has evolved. Single parents, widows and yes, even same sex couples can have just as valid and happy families as your "blessed man and woman" can. Times are changing, adapt to it, we're not going to wait for you.

Narrows, VA

#45 Jan 22, 2012
Gay couples have the same protections under the law as traditional marriges already. So there is no need for them to take married away from heterosexuals. I'm sure they would screem and hollar if we adopted any of there titles or quircks. They need to come up with their own name for marrige.
Jose G

Groom, TX

#46 Jan 26, 2012
I am gay, and don't support gay marriage, it is a religious creation, leave it that way. Why would gays want to condone the conversation of hatred from religious radicals if they are granted the EXACT same rights as married couples? Just allow marriage between a man and a woman as it was created to be. We should rise about this conversation and create a new institution that can only be tarnished by our actions, not the rules that were set before us. Those who hate us will always hate us, those who support us will support us, it is just a fact of life. Remember, the bible has ten commandments that were written in stone, believed by god to be so important he burned that bush next to them, while homosexuality was mentioned in the modern bible which was created by roman cardinals as they assembled to decide what should be taught in the churches, which resulted in our modern bibles. This bible tells us not to judge,that is gods job, but to be mindful of the company you keep. That was specifically meant for those who do not follow the word of god and may weaken your ties to god, including ALL sinners.

Midland, TX

#47 Jan 27, 2012
Sinful, just like divorce

Truckee, CA

#48 Feb 11, 2012
God made male and Female and he honors marriage between man and women. It is a sin in Gods eye sight, In fact he said it is abomination.

Borger, TX

#49 Feb 12, 2012
God states its wrong therefore I believe God

Abilene, TX

#50 Feb 25, 2012
don't have to expain it. It not gog's way.

Tarboro, NC

#51 Apr 30, 2012
I want someone to live here and not get chased out by the torment of ignorance like I was. This place needs to get out of its incompetent box and, for once, accept something new.

“Gott ist tot”

Since: Dec 10

Amarillo, TX

#52 May 14, 2012
Jose G wrote:
I am gay, and don't support gay marriage, it is a religious creation, leave it that way. Why would gays want to condone the conversation of hatred from religious radicals if they are granted the EXACT same rights as married couples? Just allow marriage between a man and a woman as it was created to be.
I cut out this part of your argument because it's just plain wrong. Marriage is not an exclusively religious institution. Now each religion may have its own institution of marriage that may be very meaningful to the people getting married, but it has nothing to do with whether or not it is legally recognized. If this were the case, then non-religious people would not be allowed to get married and they are (as long as they're heterosexual anyway). The main argument about gay marriage isn't to force the christ-o-fascist religious nut jobs to like us, or even to recognize our marriages. It's about getting the law (the completely secular, non-religious law) to grant us the same rights and protections offered to heterosexuals. Like the right to marry the person we love for example.

Clifton, TX

#53 May 26, 2012
And I suppose all those opposed to gay marriage also believe African Americans should still drink out of different water fountains, or maybe you'd like slavery back all together. Let's get rid of those darned child-labor laws, and hey, why not take away women's rights to vote?
You bigots are going to look absolutely stupid years from now when homosexuals are allowed to marry just like anyone else.
It does not matter what the Bible says about it. Did you ever think that maybe some people don't believe the same way you do? Would it be fair if another faith different from your own started pressing laws against you because you were doing something their scriptures told them wasn't right?

Rome, Italy

#54 Jun 4, 2012
There are A LOT of things that are sins in the eyes of the bible... and there's no one that can say that they have never sinned...
If you truly follow what the bible says you would believe in treating others as you would want to be treated, meaning everyone being equal!
And, ask yourself honestly, would it really effect you to have gays be able to get married? I doubt it.
With that being said, I think everyone needs to look deeper into the issue. It's not all about people just wanting to be married, it's about the rights and privileges that come along with it as well.

Rome, Italy

#55 Jun 4, 2012
As a godly woman I was opposed to gay marriage, but then I met people and they explained to me what the issue was really about, they said that it was more than just people being able to say "look we got married." It was about deeper issues and rights which gay people are not getting. Which, whatever views you have, you would have to agree is not fair. People, no matter race, gender, or sexual orientation should be treated equally. And further more, it would in no way effect me negatively for gay people to have the right to be married, and it would make other people's lives a lot better. I believe this is the direction the world is moving in, and I want to be a part of it!
TaNeshia Woodard

Lufkin, TX

#56 Jul 5, 2012
I support gay marriage because I myself am gay and plan on one day marrying my partner.

Davenport, IA

#57 Jul 16, 2012
Personally im not gay but I support gay marriage. I mean everyone keeps yelling "the bible says" well the doesnt it also say not to judge, lie, cheat, steal along with much more. Yet millions do those very same things daily even your most christian people. So who are we to decide or judge. All of us have to face our judgement day by "god". As for society well we as the human race are just horrible. At one time we allowed, even arranged for our daughters some as young as 12 to marry a grown man. Now he shun that man & put him in prison. We also believed women should stay in "their place" yet now a woman ran for president. We also took this country from the indians, went and captured other humans took them from their country then made them slaves. The white man was the only man worthy of being treated like a person. Yet they are now the minority. Its called evolving its what we do naturally.

Davenport, IA

#58 Jul 16, 2012
Those of you that believe one race is better than another, women should have a place, or tha t gays & gay marriage should even be an issue need to wake up and evolve with the rest of the world. Being gay isnt a choice. When ur gene pool is formed it already knows what type of things and people we will be attracted to. Just as some are attracted to blondes, long hair, skinny or heavy, race, and yes even the sex of a person. So if "god" created man & woman, both with genes and therefore created interracial attraction as well as same sex attraction. Maybe the "god" created us all also loves and accepts all and the bible is man made & full of shit just like the crazy man that sits on the corner claiming to here the word of god that we had commited last week. Just a thought....

Davenport, IA

#59 Jul 16, 2012
Why not who are we to judge. If its a sin thats for that person to explain on their judgement day.
joey ramos

Amarillo, TX

#61 Jan 21, 2013
be cause i can
Dont be an uneducated dumbass

Burnaby, Canada

#62 Jun 5, 2013

Spring, TX

#63 Oct 7, 2013
I'm Christian

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