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Discuss the national Farm Chores debate in Russell Springs, KY.

Should we regulate farm chores as child labor, or should it be up to the parents?

Russell Springs wants to let parents decide.
It's up to the ...
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corn cob

Russell Springs, KY

#1 Apr 27, 2012
only if it involves a 5 year old and a combine.

Russell Springs, KY

#2 Apr 29, 2012
I doubt any kids around here are over worked. When I was a kid everyone done their fair share and we turned out fine.

Lubbock, TX

#3 Apr 29, 2012
Idiots like the one who started this poll is whats wrong with our country now
Drill Here

Russell Springs, KY

#4 Apr 30, 2012
To Idiot.
Actually, if you are keeping up on the news - the OBAMA Administration was preparing to make it illegal for kids under 18 to do almost ANY chores on a family farm.

The law would in effect even eliminate most all 4-H projects involving animals and anything but a small garden for kids.
17 year olds would not even be allowed to help load a truck with chickens, cows or pigs.

TOTAL CONTROL of you and your family is what is wanted by the leftist progressives of this country

Russell Springs, KY

#5 Apr 30, 2012
a little work is good for growing children and they out lawed spanking your children. " not beating" but look how many still spank them when needed

Bellevue, WA

#6 May 2, 2012
I work on a farm growing up and got up before school feed the pigs cows then went to school and came home and did it again and home work it didnt hurt me and that whats wrong with r kides today

Cobb, CA

#7 May 2, 2012
Many of these children are probably being FORCED to work on the farm. That should not be allowed. Also, children should not be allowed to watch or participate in the slaughtering of animals, or allowed to raise them to be sold for slaughter. We should not be raising children to be cruel to animals.

Jamestown, KY

#8 May 3, 2012
Allen i agree with you these kids today are so lazy that some probally still dont wipe there on azz ! I was like you we had chores to do before going to school of a morning and when we got home from school they was chores to do. And in the summer we helped in the fields , we didnt stay in the house on games all day ! If we was lucky and got all our chores done we could go hang out with friends on Friday and Saturday night but we had to still be up at 5 am to start with our chores after a night out on the town and if you didnt get up at wake up time you stayed in the following weekend ... Yep that was the good days it taught me alot of lessons that i RESPECT today ! Thank GOD for my life of chores !...
Drill Here

Russell Springs, KY

#9 May 3, 2012

What kind of a Dr. Spock left wing, Nanny Stater are you?

Yes, I am sure they are FORCED to work on the Farm. Don't have a farm, but I FORCE mine to make their bed, do dishes, take out the trash, etc.
VERY few kids volunteer to work.

Are you a vegan????

Either way, how do you think food gets to your table? Leather to your shoes, etc. Animals are put on earth to Serve us. If there are no young farmers taught how to do the work and taught the work ethic of a farmer - where do we get our future farmers?

By 'allowing' and encouraging young folk to raise animals - they are much more likely to learn to respect the animals and understand the value of a healthy animal.

Our other choice is the factory farms that are taking over - who do you think take better care of thier animals???
farmer and proud

Jamestown, KY

#10 May 7, 2012
Family farms are the way to go. Knowing how food gets to the table is as important as knowing how to prepare it.

Leitchfield, KY

#11 May 8, 2012
Donna wrote:
Many of these children are probably being FORCED to work on the farm. That should not be allowed. Also, children should not be allowed to watch or participate in the slaughtering of animals, or allowed to raise them to be sold for slaughter. We should not be raising children to be cruel to animals.
I was FORCED to work on the farm. It instilled in me a sense of pride in hard work at the end of the day. We are college educated and i wish i had more work to force my child to do. I would still be plastered to my parents' couch if they hadn't forced me to work. I hope i can do for my child what my parents have done for me. She'll likely be much better off than most kids today.

Burbank, CA

#12 Mar 27, 2013
Donna wrote:
Many of these children are probably being FORCED to work on the farm. That should not be allowed. Also, children should not be allowed to watch or participate in the slaughtering of animals, or allowed to raise them to be sold for slaughter. We should not be raising children to be cruel to animals.
You are so right, Donna, on all counts!! The time that parents should be allowed to own slaves should be OVER!!!!!

And we should not be having children participate in anything that hurts animals!

Both those things teach kids that it is ok to exploit anyone who is weaker than yourself.

Elizabethtown, KY

#13 Mar 27, 2013
Donna, you are quite simply a knucklehead! With some really confused ideas. People like you need help of the kind where you have to go fend for yourself, meaning provide by getting out and doing it yourself. Any idiot who doesn't get it that not everyone can work in an office. That someone needs to know the skills that provide us all and our animals with sustenance is pretty freakin stupid.
I grew up on a large farm/ranch and the only force my parents ever used was saying something like "get your tail up we have work to do". I personally enjoyed ALL of the chores I did. One of my sisters was a little lazy and didn't do as much as I did but it all worked out. It usually does. I was a sort of a Tom boy As a little kid, glad that I could toss a hay bail up on a wagon. Glad I could care for the cows ( by myself) if need ever arose though it never did.

Working on the farm, hoeing the garden, caring for animals made me very physically strong. With firm toned muscles and a lean body. Kept me healthy and has carried over all my life. And i started bush hogging the fields on our big tractor when I was 9 yrs old. Absolutely loved it. We had a one acre lawn we cut with a push mower (though we could've afforded a riding mower). We took turns. I appreciated those beautiful calf muscles as a young adult and now. Haha.
Oh and I have remained trim and lean, well muscled and toned all because I got a good start on it when I was young.

Look at all these fats kids today. Surely you don't think that's healthier do you? Well maybe YOU do. But you can always tell the lazy ones who are allowed to sit on their butts being worthless.
They think everyone owes them something.

And if the O gets his way, you won't have any veggies to eat from the USA. Or anything else either.

“It is what it is, folks!!”

Since: Feb 10

The land of harmony and peace

#14 Mar 27, 2013
Donna wrote:
Many of these children are probably being FORCED to work on the farm. That should not be allowed. Also, children should not be allowed to watch or participate in the slaughtering of animals, or allowed to raise them to be sold for slaughter. We should not be raising children to be cruel to animals.
Have you ever explained to your children where those chickens nuggets really come from? You better get your kids out from under your apron flaps, honey. Life is getting harder by the year. You may find yourself having to hunt and eat one day. Garden too. And perhaps sooner than later. Are your kids going to be naive to the fact that what they're eating between a bun or in a box doesn't always come from a drive thru window or miraculously show up in the freezer thanks to WalMart??

On well. Some of us are survivors and some aren't. Guess that's the true meaning behind "survival of the fittest". Work and exersize are part of a childs physical AND mental needs as they grow into healthy teens and then on to adulthood.
(If it's farm work, they're better off for it in my opinion. They'll certainly gain an appreciation for how they got that meal)..

They don't get that from their Xbox or Wii.. What they DO get from these modern day games is the excitement of shooting, maiming and killing human beings for fun. What a great learning experience, killing human beings with a game controller, but not letting them now where that drumstick comes from. My, oh my. The only "zombie apocalypse" will be clueless kids trying to survive when they don't have the first clue as to how. Kids of that nature will do nothing but steal to survive, probably getting shot in the process.

So where's your logic? Don't show them how to cull and animal to survive, but bless them and feed them Fritos as they play "shoot'em up" at human counterparts in these inside games for "sport"??

No wonder this country is in the shape it's in. We're headed down the crapper and not all of it can be blamed on the government..

Elizabethtown, KY

#15 Mar 27, 2013
Amen to that Nope. You're so right.
Ya know, I noticed how my high school niece, though slim, has no real muscle to speak of. And she plays sports religiously. I see all these really young kids and teenagers with absolutely zero muscles in their legs or thighs. They all look so frail and obviously very weak. Including and especially the heavier or overweight ones.

And my nephews -well one is overweight, no strength, and lazy as they come. The other one enjoys being outside cutting grass, doing work or just being out. He could lose a little weight too. The parent never encourages the younger, lazy brother to do a thing. The lazy brother resents the praise and accolades his brother gets. He's jealous and mean spirited. But not enough to do something for himself. He is a vindictive, cruel little tyrant who loves those human kill games like you mentioned.
I see a sociopath developing whose going to be dangerous and frankly already is as evidenced by his behavior. Example, one day when they were at my home, because he was not winning at a card game, the little psycho got up, sneakily grabbed something valuable of mine and stomped it until it broke. We had all won a round of the card game Uno except him but he just couldn't bear he didn't win any. It was an eye opener to me.
Oh and he got absolutely no punishment for destroying a 300.00 electronic device. Was sitting in front of his gamer that very night.

These type of kids are sadly what are growing up today. No responsibility. No consequences. No real parenting. These same kids will end up dead, in prison or scrounging to get by by using other people. None good. And they will hurt or maims others along their way.
Needless to say, they've never been back to my home. Sad and pitiful.

Elizabethtown, KY

#16 Mar 27, 2013
I wanted to ask but forgot. Do these schools no longer have physical education? And if not why not? It was required when I grew up all through school. I think it's very important and needed now more than ever. Especially with all the kids who won't get physical exercise any other way.
What do you all think?
Bee Keeper

Elizabethtown, KY

#17 Mar 27, 2013
It is not child labor. It is learning how and where our food and vegetables come from. It learning how things work, especially nature. How to be kind and care for animals. It is learning things do not always go smoothly, so you have to learn to manage. It's lessons in Economics. Lessons in managing money, etc. it is learning business and it is learning a trade as well. It is knowing how to care fr yourself and being self sufficient.

If their are no worker Bees, then there is no honey.

And that is why the potus and liberals want it stopped. They want all these new generations to be so helpless they have no choice but to depend on their government. Because when you have to depend soley on them then you are their slave and will do and be as thy tell you to do and be. Complete and absolute control and power that comes with it is what they are very obviously after.

Look how all that nonsense about no spanking has worked out. We now have young people who do not think twice about murdering their parents or anyone else. We have young people who can not discipline themselves. Who feel entitled. We have young people with no conscience whatsoever.
No country no where will sustain itself for very long with people who do not care for anyone or themselves either and on top of that have no freedom.

“It is what it is, folks!!”

Since: Feb 10

The land of harmony and peace

#18 Mar 27, 2013
We're also developing a generation that complain of being "bored" at all given times. HOW can a child be "bored"? Is it because we give them everything they could want materially, yet none of what they truly NEED? They don't earn what they've gotten? They've not learned what it really means to want and work for it in conjunction?

I say YES.

Teach a child to have fun without WiFi and a hand-held gaming device! Take that computer away more often Teach them to go outside and MAKE their own fun! Teach them the value of a job well done. Reward them with praise and a positive response. Don't make it all about these habitual 'babysitter style' toys for every deed they've accomplished.

Sunshine is necessary for a childs growth! Fresh air is necessary for a childs health! Fresh, hormone free, chemical free food is necessary for both - plus some!!

A child with AN IMAGINATION is also a healthy child! It will help to promote the ability to reason which also leads to success later on in life...

Right now, the only thing children these days IMAGINE is what it's like inside of the fantasy worlds that these unhealthy war-craft and killing games promote... Think about it for a little while and you might just find that you tend to agree.

Elizabethtown, KY

#19 Apr 1, 2013
Again I agree on all points you made Nope! You're right, they are bored. Bored because nothing interests them that has to do with the real world or how it works.

I had opportunity a year or so ago to be with my neice & nephews. I took them outside. Once. They stopped complaining they started noticing little things. And one became curious about a few things in nature which I was able to answer. It was a bright sunny day. The kids got their much need Vitamin "D" that day for sure. And a little dusting of sun on their skin too.

We eventually hiked for awhile and all of us discovered new things including myself. We saw tracks from where deer had entered the creek. The boys found an arrow head or two. It was a great day.
Wish all kid had that opportunity. I wonder if never being in nature is why so many kids do not feel close to God? Outside is a very good place to commune with God I think. And you can't help but notice his miracles, ya know?!

Duluth, GA

#20 Apr 1, 2013
Chores are jobs that aid the family and teach responsibility. That's the problem with kids today they don't have any chores or responsibilities. Chores help keep kids busy and out of trouble

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