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If the election were held tomorrow, who would get your vote?

Welch is voting for Romney.
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off road hauler

Bluefield, WV

#1 Jun 5, 2012
i would vote for Romney i feel that he is for the coal industry.

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#2 Jun 5, 2012
Mine will be for Obama because I pay attention to legitimate concerns instead of fearmongering, which the Democrats in office representing this state knows the truth but has to fearmonger in order to get these votes because the majority of residents vote for what they hear instead of actual research and are scared they will vote for some GOP that in reality is a tool for Koch or similar.

Obama is pro coal, for every one permit rejected ten others are approved, same with the oil and gas industry. I do not buy the propoganda that others seems to believe is true

Kinda tired of listening to babbling garbage, go after Obama for legitimate reasons, like extending tax cuts for the wealthy that sits on their asses and takes vacations and gives out bonuses to execs.

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#3 Jun 5, 2012
The enviromentalists are mad at Obama for real reasons, he has continued the rise of coal production not reduce it and air and water pollution has increased (the coal barons of this country are all Republicans and they are getting thewir wish but will pretend otherwise to put their puppet in office), they have a legitimate gripe on Obama, the GOP (and I group the phony Dems that vote for the GOP)do not

“I am not a lawyer.”

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War, WV

#4 Jun 5, 2012
off road hauler wrote:
i would vote for Romney i feel that he is for the coal industry.
Mitt Romney is for everyone and everything, depending on when you ask.

I'll be voting for the president, again.

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#5 Jun 5, 2012
They Live

Baldwin Park, CA

#6 Jun 5, 2012

Important -Search "They Live moment of revelation" on Youtube if the above clip stops working.

If this was real what would you do? If there were really aliens that saw us as dumb expendable animals would you just sit back and take their abuse. Would it make any difference if "they" were a small group of people known as the illuminati?

The movie "They Live" made in the 1980's predicted everything that has happened and will probably come to pass in terms of citizen surveillance, drones, and psychological warfare in America. Watch the whole movie.

The same thing that happened to Nazi Germany when the citizenry embraced Nazism is happening to us. The populace was dumbed down and manipuated by the illuminati and their bought out politicians and media into being a prideful yet mindless war machine. When the illuminati were done with Germany they were left a defeated, bankrupt and villified nation. No one gives a crap today when the German people say they were lead astray by their bought out politicians. The world is simply glad that in the end they got what they deserved.

America is heading down the same path. We used to be the beacon of freedom to the world but now our country has become a modern day Nazi Germany war machine starting unprovoked wars across the globe. Many people now spit at us when we visit their countries like we are villains.

If and when we are weakened internally/financially to the point that we leave ourselves open to military attack by countries like Russia and China people will cheer our demise. We have become the bad guys because we presently ALLOW a psychopathic offshore banking cartel to run our country through bought off politicians.


That Three Stooges clip sums up the illuminatis mindset very well -our last few Presidents have acted just like dictators.

Occupy Wall Street was started by the illuminati to weaken America and take the focus off them when the global economic collapse occurs. It then got out of control because people started focusing in on the private Federal Reserve. Now the illuminati is trying to clamp down on this movement because we are focusing on them and they are extremely nervous.

Wallstreet and the banks are a symptom of a greater problem. There is nothing wrong with capitalism or corporations however what we now have is crony capitalism, not true capitalism. We must swarm Washington DC and the 12 Federal Reserve Bank locations in the U.S. with massive demonstrations if we are going to take our country back. Any Occupy Wallstreet movement outside of Washington DC or the 12 Federal Reserve Bank locations is a distraction designed to keep the movement fractionalized. We must occupy the main problem, not the symptoms.

Never take freedom for granted. If you love America defend it today by getting informed and taking this country back for Americans. We WILL prevail because clearly Americans aren't going to put up with this shit any longer. The time is now.

This one show explains everything going on. It will change your life when you see how the mainstream media is manipulating us like cattle using the political Left Vs Right paradigm. Download the podcasts and listen.



This is our reality:



Here's my take on it. Don't be afraid to speak out as we are all on some type of list by now:


You have to understand that free speech on the net is about to be clamped down on in America -mainland China style. Get the sunglasses and spread the word before it's too late. Learn to spot/ignore government paid trolls.

South Bend, IN

#7 Jun 6, 2012
RSeay wrote:
<quoted text>
Mitt Romney is for everyone and everything, depending on when you ask.
I'll be voting for the president, again.
How is that ay different than Obama or any other pollutician??

Alderson, WV

#8 Jun 6, 2012
Oh look!

Obama is getting crushed on the topix map.


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#9 Jun 6, 2012
jswnwv wrote:
Oh look!
Obama is getting crushed on the topix map.
Celebrating victory in June? Sounds like you.
for sure

Bluefield, WV

#10 Jun 6, 2012
obama is against coal and that keeps our state going

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#11 Jun 6, 2012
for sure wrote:
obama is against coal and that keeps our state going
The facts does not support your claim, more mining jobs has been approved in this state under the Obama admin since 1995.

Puppet any lie you want but in the end it will be drowned out by the truth.
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“Jesus is Lord”

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Greenwood, Indiana

#14 Jun 17, 2012
This time we got someone to vote for, the last time we didn't have much to vote for...
check it out

Cowen, WV

#15 Jun 17, 2012
obama hates coal wv. is coal.

United States

#16 Jun 17, 2012
for sure wrote:
obama is against coal and that keeps our state going
Really, because according to the link below, the top employer in WV is Wal-Mart. In fact, only 3 mining companies made it to the top 50. However, companies like Dollar General, Lowe's, Kroger, Rite-Aid, K-Mart, and Bob Evans were all ahead of the bottom two coal companies in the top 50. If fact, I would say that advances in technology, in lust of money, by your beloved coal companies have taken away more mining jobs than any regulations. I just can't believe that so many people in the "Mountain State" are all too willing to change the name to "The plateau state formerly known as the Mountain state". Really? Just how many of you think knocking off the top of a mountain for a handfull of jobs and a bit of coal is worth it?

Here is the jobs link.


To me, Obama has done a good job leaving coal alone. Name one thing he has done that has led to the coal mining industry being harmed, go ahead, name one. And, don't mention mercury regulations. That is simply calling for responsible handling of a substance that can be hazardous in concentrated situations. So a few powerplants have to install a few up to date scrubbers. Big deal, and too bad for them in my opinion. If the executives have to take a few million out of the kitty for their mansion, too bad. It's for the greater good of the people. I have seen first hand the damage acid mine drainage can do to an ecosystem. It destroys it. I really don't care which way you spin it, an orange stream or river is not healthy nor good. I applaud anyone that calls for tight regulations on pollution. It's only right.

I know that Masontown, PA has some unbelievable cancer rates, it sets directly downwind in prevailing winds from the Hatfield Ferry power plant. I've talked to people that say they dust every day, and one guy went as far as sealing his windows over with plastic, yet he still gets particulates from the power plant inside his home. I posted a link below to verify what I am saying. I expect that any company that is making billions of dollars selling or doing something be held responsible for doing it in a way that is responsible and safe for the public. And, don't come off with the comment "Quit using the power if you don't like it" because I, as a consumer, have every right to expect that the companies that provide me with a service, product, etc do so safely, and responsibly. That would have been like telling a person's family who burned up in a Pinto that it was that person's fault for buying a Pinto.

And here is another way to look at it. If there are regulations created that call for scrubbers on power plants, water treatment plants for mine discharge, treatment plants for shale drilling water etc, then what else is created? Jobs, right? Someone has to install and run these facilities right?

Have a good day.


United States

#17 Jun 27, 2012
He still has a few good morals and we need someone that will work for our country not destroy it.

“HobertC The1Great AwesomeOne ”

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Welch WV

#18 Jul 21, 2012
For surely there isn't that many idiots who want what we had the 8 years before Obama!!!!

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