Election Poll, June 2012 Debate - Indianapolis, IN

Discuss the national Election Poll, June 2012 debate in Indianapolis, IN.

If the election were held tomorrow, who would get your vote?

Indianapolis is voting for Obama.
Barack Obama
Mitt Romney
3rd Party Candi...

Vote now in Indianapolis:

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They Live

Glendora, CA

#1 Jun 5, 2012

Important -Search "They Live moment of revelation" on Youtube if the above clip stops working.

If this was real what would you do? If there were really aliens that saw us as dumb expendable animals would you just sit back and take their abuse. Would it make any difference if "they" were a small group of people known as the illuminati?

The movie "They Live" made in the 1980's predicted everything that has happened and will probably come to pass in terms of citizen surveillance, drones, and pyschological warfare in America. Watch the whole movie.

The same thing that happened to Nazi Germany when the citizenry embraced Nazism is happening to us. The populace was dumbed down and manipuated by the illuminati and their bought out politicians and media into being a prideful yet mindless war machine. When the illuminati were done with Germany they were left a defeated, bankrupt and villified nation. No one gives a crap today when the German people say they were lead astray by their bought out politicians. The world is simply glad that in the end they got what they deserved.

America is heading down the same path. We used to be the beacon of freedom to the world but now our country has become a modern day Nazi Germany war machine starting unprovoked wars across the globe. Many people now spit at us when we visit their countries like we are villains.

If and when we are weakened internally/financially to the point that we leave ourselves open to military attack by countries like Russia and China people will cheer our demise. We have become the bad guys because we presently ALLOW a psychopathic offshore banking cartel to run our country through bought off politicians.


That Three Stooges clip sums up the illuminatis mindset very well -our last few Presidents have acted just like dictators.

Occupy Wall Street was started by the illuminati to weaken America and take the focus off them when the global economic collapse occurs. It then got out of control because people started focusing in on the private Federal Reserve. Now the illuminati is trying to clamp down on this movement because we are focusing on them and they are extremely nervous.

Wallstreet and the banks are a symptom of a greater problem. There is nothing wrong with capitalism or corporations however what we now have is crony capitalism, not true capitalism. We must swarm Washington DC and the 12 Federal Reserve Bank locations in the U.S. with massive demonstrations if we are going to take our country back. Any Occupy Wallstreet movement outside of Washington DC or the 12 Federal Reserve Bank locations is a distraction designed to keep the movement fractionalized. We must occupy the main problem, not the symptoms.

Never take freedom for granted. If you love America defend it today by getting informed and taking this country back for Americans. We WILL prevail because clearly Americans aren't going to put up with this shit any longer. The time is now.

This one show explains everything going on. It will change your life when you see how the mainstream media is manipulating us like cattle using the political Left Vs Right paradigm. Download the podcasts and listen.



This is our reality:



Here's my take on it. Don't be afraid to speak out as we are all on some type of list by now:


You have to understand that free speech on the net is about to be clamped down on in America -mainland China style. Get the sunglasses and spread the word before it's too late. Learn to spot/ignore government paid trolls.

Since: Dec 06


#2 Jun 9, 2012
Obama has to go before we go bankrupt.

Indianapolis, IN

#3 Jun 13, 2012
Because I don't care for Romney's politics or the way he scaled down businesses. He has no idea, in my opinion, what is really happening in our country nor does he care about the poor or middle class. He's a fake in my eyes

Indianapolis, IN

#4 Jun 18, 2012
Obama 2012! By a landslide.
Carmel Golfer

Zionsville, IN

#5 Jun 18, 2012
Romney will CU my axes.

Obama wildestroy the economy with
super-high socialist taxaTION.
Carmel Golfer

Zionsville, IN

#6 Jun 18, 2012
ROMNEY 2012! bY A lanDslide!!

Indianapolis, IN

#7 Jun 20, 2012
RON PAUL! I will not be reduced to playing the presidential election like an odds-game with my vote. I will vote my conscious, to protect our Constitution. If we all did that....

Zionsville, IN

#8 Jun 20, 2012
"Paisley Posey"--Thank God you are back.
Carmel Indiana has been LOOTED by mayor Brainard's
Gang. City-governmental debt $2,589,000,000
in a town of 69,000 people.
The Carmel-PALLADIUM is now over $410,000,000
in un-repayable debt, and the Carmel-PALLADIUM
Staffers are internal rip-off artists(read gangsters). Free trips to Hawaii and Jamaica with
and Pay-Credit Cards. Siphoned-off funds
to pay off mortgage debts, and at least
seven "Beamers" and one LAMBORGHINI!
$8,450,000 in funds MISSINg over last
3 years.
Brainard refuses outside Auditors.
Carmel-CRC now $397,000,000 in Debt
and OUT of Business.
Paisley--have fun in the REAL WORLD.
Carmel is now called Suckersville.
Paisley--Good Luck and God Bless.
Write again!
Carmel Patriot

Zionsville, IN

#9 Jun 20, 2012
Paisley Posey--Brainard is frightened. PARANOID.
Last Christmas, a Holiday Cake was left outside his
office in Carmel's\ city-hall.
It was a GIFT from a supporter of Mayor Brainard.
Brainard had the Cake destroyed, because
he(Brainard) feared the Cake was POISONED!
Carmel mayor Brainard fears an assassination,
in Carmel Indiana.
Happy Holidays
Carmel justice

Zionsville, IN

#10 Jun 20, 2012
Paisley Posey---What is going on in Carmel
Indiana, and especially the Carmel-PALLADIUM,
is INCOME TAX EVASION by Staffers.
It's all so rotten.
Now, the Palladium needs another $11,000,000
for un-specified "special quick money" for
more "unforeseen budgetary problems"
with the Carmel Palladium.
Two nights ago, the stooge-like Carmel
City-Council VOTED 7-0 in favor "more
emergency fast-funds". Another "emergency"
about another "new emergency" every 10 days.
This time another $1,675,000,
on top of $840,000, and $5,500,000,
20 days ago.
Well Paisley--Good Lock and Nice to hear
from you, always.
God Bless You.
Carmel justice

Zionsville, IN

#11 Jun 20, 2012
Paisley Posey---People of Carmel Indiana have NO Guts.
One day, when Joe Hogsett or the FBI
and IRS finally bring down the tyrants
of Carmel's city hall, the People of
Carmel Indiana will be exposed for the
Gutless Jerks that they are.
They are scared. They won'[t fight.
Cowards who are spinless.
That's Carmel Indiana for you!!
Yellow Bellies, from start to finish!

Zionsville, IN

#13 Jun 27, 2012
Obama is an ILLUSION and a DELUSION

United States

#14 Jun 30, 2012
I think Romney will do a better job with the economy

Glenview, IL

#15 Jul 11, 2012
Obama is clearly ruining the country along with the media at his side. Why, even!!??
nearly everything about Obama is contradictory or lies

Since: Dec 06


#16 Jul 14, 2012
Maybe if they also Polled Mexico he would come out on top.

Morristown, TN

#17 Jul 17, 2012
Obama has got us obamacare & I think he will do a better job than the others will & I
will vote for him unless something really changes my mind.....and I'm afraid if someone
else gets in office it will even be WORSE than it is now... & we sure don't need that if
we can help it !!!!
Chet Lewis

Centerville, IN

#18 Jul 17, 2012
The Man with a Plan.... No a Man that Smiles and Waves when all is falling apart...

Green Bay, WI

#19 Jul 19, 2012
Obama has made things worse than they were under Bush.
Tom Sisson

Jeffersonville, IN

#21 Sep 10, 2012
Mitt Romney will just rubber stamp the same old Republican agenda supported by religious conservatives and wealthy modern day robber barons. They pledge allegiance to the almighty dollar, pray to their lily white chauvinist god, steal from the poor, subsidize the rich, ridicule those who question them, criminalize those who are different, and wrap themselves in the flag while preaching heresy and stomping on the constitution.


Since: Sep 12

Traverse City, MI

#23 Sep 13, 2012
Honestly,I don't care which canidate becomes president. I just want this election to be over with so we can all become sane human beings again.

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