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Discuss the national Election Poll, Sept 2011 debate in Ludowici, GA.

If the election were held tomorrow, who would get your vote?

Ludowici undecided

Rincon, GA

#1 Sep 19, 2011
elections in Ludowici i'm not from here, yet I can still smell trash for miles..Tara Manning is "stinky" after reading a comment she made in the paper about someone else running for Mayor her comment was "stick with what your good at,cutting hair" thats just tacky be an adult I know it's hard to be classy when you are from Ludowici but lets CHANGE that.. she's not the one that can break the "trash" cycle. Just cuz you know her or her family doesn't mean you have to vote for her do whats right for our kids and growing city! Next lets get boss hog outta here!!

Hinesville, GA

#2 Sep 19, 2011
First of all, if you're not FROM Ludowici, why do the polotics of our "stinky" city concern you? Obviously you know the parties involved or you wouldn't be taking time out of your oh-so-better life to worry about what's going on in our little "trashy" town. I could insert my own opinion of the candidates, but I don't think it would really matter or change anyone else's mind. I personally know ALL of the candidtates, so when it comes times to vote I will base my decision on the qualifying charatecteristics of that candidate. But once again, you're not from Ludowici nor will you be voting for mayor of this great city.....so who really cares what you have to say.:) P.S. It's not very ADULT of you to label a whole town "trashy" based on the few citizens that you may know. Have a great day and enjoy the stench.

Ludowici, GA

#3 Sep 23, 2011
GBI is in ludowici look out boss hog

Glennville, GA

#4 Sep 28, 2011
I care because I pay taxes,I care because my child goes to school here,I care because I see potential. I care because I have a say so, do I want someone who says tacky comments to run the city I live in, an support?! uh NO!! It's bad enough the old mayor is signing checks she can't read.. So to be honest I'm glad there will be some changes in this stinky little town because it deserves a chance. People are starting to become more educated an learning to think for themselfs. I will be voting in Nov because I am a resident,and thats what resident's do they vote. You don't have to be "from" Ludowici to vote in Ludowici. I don't feel I labeled the whole city trashy or stinky but you will take it for however you see it. Sounds like you did care about my post,you replyed to it?! ohh and "polotics" is correctly spelt Politics. Guess we know where you vote is :)

Rincon, GA

#5 Oct 6, 2011
Do you know why Mrs. Manning made such a comment? It wasn't because Mrs. Goode is running for mayor. I also don't think it was very nice of you to be calling people trashy because they are from Ludowici. You stated you weren't from from here, but you obviously live here, so does that make you trash? Maybe it isn't the people who live here who makes Ludowici trashy. Maybe it's the trash that moves here who makes it so trashy. ;)

Rincon, GA

#6 Oct 6, 2011
Let me clarify that last statement. When I said maybe it's the trash that moves here, I was definitely referring to you and not others. Just wanted to make sure that was understood. Have a great day!

Douglas, GA

#7 Oct 6, 2011
This is to Chillin75. You are going to talk about somebody else's spelling? You better start proof reading your own trashy comments. You know we used to have a very clean town until your trashy a** moved here. The smell must have drawn you to this trashy town. Just to let you know, because you are not from around here, these so called stinky people will snatch a knott in your a**. So why don't you quit hiding behind that stupid name and give your real name. I know that the one you are calling stinky would put an a** whipping on you that you would not forget. By the way, that old Mayor has got better sense than you will ever have! By the way you sound, I believe you come from an inbred family. Also, you can't read either, Tara Manning did not say what you quoted. You really are a dumb a**! It's people like you that love to start s**t that is not true! You should call yourself STINKY DRAMA QUEEN instead of chillin75. I can understand you want to be a true Ludowician, but you can never be one of us!

Rincon, GA

#8 Oct 6, 2011
busy body your name says it all baby girl! why don't you put your real name, also as for proof reading please point out what i misspelled unlike you i don't mind hearing criticism i can take it. You wouldnt believe how highly i think of myself. for real tho you all got very offended i'm not sure if you really listened to what i said..we need a change in this town,and somone who wants to be mayor making rude comments about someone else is just tacky and it says a lot about a persons character thats all i'm saying. as for i come from an inbred LMAO thats just plain stupid for real inbred grow up i think you summed up a true Ludowician way to go!!

I think she made the comment becuz she was looking into records of where money was going??! if i'm wrong please educate me!! glad i could get everyone so fired up! If only everyone got this fired up over being involved in the schools to help our teachers and children!! Take all this energy you have and hug your kids!!

Rincon, GA

#9 Oct 6, 2011
i wont say my name either but i'm kinda seeing chilling side of things an i do hope some things change i'm outside of town line so i wont be voting i am a military wife an i have to say its kinda like a good old boy system here of course i have lived many places and i have to say it's not as bad a louisiana, change would be helpful i mean how much i pay in taxes and the schools are in really bad condition i'm hoping that changes.

Douglas, GA

#10 Oct 6, 2011
Why don't you go up to city hall and talk to her and ask her why she said what she did? There was a reason for it. This lady has 3 kids and one is a pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays. She must have done something right. I know she has a heart of gold and would help anybody. She is tired of the bulls**t and wants to change it. From what I hear all those elected officals are scared of that water supervisor, he threatens them if they wont go along with him. I know for a fact that her and her husband is not scared of him. Did you know he is against the new school being built here. He says the city cannot take on anything else. Go ask her, the city clerk about this matter. This idiot wants to set the city back about 40 years! Is THAT WHAT YOU AND EVERYBODY ELSE WANTS. She is in a position right now where she cannot do anything. She will be taking a 32 or 33 thousand dollar a year paycut to try and do what is right. What does that say about her. She is not in it for the money! She don't give a damn about the power, she cares about that city!

Kathleen, GA

#11 Oct 7, 2011
Just FYI "polotics" was a typo. I know how to spell. I'm assuming the last line of your reply is also a typo since it makes no grammatical sense (Guess we know where you vote is :)) I will however be the bigger person and admit my misunderstanding. I assumed when you said that you weren't "from" here that meant you didn't live here. My apologies. As a citizen of this "stinky" little town you have every right to vote for whichever candidate you decide. As do the rest of us, who really know the facts and not just hearsay.

Kathleen, GA

#12 Oct 7, 2011
Also, how are you gonna call out somebody for not putting their real name on here? Did you use your real name? Most people don't on a public forum. And now that I'm reading your second reply again, You really shouldn't be calling out people's spelling at all. Your grammar and use of capital letters sucks! Even my trashy Long County education taught me how to properly punctuate :)
You asked what you misspelled, here's just a few...

It's "because" or even "cause" not CUZ
It's "themselves" not THEMSELFS
It's "though" not THO
It's "replied" not REPLYED

I could go on........

Rincon, GA

#13 Oct 8, 2011
please go on Ludowici proud!! i think most people that where born before 1928 know that, tho means though an because hello shorthand cuz. As for "themselfs" look it up ding dong! i guess it could be worse i could be saying wit,wat,waz,dat,l8r,moving on from that sillyness

busybody we all make typo's i was fuc*ing with you just got to serious to quick. As for the blue jays thats cool congrats to her, doesn't make her any better of a person then you or i. Now when you said "he" doesn't want to build a new school who do you speak of?! I personally like goode myself and i will be voting for her in Nov i just thought how the comment was tacky and rude about the hair thing,maybe the paper took it out of content (that does happen) i'd like to hear what she has to say this tuesday there is an open meeting kinda thing right??! I think there is,but i've been wrong before. There needs to be a new school this town is growing fast,lots of military familys moving around the area! Either way I hope whoever gets elected keeps their word on everything :)
also i heard next yr will be voting time for boss hog do you know who will be running against him?! I'm curious.

Barnwell, SC

#14 Oct 8, 2011
I looked it up ding dong.( http://www.thefreedictionary.com/_/dict.aspx... ) I was just simply pointing out that those who live in glass houses.... Since you are such a literary genius I'm sure you know the rest :)

Nashville, GA

#15 Oct 10, 2011
I've lived here all my life. If the idiots in this town elect James Fuller for Mayor, after he's stolen the city blind and denied us money through not making everyone pay their water bills in return for their silence, we deserve to be flushed down the toilet. It's a great town, but get the damn trash out!!!

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