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Discuss the national Don't Ask Don't Tell debate in Portsmouth, OH.

Should the US repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell?

Portsmouth votes to repeal

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Since: Apr 10

Portsmouth, OH

#1 Dec 17, 2010
I have no problem with homosexual people serving in the military. But if they do, they should keep it to themselves, not run around saying it. Its detrimental for a solider to know that a person in his unit is gay, then have to worry about sleeping around him or her. That breeds indescion, mistrust, and will eventualy get somebody hurt, if not killed. Bottem line is, they should keep it to themselves

United States

#2 Dec 18, 2010
Seriously? I served with homosexuals. Everyone knew they were gay. I even had a gay drill Sgt. They did not cause any harm and mistrust. They did not push themselves on anyone. In fact they were some of the better soldiers in the unit. I would be proud and honored to serve with them again.

“The few and the proud ”

Since: Mar 10

Southern ohio

#3 Dec 18, 2010
As I gay marine I did my job just as well as the rest.

Since: May 08

Portsmouth, OH

#5 Dec 19, 2010
i'm glad the law was repealed last night...

Ashland, KY

#6 Dec 19, 2010
gays have no place in the military,,All they want is to bed men

Portsmouth, OH

#7 Dec 19, 2010
Sorry, but do you really want to be taking showers in basic with an openly gay man wondering if he is staring at you? No not me!! Our showers in basic were open showers. No way, they should keep it to theirselves. Sorry but gays are going to have more rights than straight people the way its going!!

United States

#8 Dec 19, 2010
How ignorant of you. They are not staring at you. They probably wouldn't find your small brain or other areas attractive anyhow.

Lancaster, OH

#9 Dec 22, 2010
lostwithouthope wrote:
I have no problem with homosexual people serving in the military. But if they do, they should keep it to themselves, not run around saying it. Its detrimental for a solider to know that a person in his unit is gay, then have to worry about sleeping around him or her. That breeds indescion, mistrust, and will eventualy get somebody hurt, if not killed. Bottem line is, they should keep it to themselves
That makes no sense, first of all everyone in the military already knows who is gay, and to think that just because someone is gay they will ultimately find themselves attracted to you so much that they are a threat is ridiculous and arrogant, do heterosexual people do that? Homosexuals have served in the military since the beginning and no it has not caused any of the problems you describe, if you have some of proof then please post it. A recent military poll shows most soldiers don't care,because no one has ever wanted to shout it from the roof tops only to serve without risk of embarrassment and discrimination.

Since: Apr 10

Portsmouth, OH

#10 Dec 22, 2010
Please. Homosexuals have no place in the military period. Thats why the Commandant of the Marines, and the Commanding General of the Army opposed the repeal of Dont Ask, Dont Tell. So you dont like what i say, tough shit. And i am not the only one who thinks like this either. And as soon as the current F--k up in white house leaves, that law will be reinstated.


Since: Nov 10


#11 Dec 23, 2010
do you know how ignorant you sound there is nothing wrong with gay people in the service if they want to serve are country to protect ignorant people like you.gays have been in the military for a couple of hundreads of years but if you went so ignorant you would know that.


Since: Nov 10


#12 Dec 23, 2010
so what you are saying sounds stupid because if that is true that is what women want to do is bed men.


Since: Nov 10


#13 Dec 23, 2010
i thank you for your service in the military even if these ignorant people on this forum dont know what they are talking about.if people that are gay and want to serve to protect us then they should be able to because the people that are talking smack dont have the guts to serve in the military.]

Portsmouth, OH

#14 Dec 27, 2010
100 men went down on a submarine and went under the North pole on a three month trip all completely underwater and when they got back and docked 50 couples got off ?


#15 Dec 27, 2010
Yes, the US has been in the dark ages far too long. Repeal DADT and let's join the 21st century. If those in the armed forces can't handle serving alongside a gay person, then he or she is the one with the problem, not the gay person.

Portsmouth, OH

#16 Jan 6, 2011
There are alot of gay people out there that have came out of the closet Get use to it. If the thought of a gay person being in the military scares you, then maybe deep inside you, thoughts of being with the same sex appeals to you. Maybe that is what your problem is. And no I am not gay!!!! JUST SAYING!!!!!

Novi, MI

#17 Jan 6, 2011
Yeah its ridiculous that people are this judgmental a homosexual has the same right as anyone to be who & what they want to be & if they want to go to war to protect our country then I am proud to say that I respect them for that I don't agree with a homosexual couple to be all up on each other in public nor do I think a heterosexual couple should be either I don't want my son seeing it either way a choice of sexual orientation has nothing to do with how successful one is at their profession ANYONE gay or straight who fights for our country deserves respect & if anyone has a problem which gender another prefers well that's their problem

United States

#18 Jan 6, 2011
If they are willing to risk their lives for our country then why not give them the same rites that heterosexuals have.

Since: Aug 10

Location hidden

#19 Jan 7, 2011
our srvice members have more important things to worry about like staying alive not if someone is a pole pusher or bush wacker keep thier minds on the job at hand not if they are safe to take a shower or go to sleep at night thinking if his buddy is haveing wet dreams about him.

Elizabeth, NJ

#21 Jan 13, 2011
why should i have to explain.

Sardinia, OH

#22 Jan 19, 2011
Gays have been serving in the military FOREVER. Gay people do NOT join the military to have sex. This is absolutely ridiculous. Having sex while serving on the front lines is the last thing on a gay person's mind. I have several friends who served and they are decent, caring, wonderful humans; they didn't join to "hook up" and have sex. They joined to serve their country.

The homophobic mentality is so prevalent in Scioto County, thanks to the propaganda handed down from generation to generation by the ignorant and uneducated, especially by many self-righteous individuals like Mike Queen (who probably is a closet case himself), Calvin Ray Evans, Mark Bales, Gary Chaffins, Ed Combs, and the like. These guys say the Bible says homosexuality is wrong; so is patronizing businesses on Sundays (Fourth Commandment), but yet they seem to conveniently overlook that, rushing to the Golden Corral after church services and stuffing their faces.(I'd like to see the looks on their faces if Jesus would happen to come back to earth that very moment.) The Bible was written by man, not God. If you're not gay, you have no business giving your opinion about something of which you have no experience/knowledge. Funny how people can give their opinions as if they are experts about being gay.

Mike Queen whined about DADT. If his kids are too damn squeamish to be in the same room with someone who is gay, then they HAVE issues. His kids don't need to even enlist. I feel sorry for his kids; to have a parent who is so homophobic. Imagine being gay and having a parent who is a drama queen. Queen and Combs live in their little fantasy worlds, the same way Hitler did. They use (and abuse) God to perpetuate their agendas. They enjoy their secular values and pick and choose from the Bible to accomodate their lifestyles. They try to hide behind their do-gooding, but they have this hate (and apparently insecurity) within. They want you to believe gays are anti-God, anti-family, sex-obsessed monsters.

Savannah says "cuz gay is gross and wrong". Savannah is ignorant and judgmental.(She can't even spell.) And most likely uneducated and brainwashed by her environment/family/friends. Poor girl. Would she be making these comments if she was gay? Hmmm. Yet Savannah is enjoying the freedom of expressing her wishy-washy opinion freely in part by "gross" military men and women risking their lives this very moment. Scary to think of how many more Savannahs are in our society...

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