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Discuss the national Debt Ceiling debate in Frankfort, KY.

Should taxing the rich be part of the agreement to raise the debt ceiling?

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#1 Jul 16, 2011
Why should the middle class workers shoulder the brunt of the tax burden? You don't believe for a minute the rich paid for the wall street bailouts, do you?

Sheridan, AR

#2 Jul 18, 2011
How come GD rich bastards don't have to sacrifice!!!

Frankfort, KY

#3 Jul 19, 2011
New taxes don't even have to be passed...Just stop the tax breaks to the rich that were passed under Bush. BIG tax breaks. Does anyone who brings in over $300,000/year need another tax break? With all the lying propaganda on tv, Americans will probably be fooled, again, and the Big Guys will continue to get away with it.

Frankfort, KY

#4 Jul 19, 2011
Be a patriot & pay your taxes. Be thankful you live in a country that affords you the life you have and allows you to make such fortunes.

“Never stop learning.”

Since: Sep 09

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#5 Jul 21, 2011
Our elected officials act as though raising the debt ceiling is the only way to keep the United States from becoming bankrupt. The thing is, we are already bankrupt! Washington keeps sending billions of dollars overseas to help other countries while we have massive unemployment, people going hungry and without needed medication, homelessness, despair, raging crimes, personal and business bankruptcies and raging fuel costs.

Instead of attempting to "keep face" among the other nations of the world, the government needs, and should, look to their own and take care of their own. Instead, they send OUR money overseas to provide aid to people who don't want our service men and women in their countries any way. Bring our men and women home, have them guard our borders.

We, as citizens, have to keep within our budgets or we have consequences, like bankruptcy, repossessions, and going without. How about those who are elected do without all their pay from us and live on what they already have? Take away their perks and make them pay for all services they want. You know, congressmen didn't always get paid a salary or have any perks. They did have to pay their own way, on the job and in their private lives. Talk about cutting the "pork"!

My husband and I have had to pay on April 15th for the last 3 years because of not having enough withheld from our paychecks. Yet, there are some in congress who have unpaid tax bills of their own. Nobody can tell me they don't have the money to pay their taxes.

Tax or charge those manufacturing companies that took American jobs overseas and south of the American border. Make them pay for their part in the unemployment situation here. Repeal the ban on incandescent light bulbs and let China keep their compact florescence bulbs, which, because of laws cannot be manufactured in the USA.\

How many of you have gone to the store to by your Fruit of the Loom, which you have done for years, to find they no longer fit like they uses to? Know why? They are no longer made in the USA. What about jeans? Fit poorly? Not made in the USA. Did your new coffee maker fail already? Not made in the USA. Did the curtains you purchased from Sears or Penney's look great online, not hang straight or color not match each panel? Not made in USA. The list goes on.

If I have to stay within my household budget, then the government should stay in theirs.

Since: Aug 10

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#6 Jul 21, 2011
we are a free enterprise economy. Since when is it wrong to be wealthy ?

Frankfort, KY

#8 Jul 22, 2011
They already pay 85% of the government income and provide jobs to the rest of us that actually work.
Let Them Eat Cake

Frankfort, KY

#9 Jul 22, 2011
Awww, those poor rich folks. Must be tough on them. I don't feel sorry for rich people who don't want to pay their taxes.

Everyone talks about the "good old days" but they fail to realize that the wealthy (truly wealthy, not well off) in this country only pay a fraction in taxes now compared to what they paid in those days.

Those were the good old days when the middle class had money in their pockets to spend and wages were not so unbalanced that CEOs were making 250 times what the average worker was making. They took the gigantic profits that they made off of our backs and kept them to themselves instead of properly compensating the people who did the actual work. Then they hid their money in offshore accts and tax loopholes to avoid paying our government. That sounds really patriotic, huh?

This country is only strong when the middle class is strong. When the middle class has no money to spend then our economy is stagnant. We have the buying power and without money to buy with we will never get out of this recession.

Trickle down economics is a failure and has been proven so time and time again. It is a failure because the elite wealthy do not amass multi-million dollar fortunes by using ethical business practices and proper employee compensation. How much were those stockholders and corporate elites thinking about us all when they shipped our jobs off to other countries for their profit margins?

They don't feel sorry for me, therefore I don't for them. Let them pay for the right to profit in this country by paying higher taxes.
Bob Marlow

Noblesville, IN

#10 Jul 24, 2011
john wrote:
They already pay 85% of the government income and provide jobs to the rest of us that actually work.

Frankfort, KY

#11 Jul 26, 2011
enact the flat tax. then we all pay equally. no exections , no deductions.

Frankfort, KY

#12 Jul 27, 2011
If the Republicans get their balanced budget, how are they going to pay for all the wars they start and the bank failures that they cause?

Frankfort, KY

#13 Jul 30, 2011
the rich wont surive long they cant grow there own food.they cant even put gas in there owen car and they got the way they are frome the poor like us.make them give money instead of buying a island some were and building a big house hell yea make them pay taxes inpeach the goverment put some one in there that can fix things obama is trying but to many rich basterds are aginst them
Hands Tied

Indianapolis, IN

#15 Aug 23, 2011
We should not be raising the debt ceiling at all

Philadelphia, PA

#16 Sep 7, 2011
guest wrote:
If the Republicans get their balanced budget, how are they going to pay for all the wars they start and the bank failures that they cause?
i guess we will just elect another democrat, so he can fix everything!

Philadelphia, PA

#17 Sep 7, 2011
we don't even need a ceiling! while were at it let's raise the floor too. what's a few more trill, does anyone know how to say "the check is in the mail" in chinese?


#19 Mar 10, 2012
The rich should always pay taxes
I Know

Louisville, KY

#20 Mar 10, 2012
Yes, They should pay more tax. Im poor and dont pay a LOT of tax because I have children @ home,but I work every day and I pay my share. I dont receive any type of assistance. Our country is in bad shape and I truly beleive it will take the RICH to BAIL US OUT!!

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