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Discuss the national Death Penalty debate in Williamsburg, KY.

Would you support the death penalty for the Arizona shooter?

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#473 Jul 4, 2012
why should they get to die in a humane way while I have to live a miserable life? They should have to live and be made to suffer and people that committed no crime should have the option of a quick death. Abortion should be legal too so people like me that were unwanted don't have to be born and grow up poor and hungry with parents that fight and then get divorced and having everything blamed on them. They won't have to face the misery of being bullied and having people laugh at you because of the rags you wear for clothes and because of the brand of shoes you wear and suffering long periods of depression.
common sense

United States

#474 Jul 26, 2012
yes all murders and child molesters and rapest need to be hung in front of the court house. and sent to a just God who will determine the fate of their perverted soul. child molesters need to have their part cut off wilth a hatchet and tied with a string left to hang on red lights as a sign of zero tolerance on child molesting..STUPID PERVERTS....
Stuart Cudahy

Brisbane, Australia

#475 Aug 17, 2012
guns are mad placed in the hands of a fool
The fool is mad
The state is mad
Guns do not kill people
just Americans, I'm Australian, Stop the craziness.
Stuart Cudahy
#476 Aug 17, 2012
I am Australian our soldiers have fought together many of us died guns are dangerous but we never pointed them at each other. Just the enemies of our foreign policy.
But Americans do. Crazy American civilians do. Assault rifles machine guns. 1776 does not equal a crazy x marine sitting atop a tower in Texas.
The death penalty is not the issue when you make it so easy to kill each other.
Dostoyevsky said we measure a civilization by how it treats its prisoners. Stu

Deception Bay, Australia

#477 Oct 31, 2012
No Surprise wrote:
<quoted text>
Even Jesus was for a death penalty. I'm guessing you missed his advice to those who would hurt a child(a person of innocence essentially). He said it would be better if they attached a millstone to their neck and drowned themselves. Also, Jesus didn't have any problem with his apostles being armed and ready to fight, even if it meant taking a life. Remember what Peter did when the Romans came to take Jesus away? He loped off the centurion's ear. But the ear is not what he was aiming for. Peter was aiming for his skull to split it open like you would a melon and missed.
So the next time you want to toss in the "Jesus was a pacifist" defense think twice.
Umm, what I said that you missed was people who commit premeditated murder(s) have a disregard for life itself. People who commit a single premeditated murder deserve a good examining concerning their back ground. That way the court can decide by the evidence if they are on a road to possibly kill others or if it appears by the lack of evidence it was a single solitary incident, before considering the death penalty.
But for those that have committed premeditated murders of two or more people in a single incident or in many separate incidents, no. No salvation by any court. These individuals have shown a callus behavior for life to it's greatest example. They should be executed as quickly and as efficiently as possible.
Also, when society "kills" a person, that has "killed" with premeditated purpose, yes. They are doing what that murderer has done. But not with the same premeditated purpose. Society is predetermining to taking that person's life for the preservation of other lives the murderer might other wise take while being in prison or if they were to escape.
Your line of reasoning sees purse snatchers turns into rapists and home invaders, murderers and rapists. Kill them all or kill none of them. Or just do better at social education
This is a small world
We are here for a reason. Stu

Deception Bay, Australia

#478 Oct 31, 2012
I have said this before. There is no greater cruelty than the state when weeks or months or years sit between the crime and the execution.
Dostoievsky said you measure a country by how it treats its prisoners. stu

In the 1960's the American supreme court stopped states killing prisoners for 10 years. George Bush junior cashed in on the slide since. Crazy Texan.
Mostly negroes. Put them down.
Hell of a way to run a state or a country.
F'ing cowboy yip. stu

Deception Bay, Australia

#479 Oct 31, 2012
Noam Chomsky wrote:
Most of the criminology evidence supports that the death penalty is not a good deteriorate. Most of the industrialized countries in the world have already gotten rid of the death penalty. I hate to say it, but what do other people around the world think of the only super power still having such barbaric punishments? And that's what the death penalty is, it's "barbarizing society".
For the humans of Earth to be more enlightened they must have mercy. Most murders are committed in the heat of the moment. Who amongst us would say that there is never a situation where they will kill someone? For example: If someone came after your kids with a knife? Would you shoot them? There have been defending parents put to death for this situation.
Even I, the bleeding heart liberal can think of a handful of situations where I would kill someone. But who are we as a society to kill people for state sanctioned death retribution? That's a stone age concept that most of the other countries have already gotten ride of.
I think you can judge a country's morals by how they treat "the death penalty debate".
A total of 69 people have been released from death row since 1973 after evidence of their innocence emerged. Twenty-one condemned inmates have been released since 1993, including seven from the state of Illinois alone. Many of these cases were discovered not because of the normal appeals process, but rather as a result of new scientific techniques, investigations by journalists, and the dedicated work of expert attorneys, not available to the typical death row inmate.
What percentage of innocent people are you OK with?
I'm OK with 0% of the people we execute be innocent. What is OK for you guys?
Put yourself in the condemned shoes and walk awhile.
Everyone should know about their countries Death Penalty rules. You can't say you don't care, because the state is killing people in YOU NAME! Think about that.
In the thinking of a righteous killing
The denial thereof you are saved.
Our soldiers come home
A good lesson for politicians is not to send our young men into harms way.

Deception Bay, Australia

#480 Oct 31, 2012
God is not an easy chair
We fight for the light and the way always

Our young are not dominoes for war
They are all the children of peace
We do not accept bullies
We get on the internet and we thrive
all of us
This one
We can find God stu

seek and ye shall find

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