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Discuss the national Armadebton debate in Colonial Beach, VA.

Who will you blame if the debt ceiling isn't raised?

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Gloucester, VA

#41 Aug 11, 2011
On base, they purchase groceries, gasoline, furniture, clothing, cigarettes, booze, restaurant food and beverages, bowling, movie theaters, cleaning supplies, paper products, a discounted price. This made since when military bases were located in very rural areas and their pay was sub-normal, but most of them are now in major metropolitan areas where shopping is easy and their pay with benefits (housing allowance or free housing, gov't funded college courses, subsidized child care) is as good as the outside.
Time to change the rules about taxes of goods and services on base.

Waldorf, MD

#42 Aug 11, 2011
Go to any website that shows the names and branch of service of servicemen who have been killed in action. 90 % Army, 10% Marines, I found a Navy cook who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Most folks in military are good folks. Some are illegal immigrants, yes. Funny how the military will take illegals. They will deny it, but that's what they are doing.

Ithink there is a lot of pressure in Congress to cut all kinds of spending, including military. I don't want to see that happen, but like others have said, we can't keep going in debt to pay our bills, and there just aren't enough artists who are sticking crosses in urine to cut out of the budget. That leaves SS, Medicare, and the governments military. Cuts will be painful, people will lose jobs and homes.
And so it goes

Gloucester, VA

#43 Aug 11, 2011
It's going to be difficult, but we know that everyone must share the burden. It's time to fix inequities and unnecessary subsidies.

Since: Jun 11

Location hidden

#44 Aug 11, 2011
VETNAM 2 wrote:
Thank you for your service!
And thank you for yours.
D Derelict

Saluda, VA

#45 Aug 12, 2011
You people criticizing the benefits that Military and Gov't employees get really need to do your research before making such ass-hat comments. Especially lawn-mower boy. Maybe he should have joined the military, defended his country and learned a skill other then pushing a mower..... Maybe he could have gotten ahead that way instead of complaining. Those benefits are there for a purpose. Anyone on this site could get them too with just a little gumption.

Since: Jun 11

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#46 Aug 12, 2011
D Derelict wrote:
You people criticizing the benefits that Military and Gov't employees get really need to do your research before making such ass-hat comments. Especially lawn-mower boy. Maybe he should have joined the military, defended his country and learned a skill other then pushing a mower..... Maybe he could have gotten ahead that way instead of complaining. Those benefits are there for a purpose. Anyone on this site could get them too with just a little gumption.
That's not necessarily true. There are an amazing large number of people who can not qualify based on ASVAB score. But, I do remember a couple of young ladies when I was recruiting who worked their butts off, studying hard and improving themselves so that they could finally pass the ASVAB. One in particular failed the ASVAB about 5 times. But, she finally got a qualifying score, served her time and is now finishing up her Bachelor's Degree.

There are plenty of other disqualifying factors, too, and this guy probably didn't qualify for whatever reason is now angry about it, wants to strip service members of their benefits, and insult them. He doesn't see it as service or sacrifice, and in his mind he could do the jobs our service members do while blindfolded. It's okay, everyone needs to feel self-important and needed.

Let him bang his gong, he's entitled to his opinion. Let him tell the entire world and let him make it his life's mission. I have a feeling if he expressed these feelings and thoughts to other people, people would tell him that he's barking up the wrong tree.
D Derelict

Saluda, VA

#47 Aug 12, 2011
Yeah, but it's more fun, but less productive to bitch back at them. :-) As for ASVAB scores, I remember some when I went through bootcamp (1990) that were around 17-19. That was their scores, not their ages. They could barely communicate. I was the Yeoman in BC and saw all their scores....... There was no failing then.... Just future BMs.

Since: Jun 11

Location hidden

#48 Aug 12, 2011
Yes, it is more fun, but unfortunately it's completely unproductive.

Those guys you mentioned are probably senior and master chief petty officers now. I had a 94 ASVAB yet I never made it past First Class (E-6). Good for them.

For a long time the Defense Department took the largest amount of money from the government budget, but that hasn't been the case for many years. Sure, there could be cuts in the Defense Budget, but at what cost?

When I've written about National Interests, I don't think most people understand what that means. For instance, why should we be spending money to make the Gulf of Aden and the Western Indian Ocean safer from pirate activity? People may not realize that goods produced in the United States, or were produced for U.S. companies may be transiting that part of the seas, or it may be goods or raw materials that are coming to the states or our trading partners. The "toll" that the pirates are placing on the shipping industry, and the companies that they're shipping for can/will affect us, as employees/prospective employees and/or customers. Could you imagine ordering a million parts that were made in India that you need to place in your product to sell, and they've been held up for weeks/months. Not to mention the increase in shipping costs associated.

National Interest also affects the way that we are viewed in the world. While not just U.S. interests are served by our actions there, the countries whose economies may also benefit could appreciate our strength...our "force for good". China has a presence over there, too, but they will only escort and come to the aid of Chinese flagged ships.

Working over there, we had the Russians fly over to our ship for a reception to foster good will among countries participating around the Horn of Africa (HOA). We invited the Chinese for a similar reception that we offered to host for them, but they declined on multiple occasions.

At any rate, now Defense is not the largest part of the budget, Health and Human Services is. But the solution for a lot of people is to slash Defense spending and/or raise taxes. I've looked at the numbers, and I've listened to analysis of future effects of recent legislation (especially the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare) and the problem isn't tax, the problem is spending.

I also listen over and over again about taxing the rich more, while an increasing number of people don't actually pay into taxes...and I don't mean letting the IRS hold on to your money for a while, I mean getting less returned then you paid in. Way too many people with too much voice with zero "skin in the game". Rather than "taxation without representation", we've got representation without taxation for WAY too many people.
Not just HHS

Faulkner, MD

#49 Aug 12, 2011
The United States military budget accounts for over 40% of the world's annual military expenditures and, at around $700 billion per year, more than 20% of the federal budget. The Federal government wants to curb that spending as part of deficit reduction.
Last week's deficit deal calls for up to $350 billion in cuts over the next decade on the departments of Defense, State, Homeland Security and Veterans Affairs, among others. And, if the debt "super-committee" fails to reach a deal on $1.2 trillion in budget cuts, it will automatically trigger an additional $500 billion in cuts over the next decade.
Cutting in a bureaucracy as large and convoluted as the Pentagon is no easy task, but Stephen Glain author of State vs. Defense: The Battle to Define America's Empire says there are three issues at the heart of their spending problem.
Growing obligations: Much like other public sector groups, the Pentagon has growing liabilities coming from pension and medical insurance plans. It's "very much a microcosm" of the problems facing the country, says Glain. The Pentagon's liability for civilian employees is currently $60 billion and the "rate of growth is enormous," says Glain. The figure was $15 billion a decade ago.
Accounting Problems: You think Enron's accounting was troubled? The Pentagon has very little accountability when it comes to its books. Since first submitting financial accounts in 1991, the Pentagon "has been unable to account for trillions of dollars, well over almost $10 trillion by my own account," says Glain. Conspiracy theorists suggest this is CIA money being laundered through the Pentagon, a claim Glain has some sympathy for.
Ending the Wars: Ending operations in Iraq and Afghanistan will instantly save the defense department $180 billion per year. According to Joseph Stiglitz the wars have cost the government $3 trillion and counting.
The Obamagon

Richmond, VA

#50 Aug 12, 2011
Perhaps it's time to start calling the Pentagon the Obamagon. 10 trillion dollars unaccounted for? Isn't that about what the national debt is? Stop blaming the poor, yes there are welfare cheats. But not 10 trillion dollars worth of them.
Ron Reagan

Richmond, VA

#51 Aug 12, 2011
Ron Reagan here from the grave. Government is too big and spends too much! 10 trillion dollars unaccounted for is unacceptable. Nancy, get Newt Gingrichs sister Candice on the phone. She'll know how to lick this problem.

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