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Discuss the national Abortion Debate in Van Wert, OH.

When should abortion be legal?

Van Wert says always legal.
In all cases
Exceptions only...

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Delphos, OH

#1 Jan 26, 2012
murder is murder,its never acceptable
Krystle Shinnaberry

Powell, OH

#2 Jan 26, 2012
Abortion is murder!

Van Wert, OH

#3 Jan 26, 2012
So are both of you saying no exceptions for abortions, then?

Fort Jennings, OH

#4 Jan 26, 2012
no exceptions
vw coug

Columbus, OH

#5 Jan 26, 2012
There will never be a cut and dry line on this issue.

United States

#6 Jan 26, 2012
Young girls get pregnant, and dony meed to be teenage mothers, if somebody ( not only teenagers) doesnt want a baby, then that is their chioce to get an abortion, that is their right to their body, and calling it illega is like taking someones rights away, and that, you cannot do!!!

Van Wert, OH

#8 Jan 26, 2012
Women should have the right to choose
Jennifer Klausing

Van Wert, OH

#9 Jan 27, 2012
you made the decision to have sex... NOT the baby. It didnt ask to have you as a parent, God gave you the baby as a BLESSING no matter what the situation. If you were raped, thats a different story but abortion is NOT how you deal with it. Be greatful you can even carry a child bc there are people out there who hope and pray one day they can get pregnant but it just never works. there is another thing called ADOPTION if you cant handle the consequences of your actions. EVERYTHING happens for a reason. take responsibility!

Van Wert, OH

#10 Jan 27, 2012
pops wrote:
no exceptions
You have your 'right' to your freedom of speech...just not the right to force others to live by your alleged morals or standards...that is the good thing about Freedom in the US. Is this due to your religious beliefs?
Letting a woman die and possibly the unborn child die also due to a problem pregnancy??? MMMMM....seems wrong. I guess you better not support Rick Santorum as President then.

Van Wert, OH

#11 Jan 31, 2012
That is up to God....

Mount Vernon, OH

#13 Jan 31, 2012
We all have the right to our own bodies, we can do as we please with them, if u want to get an abortion you should have the choice to do so, nobody can tell you that you can't or that it is wrong, because it isnt, the fetus doesnt have feelings, it doesnt care!! So illegal or not people are going to do it and cannot get in troyble for it, considering this country is sopposably 'free' we have our rights, get over it

Washington, DC

#17 Feb 1, 2012
untill it has a heartbeat its not a baby. just cells. what if its a life or death?.. honestly, its no one but your decision to get an abortion.. not your friends, familys, boyfriend, ect,. and if someone judges you for it, tell them their momma should've swallowed them or they should've been made into a sh!t pie.

Mount Vernon, OH

#22 Feb 1, 2012
Your all so stupid, who cares what people think, they. Cant make it illegal because theyd b takin our rights away, like i said they cant do that! So stop commenting like ur so smart, cause ur not it will never be illegal, get the f*ck over it

Van Wert, OH

#30 Feb 1, 2012
Laws cannot and will not eliminate abortion. What would the effect of making abortion illegal do in the US?

United States

#31 Feb 1, 2012
Insert_Cool_Username wrote:
Life beginning at conception is all about what you define as life. I don't consider a few cells to be life worthy of all this attention. And what's with the satan stuff? So you're a Christian? Ahhh... And that explains so much.
so what of she is? If your a gay supporter or an atheist you don't have a say in this issue

United States

#32 Feb 1, 2012
RWB wrote:
Laws cannot and will not eliminate abortion. What would the effect of making abortion illegal do in the US?
us taxpayers wouldn't have to pay for them for starters.
fista cuffs

Waterman, IL

#33 Feb 1, 2012
just wrote:
<quoted text>so what of she is? If your a gay supporter or an atheist you don't have a say in this issue
he's both... and the suprising thing is he could be the poster child for pro-choice....

Van Wert, OH

#37 Feb 1, 2012
just wrote:
<quoted text>us taxpayers wouldn't have to pay for them for starters.
Taxpayers don't pay for abortions now. Use logic, not rhetoric in this. I am just curious where pro-lifer's thinks things would go if outlawing abortion? How far would you want to take this law? Do you seriously think outlawing abortions will eliminate them? Look at the history of abortions, or more precisely, the period that abortion was outlawed.

Van Wert, OH

#38 Feb 1, 2012
Insert_Cool_Username wrote:
<quoted text>
Are abortions covered by Medicaid? I didn't know that. Either way, would you rather pay for the abortion or for 18 years of assistance and everything else most of these kids would need? And trust me, if they criminalized abortions then your taxes would not sky rocket downwards. If you're actually worried about abortions costing you money as a tax payer then you're looking in the wrong direction. Look at the governments spending on military and/or the war on drugs and you'll see where a big percentage of your tax dollars are going.
I believe the Hyde Amendment addresses a lot of this.
drew peacock

Van Wert, OH

#41 Feb 1, 2012
mandad wrote:
When it comes to logic - reason and science / medical science ... do we see just how willingly IGNORANT & STUPID these self-acclaimed "free-thinkers" and "intellectuals" are ....
yes indeed .. tizz a true saying:.. "claiming themselves to be wise ... they have become fools"
Ever notice how extremist nutjobs always default to quoting bible verses when they can't win an argument with facts?

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