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When should abortion be legal?

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Vivian Jones

Manassas, VA

#1 Jan 25, 2012
Abortion is a killing of an innocent ... only under extreme conditions should abortion be considered....
Cynthia Hauris

Manassas, VA

#2 Jan 27, 2012
It should never be legal to kill an unborn child or any other inconvenient human being. Each person is a unique individual created by God for a purpose, no matter how they came to be conceived. Decent human beings should pledge their time and resources to protect the unborn and to help parents cope during hard times.
Cynthia Hauris

Manassas, VA

#3 Jan 27, 2012
It is never right to kill an unborn child or any other human being. Each unborn child is a unique individual created by God with the cooperation of parents, for a special purpose. Decent human beings must speak out and pledge their resources to protect human life and families. These babies cannot speak up for themselves and it is the obligation of each person to protect them and encourage mothers and fathers to care properly for their babies from the moment of conception.
Henry N

Ellicott City, MD

#4 Jan 30, 2012
Only if theres proof that the baby wont make it.
Billy Bob Thornton

Woodbridge, VA

#5 Feb 18, 2012
Babies taste delicious on toast.

Fairfax, VA

#6 Feb 18, 2012
Never! Killing an unborn person is still murder
The Cathar

Savannah, GA

#7 Feb 21, 2012
Anyone who would deny a woman an Abortion for cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother is a religious fanatic and an idiot.
The Cathar

Savannah, GA

#8 Feb 21, 2012
Search; Republican Catholic Personhood Bills / Laws follow the Teachings of the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church Teaches that the very second a sperm joins a human egg, human life begins.
Medical Science says NO, life begins when the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall and begins to grow, about 6 to 8 days after fertilization. Medical science says millions of fertilized eggs in women across America each year, "fail to attach," and are flushed out by the menses. But what do they know? They are only Medical Scientists, not preachers or priests.

Search; Fertilized human eggs flushed down the toilet

OMG! According to the catholics these are poor little baby humans being flushed down the toilet and into sewers and septic tanks. What to do?
Maybe we should have the catholic priests go around to all the sewers and septic tanks and perform the "Last Rites Ceremony." Yes! And we could have the republicans and the evangelicals accompany the priests and sing gospel songs over the sewers and septic tanks. I know just what song to sing. "In the sweet bye and bye, we shall meet on that beautiful shore."
Now before you get all angry and red-faced about abortion and jump on the republican catholic personhood bandwagon, there are a few things you should know.
Number 1, Catholics are against "all forms" of birth control, except of course the ineffective Rhythm method. Just why the rhythm method is an acceptable way to foil mother nature is beyond me.

Search; Catholic Church-Chemical abortion pills

(these are your everyday run of the mill birth control pills)

Search; Catholic Church- Mechanical abortion devices

(these are your everyday frun of the mill IUD's)

Search; Catholic Bishops - condoms, catholics for choice

(I guess these are latex abortion devices)

The republican catholics will start with Personhood bills / laws, to get the fertilized egg legally recognized as a little baby human being, and progress to ban all forms of birth control to protect the fertilized egg.
The Cathar

Savannah, GA

#9 Feb 21, 2012
Search; Pope says In Vitro Fertilization is a Mortal Sin

This is because a few eggs are fertilized in a Petrie Dish and only one is inserted in the woman and the otherlittle baby human beings are left to die in the Petrie Dish or, OMG, they are flushed down the toilet.
oy vey

Frederick, MD

#10 Feb 21, 2012
Republican Bible nuts..

all for preserving life up until birth.
then war, target practice, famine, lack of proper health care for all

Why can't it be enough that you follow your own beleifs/supserstitions and leave everyone else alone?

Anyone notice energy costs and such? This planet needs far less people on it.

It would almost be interesting to see abortion become legal. If 70% of the population is Christian.. I'd be willing to bet at least 70%(probably more) of the people getting abortions are Christians.
The Cathar

Savannah, GA

#11 Feb 21, 2012
The professed concern of the catholic church for the unborn and little children would be heartwarming, if , you had no knowledge of the recent and past history of child abuse perpetrated by the catholic clergy.

Search; Castrato Singers (europe)

Search; Castrati Singers (Spain)

The Popes pontificated that women were to be silent in the church and this included singing.
Now, this left the church choirs unable to reach the high notes, as sung by a woman. The catholic clergy solved that problem by castrating choir boys for a few hundred years.
The Priests would go to a poor choir boy's home and for all practical purposes buy him from his dirt poor parents, take the kid to the church, hold him down and forcibly castrate him. Many of the boys bled to death, or died from infections and complications from the crude surgeries. If their voice changed in spite of the castration, the choir boys were just callously sent home sans testicles.
All of this excruciating pain and suffering was endured by these 7 to 9 year old boys, purely for the listening pleasure of the church crowd and the catholic clergy. Read about the intense lifelong hatred these unfortunate boys had for their own catholic parents. This practice ended in the late 1800's, and one of the last Castrato Singers had his voice recorded singing a song in the 1900's.
Can you feel the love for the little catholic children?
The Cathar

Savannah, GA

#12 Feb 21, 2012
Search; Catholics murder thousands of cathar men, women, and children

Search; Pope Innocent, "Kill them all, God knows his own."

When you drag your church beliefs into the political arena and seek to make your beliefs the law of the land, you forfeit your right to religious immunity from criticism.
The Cathar

Savannah, GA

#13 Feb 21, 2012
Search; How Catholics and Evangelicals Joined Politically

Search; Catholics and Evangelicals Join Forces

Search; Evangelicals Join Catholics in Unprecednted Alliance

Search; Evangelicals and the Roman Catholic Church

I guess these morons have forgotten why the Protestants(Protestors) came out of the Catholic Church.

Search; Catholics Murder Gnostic Chritians

Search; Catholics Murder Waldensians

Search; Catholics Murder Albigensians

Search; The Spanish Inquisition

Search; Catholics Murder Calvinists, Netherlands

Search; The Cathar Inquisition

Search; 1572 France, St' Bartholomew's Day Massacre

Search; the Third French War of Religion 1562-1598

Search; Catholic Witchcraft Trials, Executions, and Inquisitions

What is all this? Catholics practicing "Tough Love" on Heretics?
The Cathar

Savannah, GA

#14 Feb 21, 2012
The Republicans try to be ALL things to ALL people. If you like Abortion, the GOP has something for you as well.

Search; Republicans for Choice.Org

Search; Republican Majority for Choice,Org

Republicans will do or say anything for a vote.
zack talbot

Manassas, VA

#15 Feb 22, 2012
it is never OK to murder an innocent life
oy vey

Frederick, MD

#16 Feb 23, 2012

Why then are the GOP so pro life, but after birth they are pro murder weapon, pointless war, drilling, green house gas, anti healthcare, pro religion (which has probably dealt far more innocent murder than abortions)?
The Cathar

Savannah, GA

#17 Feb 23, 2012
Search; Catholic Church - Withdrawal Method or Pull Out Method of Contraception is Sinful

Haymarket, VA

#18 Feb 29, 2012
If the baby is more than 4-5 months the shank shouldn't be allowed to get aboriation unless the mother might die or something.

Fairfax, VA

#19 Feb 29, 2012
Abortion is killing an unborn human being
Stay out of my business

Glen Allen, VA

#20 Feb 29, 2012
Spoken like a man. When you sprout a uterus and can labor and deliver, get back to us. Until then, what I choose to do with my life and body is none of your business, nor the business of any other male.
Joe-35 wrote:
Abortion is killing an unborn human being

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