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Discuss the national Abortion Debate in Ilion, NY.

When should abortion be legal?

Ilion says always legal.
In all cases
Exceptions only...

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Avon, CT

#1 Jan 24, 2012
It's the women's choice & right!

New York, NY

#2 Jan 24, 2012
should be up to the couple/ women/ victim, to make an educated decision if they are capableto make the choice.
no way

Kirkville, NY

#3 Jan 24, 2012
Completely wrong and immoral in any case.
Bull crap

Albany, NY

#4 Jan 24, 2012
Wrong in any situation once egg is fertalized it has a heartbeat ergo if it has a heartbeat its alive and I consider it murder
Love My Country

Syracuse, NY

#6 Jan 25, 2012
Abortion = Murder.....Why is it that we have all these organizations gung-ho on saving whales, seals, and all other animals imagineable, yet have no problem killing a baby? Something very wrong with this picture.

Albany, NY

#7 Jan 25, 2012
Having children , giving birth is one of the miracles of life ...why would any one want to destroy a living thing

Boston, MA

#8 Jan 26, 2012
If you don't want your freedoms taking away don't take away the freedomcontract of someones else
peepee car

Syracuse, NY

#9 Jan 26, 2012
I think after birth abortions should be legal.
Non-Aborted Guy

Ilion, NY

#10 Jan 29, 2012
After week five the heart begins to beat Bullcrap. Just some factual information for you. I do agree though that abortions after five weeks are wrong although it is a tough one when it comes to rape cases. We understand where your coming from but it's also tough for me to fathom the government having a say on this subject. You could also look at this at population control at its best for some of these yahoo girls having kids that are mutant and they and the future child will be dead weight on society.

Fort Drum, NY

#11 Feb 2, 2012
If murder is wrong why do some states have the death penalty? Why should it be any ones business if I want to have an abortion. It again becomes a class issue - the rich can do anything they want but the poor are subject to the whims and caprices of society. I think its a conspiracy by the corporations to have more people to buy there junk. It's time the world woke up and realzie that the pope is a dinosaur and his time is up - he can't have his kingdom of pedophiles while he sits in his golden slippers telling the poor not to wear condoms!!!!!!

New York, NY

#12 Feb 2, 2012
kill the bastwerd

Utica, NY

#13 Feb 3, 2012
Murder is wrong and all those guilty should be put to death...That is my solution to population control. These murderers and rapists at least had a chance, but what about the innocent unborn? What did they do wrong?

Dracut, MA

#14 Feb 4, 2012
Y do the same people that want to force women to have children they can't pay for, complain that welfare and food stamps are out of control?

Dracut, MA

#15 Feb 4, 2012
They also seem to like war and the death penalty. It seem to me if you are for one you should be against the other.

Durham, NC

#16 Feb 4, 2012
Whichever side of the fence you are on, I think just about anyone can agree with all the options for birth control and reproductive education available, there is just NO good reason for an estimated 1.6 million abortions a year, 52% being on repeat customers. There are those who'll argue that abortion is a reproductive right, but they are ignoring the fact that by the time this supposed "right" is exercised, reproduction has already occured. The proper term they should use is "destructive" right, because thats the fact of the matter. Some will also argue babies arent killed...they call them fetuses, etc. Saying a fetus is not a child, is like saying a toddler is not a child. Those terms, fetus, embryo, infant, newborn, toddler, etc are not terms that describe the being, they are the terms to describe the stage of development the human being is in. Get the facts, become educated about what abortion really is and does.

New York, NY

#17 Feb 6, 2012
A egg is not a chicken does that help you
Protect the Innocent

Syracuse, NY

#18 Feb 6, 2012
god wrote:
A egg is not a chicken does that help you
No it doesn't help....an egg that has not been fertilized by the male is just that...an egg. Once an egg has been fertilizied it becomes a live-breathing being.

New York, NY

#19 Feb 6, 2012
Its a egg

Rome, NY

#20 Feb 7, 2012
Is it better to have the baby, strangle it and throw it in the dumpster like the woman in Syracuse and many others?

Oneida, NY

#21 Feb 7, 2012
beenice wrote:
Is it better to have the baby, strangle it and throw it in the dumpster like the woman in Syracuse and many others?
No, it's called adotion

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