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#1 May 9, 2012

(From The Lord, Our God and Savior)

All you see, from the ground beneath your feet
To the farthest reaches of the universe, is MINE!...

And I shall do as I please!

I shall do according to the counsel of My own will...

For I am God!

Therefore, O peoples of the earth, because you have slaughtered the innocent and murdered your neighbor... Lo, you have even made for yourselves laws, that all may do their pleasure in unrighteousness and perform evil at their leisure... So then shall I also declare MY Law, and it shall fall hard upon the backs of all nations!

Yea, I have put forth the decree, and hasten to carry out your sentences, O peoples of the earth! And what is the sentence, you ask?... Look upon the slaughtered innocent, look upon their torn and broken bodies... Behold how they are torn in pieces! See how their blood pours down and their limbs are strewn about!... >>LOOK!!! Look how they are scraped out of their mother’s womb!...<< Look upon the works of your hands, you evil and most wicked generation!... LOOK UPON YOUR WICKEDNESS!!! LOOK UPON ALL YOU HAVE DONE!

United States

#3 May 11, 2012
You can take your arrogant "God" and shove him right up your @$$. If there was a "God" and he was all powerful, as he is described, then there would be no question of right or wrong...because "all powerful" would mean he has the power to control all decisions to achieve his "will". But since man is left to have his actions judged as right or wrong by others, then obviously he isn't so powerful


Since: May 12

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#4 May 13, 2012
Realist wrote:
You can take your arrogant "God" and shove him right up your @$$. If there was a "God" and he was all powerful, as he is described, then there would be no question of right or wrong...because "all powerful" would mean he has the power to control all decisions to achieve his "will". But since man is left to have his actions judged as right or wrong by others, then obviously he isn't so powerful
God’s Will
>>3/7/08<< From God The Father - A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord to the United States: Obama shall lead you. And by him shall My will and judgment against your nation be fulfilled, >for all its forsaking of Me and My Israel...<

And so I have brought from among your enemy even one from Ishmael, to rule over you for a time and a season, foreordained, until that foretold is accomplished and the king of fierce countenance rules. Then, by that deception conceived of by your enemy and this transgressor, him being full of lofty and elevated words, lies and dark speeches sold as hope, will it return against him ten-fold of the same, by him called Perdition.(Anti-Christ)

>>Yet remember this: Nothing exists outside of Me, says The Lord, neither does anything continue outside My will; for even the evil of this present world is set within the confines of My will. For evil acts and brings forth of its own, yet is unaware that nothing is hidden before Me; neither has anything come to pass, nor will be, that I have not already beheld... And this, O arrogant and deceived generation, is why I said,“All was written and completed, even before the foundation of the world.”<<

For I am God! THE GOD!...

The God of Abraham, The God of Isaac, The God of Jacob!....

The God of all!...

Even of all that is known and unknown,

The Creator of all things...

The Everlasting, who is from everlasting to everlasting...


Grand Island, NE

#5 May 15, 2012
I am not going to even bother arguing this subject with you...because the more you say, the more you prove my point about the arrogance and egotism of your so-called "god". If you (like so many others) choose religion and "god" in order to make sense of and cope with life and everything it brings forth...great, more power to ya. But nothing gives you the right to judge another for there use of free will. Don't like their choices? Here is a simple answer for that....STAY THE HELL OUT OF THEIR LIFE AND THEIR BUSINESS!!!

Grand Island, NE

#6 May 15, 2012
*for their use of free will

Farragut, IA

#7 Jun 9, 2012
Oh come on Realist God is great. If you would take the time to read the good book you too would know of his greatness. You will find his great loving self was responsible for the death of over 2 million according to the book while the Devil was responsible for killing 10 people. Therefore killing 2 million = pure goodness and killing 10 = pure evil.

Makes perfect sense.

“The Captain Has Been Drinking!”

Since: Sep 10


#8 Jul 6, 2012
Regardless of religion or what you believe in (Pro-Choice or Pro-Life) I must ask this question:

What makes this the Government's choice?

Grand Island, NE

#11 Feb 27, 2013
I Am Calling You Out!... Come Out of The Churches of Men, and I will Receive You, Says The Lord

10/7/10 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - A Letter Given to Timothy and Jayse, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

[Thus says The Lord, through His servant, Timothy] Hear the word of The Lord!... Thus says The Lord your God, even I, your Redeemer, whose name is one with The Father: Prepare yourselves, My people... Cup your ears, those called of themselves by The Christ’s name...

For I will speak...

And the sound of the final trumpet blast before the time,
Yes, before the Day comes, shall be heard.

And the line shall be set, and the last of My bride called forth, says The Lord...

And as many of all who refuse My voice,
And turn away from My command,
To come out of all these churches of men, shall surely die.

For I, even I, The Lord of Heaven and Earth, am calling you forth... That you may come out from among them, to be separate, that you may no longer be given to the great fornications of this world... That you may cease from committing adultery with all these men of unclean lips, dwelling amongst a people of unclean lips, who continually pollute My name and the praise of My glory.

Churches of men, I AM AGAINST YOU! Says The Lord God. I am against your leaders, I am against your elders. And of your forefathers... They shall surely answer for the perversion of My Word and My name, in the day they are called out of the pit, when they stand up in their graves to give an account of their every word and of their every deed, which they performed in My name. Yet upon this generation, who say,“We are wide awake and our eyes see, our ears hear, and our mouths speak the only truth”... I have purposed ruin!...

Upon this generation,
And upon all these houses which bear My name, to pollute it,
Have I purposed calamity and great ruin!...

Calamity and judgment shall come, and break forth swiftly against you!...

Breaking down every wall, stripping away every roof,
Under which you have taken sanctuary!

Did you think, I have not seen it?!...

Did you think, I have turned away My ear
And did not hear it?!...

Therefore, thus says The Lord: I shall purge you!... From the least of these houses to the greatest! I shall shake your every foundation, until every pillar, which you have erected in your great arrogance, to bring glory to your every vanity, crumbles and comes crashing down, breaking in pieces before your eyes!... I AM THE LORD! And I will not share My glory!... And no man, nor shall any people, place My name over their blasphemies!... I AM THE LORD! I am He!

See more at
http://trumpetcallofgodonline.com/index.php5... !..._Come_Out_of_The_Churches_ of_Men%2C_and_I_will_Receive_Y ou%2C_Says_The_Lord
Copy and paste

Apo, AE

#12 Apr 26, 2013
Pretty good and the "Copy and Paste" function when you google your favorite bible quotes, aren't you...

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