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Discuss the national Abortion Debate in Gadsden, AL.

When should abortion be legal?

Gadsden says always legal.
In all cases
In most cases
Exceptions only...

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Gadsden, AL

#1 Jan 25, 2012
It's the female's choice.

Gadsden, AL

#2 Feb 13, 2012
Roe v Wade keeps the playing field equal!
The Cathar

Savannah, GA

#3 Feb 28, 2012
Search Republican Personhood Bill Follows the Teachings of the Catholic Church

The Republicans and the Catholic Church both say that life begins the second the egg and sperm are joined, and at that moment, the fertilized egg becomes a full blown baby human being, and it is a Person with full legal rights.
NOT TRUE, says Medical Science, human life begins when the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall and begins to grow, and this occurs 6 to 8 days AFTER fertilization. Why is this important? Because IF, the Republicans grant full legal recognition to a fertilized egg as a human being then more laws will have to be passed making all forms of birth control Illegal to protect the fertilized egg.
Medical Science also says millions of women across America each year have fertilized eggs that naturally FAIL to attach and are washed out by the menstrual flow.

Search; Human Fertilized Eggs Flushed Down the Toilet

Maybe we should have Catholic Priests go around to all the sewers and septic tanks and perform the "Last Rites Ceremony" for these little baby humans. And the Republicans and Evangelicals can accompany them and gather raound the Priests and sing Gospel Songs.

Search; Evangelicals Join Catholics in Unprecedented Alliance

Search; How Catholics and Evangelicals Joined Politically

Search; Catholics and Evangelicals Join Forces
The Cathar

Savannah, GA

#4 Feb 28, 2012
Since the Republicans are bound and determined to ignore the Separation of Church and State clause in the U.S. Constitution and make the Catholic Church a State Sponsored Religion, and pass the Beliefs of the Catholic Church into State Law. Before you get all red-faced mad about abortion and jump on the Republican Personhood Bandwagon, you better take a look at just exactly what the Catholic Church calls an abortion.

Search; Catholic Church - Chemical Abortion Pills

(These are your normal every day Birth Control Pills)

Search; Catholic Church - Mechanical Abortion Devices

(These are your normal every day common IUD's.)

Search; Catholic Bishops - Condoms, Catholics for Choice

(I guess these are Latex Abortion Devices)

Search; Withdrawal Method or Pull-Out Method is Sinful

Search; Catholic Church - Morning After Pill

(Of course these are Chemical Abortion Pills and you are MURDERING the precious little baby human when you take this pill)

Search; In Vitro Fertilization is a Mortal Sin

(This is because several eggs are fertilized with sperm in a Petrie Dish, BUT ONLY ONE is implanted in the woman. The other precious, innocent, little baby humans are MURDERED by being flushed down the toilet)

So, you see, abortion has different meanings to different folks, and the Republicans have picked Catholic Church Beliefs to hang their hat on.

A little gob of goo in a Petrie Dish is a human being???
The Cathar

Savannah, GA

#5 Feb 28, 2012
All of this professed concern by the Catholic Church for the babies and little children, would be heartwarming, IF you didn't know anything about the recent and past history of Child Abuse perpetrated by the Catholic Clergy.

Search; Castrato Singers (Europe)

Search; Castrati Singers (Spain)

These poor little precious, innocent 7 to 9 year old Choir Boys were for all practical purposes BOUGHT from their dirt poor parents by Priests, taken to the local Catholic Church, held down, and forcibly castrated by the Priests, to keep their voices from changing with puberty.
The Catholic Clergy did this because the Pope decreed that women were to be silent in the church and that included singing. The church choirs couldn't hit the high notes without women. Many of these boys bled to death under the knives of the Priests or died from infections and complications arising from the crude unsanitary surgeries.
Boys whose voices changerd in spite of the surgery were summarily dismissed and sent home sans testicles. This appalling practice went on for a few hundred years and ended late in the 1800's.
This horrible excruciating pain was suffered by these UNwilling Choir Boys purely for the listening pleasure of the church crowd and the Catholic Clergy.
Read about the fiery lifelong hatred these Castrato Singers had for their own parents.

And these people want to protect a gob of goo in a Petrrie Dish??
The Cathar

Savannah, GA

#6 Feb 28, 2012
Under the Republican / Catholic Personhood Bill, Illegal Aliens, the majority of whom are Catholics, will not only have anchor babies, but will have ANCHOR EGGS as well.

United States

#7 Mar 7, 2012
anchor eggs....huh

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