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52 min ago | National Journal

Will Republicans Stand by the Benghazi 'Stand-Down Order' Conspiracy?

One of the many threads in the tapestry of Benghazi conspiracy theories is the contention that, faced with a terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate there, the American military didn't do what it could have to save lives.


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5 hrs ago | Bangor Daily News

Despite LePage's claims, it's hard to get a meeting with the governor

One of the ways that Governor Paul LePage has attempted to defend his frequent and lengthy meetings with Sovereign Citizen conspiracy theorists is to claim that he simply meets with anyone who asks.


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Thu Jul 10, 2014

Free Republic

Help Turn Trevor Loudon’s Book Into a “Game Changing” Movie

Trevor Loudon's The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the US Congress is to be turned into a 'game changing' movie.


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The Further Weaponization of the United States Government

Since at least before the 2012 re-election, and unbeknownst to Americans until fairly recently, the administration that currently runs the White House has been weaponizing various government agencies at a rate never before seen in U.S. history.


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Alex Jones calls Michelle Obama "first tranny"

The conspiracy theorist and radio host argues the first lady is a man and that, therefore, the president is gay In either a truly embarrassing attempt at humor or yet another display of the inner workings of his profoundly imbalanced and unpleasant mind, radio star and conspiracy theory enthusiast Alex Jones announced on Thursday that comedienne ... (more)


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Morgan Brittany Becomes WND Columnist, Spews Obama Derangement

It was only a week ago that fading actress Morgan Brittany joined WorldNetDaily as a columnist -- her only apparent qualifications for doing so are being a friend of WND columnist Gina Loudon and claiming that "her greatest passion is speaking on behalf of the greatness of America" -- and she's already spouting Obama conspiracy theories.


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Wed Jul 09, 2014


Happy Birthday Courtney Love! 30 Classic Quotes

Say what you will about Courtney Love but whether revealing plans for a Kurt Cobain musical, tweeting conspiracy theories about the missing Malaysia Airlines plane or delivering stormin' gigs in tiny Clapton cafes , the Hole star is never boring.


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Michigan Radio

Central American children, if they come to Michigan, would stay just 2-4 weeks

The small town of some 2,600 has been thrown into the center of the immigration debate during the past few weeks.


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Foreign Policy

Congressman Asks Pentagon to Probe Whether U.S. Paid for Bergdahl Release

A California Republican claims he has enough evidence suggesting that the U.S. government may have paid a ransom to secure the release of Sgt.


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Malaysia News

Shopping therapy won't solve MH370 crisis

We need to stop the government from going on a random 'syok sendiri' shopping spree for big toys, with the crisis as an excuse, says Steven Sim .


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Tue Jul 08, 2014

Bangor Daily News

Aliens tend to visit Maine on Friday evenings, says UFO sighting report

We somehow missed the news that last Wednesday was World UFO Day - July 2 supposedly commemorates the crash-landing of an unidentified flying object in Roswell, New Mexico.


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The Janesville Gazette

Best of The Gazette, July 8: Conspiracy theories, downtown development and a blood sample's story

Vials of blood samples start the process of being screened for alcohol levels at the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene's Forensic Toxicology Lab on Madison's south-east side.


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The Nation

ABC News Helps Dinesh D'Souza Hype His Latest Conspiracy Theory

In yet another of the MSM's misbegotten attempts at political "balance," ABC News's This Week with George Stephanopoulos lent rightwing conspiracy theorist Dinesh D'souza a veneer of legitimacy to promote his latest "documentary," America: Imagine the World Without Her .


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Silicon Alley Insider

The Real Problem With That CIA Tupac Tweet

Finding Tupac Shakur is as easy as a Google search. The iconic rapper - considered by some to be the greatest of the art's practitioners - has been dead since 1996.


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Burnt Orange Report

League City Council Members To Vote On Resolution That Bans Refugee Children

As the refugee crisis continues to unfold along the border, the hardships these young children are facing is being continued to be made into a political game by conservatives, particularly as means to come up with senseless conspiracy theories and as ways to further criticize President Obama.


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Media Matters for America

Right-Wing Media's Xenophobic Rhetoric Echoed In Murrieta Protests

The racially charged and conspiratorial rhetoric protesters spewed at child migrants on their way to temporary housing in Murrieta, California, closely mirrored some of conservative media's favorite xenophobic talking points.


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Mon Jul 07, 2014

International Business Times

MH370: Plane in Secret Location, Rift among Search Ops - Negative...

Negative speculations such as the plane is still safe in secret location, conspiracy theories, cover-ups, and that the nations involved in the search of the missing plane are in rift will not tarnish A map shows the possible path of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 as released to Reuters by the Malaysian Transport Ministry May 1, 2014.


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CIA Speaks Up On Those Tupac Murder Conspiracy Theories

Nearly 18 years after his death, people are still incredibly curious about the murder of Tupac Shakur .


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Daily Kos

Is famous Birther Nut Joseph Farah a Coke Head?

Joseph Farah is the co-founder of World Net Daily , a right-wing extremist blog which would not exist at all, but for otherwise thoroughly debunked conspiracy theories.


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Commentary Magazine

Kidnappings, Killings, and Conspiracy Theories

The kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens by Hamas, and the subsequent murder of an Arab teen by Jewish extremists, actually underscored two fundamental differences between Israeli and Palestinian society.


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