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2 hrs ago | Area News

Michael McCormack: No to gays, no to medical cannabis

MEMBER for Riverina Michael McCormack has announced his position on the legalisation of medical cannabis in Australia and has declared he remains unconvinced by his own research on the issue.


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6 hrs ago | The Daily Record

Chaffee Chiropractic: Choose wellness strategies

The United States Department of Commerce states that between 1990 and 2020, the population age 65-74 would grow 74 percent, while the population under age 65 would grow only 24 percent.


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Thu Aug 28, 2014

The RiotACT

Cerebral Palsy - call for support

Ollie's CP is due to congenital cytomegalovirus infection , which has also left him profoundly deaf in his left ear.


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DEA Increases Restrictions on Prescription Painkillers

Getting some painkillers at your local pharmacy will soon get a little more difficult.


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The Virginian-Pilot

She died after 3 hours in hospital waiting room, lawsuit alleges

Doubled over with abdominal pain, Antonia Arcelao waited more than three hours to see a doctor in Chesapeake Regional Medical Center's emergency room, according to a lawsuit filed in Circuit Court.


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Researchers Discover Fever's Origin

Fever is a response to inflammation , and is triggered by an onset of the signaling substance prostaglandin .


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Digital Game Developer

Boulder Firm Ensures Availability of All-Natural Pain Patch in the United States

Motto-Elektro, Ltd, Budapest, Hungary announced it has appointed Katalin Boros, president of MOTTO USA as its distributor for the Motto brand all-natural pain patch in the United States.


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Medical News Today

Iroko Pharmaceuticals gains FDA approval of ZORVOLEX for management of osteoarthritis pain

Iroko Pharmaceuticals, LLC, a global specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to advancing the science of analgesia, has announced the United States Food and Drug Administration has approved ZORVOLEX capsules, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug , for the management of osteoarthritis pain.


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Study gives reason to support Florida's medical marijuana amendment

For Florida voters confused about whether to support the medical marijuana Amendment 2 on the November ballot, a new study just published in JAMA may help to relieve concerns.


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Wed Aug 27, 2014

Dr. Oz: Dangerous OTC drugs, Ayurvedic weight loss and Monk fruit diet sweetener

When it comes to your health, don't assume that all over-the-counter medications are safe, says Dr. Mehmet Oz.


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WTKR-TV Norfolk

Don't Waste Your Money: Pain pills could be deadly

Prescription painkillers like OxyContin, Percocet and Vicodin can make days bearable if you're suffering, but they can be as addictive as heroin and just as deadly.


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PhysOrg Weblog

New drug promises relief for inflammatory pain

Pain from inflammation sidelines thousands of Americans each year. Many face a tough choice: deal with the pain, take a potentially addictive opioid or use a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug that may increase risk for cardiovascular disease or gastrointestinal bleeding.


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Patent Issued for Research Related to Alleviating Pain in Cattle

MANHATTAN, Kansas - A U.S. patent was recently awarded for technology created by researchers at Kansas State University that improves the health and welfare of beef cattle and other ruminant animals suffering from lameness and following castration, dehorning and other painful but necessary management procedures.


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The Daily Beast

Too Late to Wean America Off Vicodin? By Russell Saunders

The DEA's newest regulations target hydrocodone, an ingredient in America's most prescribed drug: Vicodin.


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Stanford bioengineers close to brewing opioid painkillers

Stanford Bioengineer Christina Smolke has been on a decade-long quest to genetically alter yeast so they can "brew" opioid medicines in stainless steel vats, eliminating the need to raise poppies and then industrially refine derivatives of opium into pain pills Stanford bioengineers have hacked the DNA of yeast, reprograming these simple cells to ... (more)


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Tue Aug 26, 2014

St. Petersburg Times

Study: Medical marijuana laws may ease painkiller overdose rates

In a finding that could ripple through Florida, a study released this week reported that the average number of narcotic painkiller overdoses in medical marijuana states are 25 percent lower than would be expected if pot use weren't legal.


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Examiner Rules The Death Of Drew Barrymore's Sister An Accidental Overdose

Jessica Barrymore, 47, had methamphetamine, alcohol, methadone, the pain reliever tramadol and the muscle relaxant/anti-anxiety drug nordiazepam in her system when she died last month and the San Diego County Medical Examiner has listed the death as accidental.


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Cape Gazette

Info session set Sept. 23 for new pain support group

Integrative Health at Beebe Healthcare has supported the initiation of Pain Linx, a Sussex County chronic pain education and support group.


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P&T Community

FDA Recommends Not Using Lidocaine to Treat Teething Pain

The FDA has warned that prescription oral viscous lidocaine 2% solution should not be used to treat infants and children with teething pain.


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Kansas City InfoZine

Treating Pain by Blocking the Chili-pepper Receptor

Scientists exploring the chili pepper's effect are using their findings to develop a new drug candidate for many kinds of pain, which can be caused by inflammation or other problems.


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