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2 hrs ago | The Daily Record

Council praised for autism action plans

Lucie Dudgeon from Bridge Street, Lockerbie, said the proposals to be raised at the education committee tomorrow would raise awareness of the condition and "help hundreds of parents".


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Wed Jul 09, 2014

Camel's milk: The new dairy superfood

The camels are coming! Actually, they're already here. In fact, the current camel population in the U.S. is approximately 5,000 and predicted to increase.


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Tue Jul 08, 2014


Creator of Road Safety for Kids Products Advocates Helping Children with Autism

As children develop and grow, their perception of the world alters and morphs. Their impression of right and wrong progresses, they develop a deeper understanding of empathy and their sense of danger and risk improves.


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Contra Costa Times

editorial: California must improve vaccination rates

One of the worst forms of ethical negligence in the United States is the trend of parents forgoing vaccinations for their children.

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Mon Jul 07, 2014

Mental Help Net

Review: Routine Vaccines for Children in U.S. Deemed Safe

There is evidence for some adverse events associated with routine vaccines recommended for children in the United States, although these events are rare, according to a review published online July 1 in Pediatrics .


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Daily Kos

Agricultural pesticides cause autism. Don't hold your breath.

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you would think that I spend a lot of time discussing autism spectrum disorders .


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Watch out, world - leaving "The View," Jenny...

She was a terrible fit on "The View," but at least the presence of tight producer control and a diverse set of co-hosts kept her from spewing anti-vaccine views.


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Heptares Announces Publication In Nature Of First Structure Of...

Heptares has solved structures across all major GPCR families providing platforms for wide-ranging structure-based and antibody drug discovery programmes Heptares Therapeutics, the leading GPCR structure-guided drug discovery and development company, announces the publication of a scientific article describing the first high-resolution X-ray ... (more)


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Sat Jul 05, 2014

Star Tribune

Autism risk is linked to pesticides

Pregnant women who live near agricultural fields where pesticides are sprayed are at increased risk of having a child with autism, a study suggests.


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Fri Jul 04, 2014

Twin Cities Daily Planet

An isolated existence: Autistic teens battle hidden demons

"Call me crazy, but I hear things that torture me on an unrelenting basis that never, ever, ever shut up.


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Scientific review affirms no link between vaccines and autism

The researchers concluded that the MMR vaccine was not associated with the onset of autism spectrum disorder .


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Thu Jul 03, 2014

Children with learning disorders get subsidised therapy in pilot project

SINGAPORE: A group of children from low-income homes who have learning disorders such as autism, dyslexia and attention deficit disorder will soon get subsidised therapy, under a new programme to be piloted in the North East district.


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National Center for Policy Analysis

Florida Establishes ESA Program

Florida is the second state in the country to create an Education Savings Account program, writes Stephanie Lynn at the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice.


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Measles, mumps, rubella vaccine isn't linked to autism: large review

It's new research that may have come in handy for concerned parents as a measles outbreak spread through parts of Canada last year: childhood vaccines are safe and don't lead to autism, a scientific review suggests.


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Vancouver Sun

Childhood vaccines generally safe, serious side-effects rare: research

Crowds settled at jam-packed Canada Place and all around Coal Harbour to watch the fireworks on Canada Day.


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Wed Jul 02, 2014

Bangor Daily News

Dusting Off My Soap Box

According to Autism Action Partnership, the cost of therapies and treatments for a child with autism can exceed $40,000 to $60,000 per year.


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Autism risk seen in mothers' pesticide exposure

Pregnant women who live near fields and farms where pesticides are used had a significantly higher risk than other women of delivering children with autism or other developmental delays, according to a new UC Davis study.


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New vaccine study: Are vaccines safe for kids? Autism, immunization links 'rare'

Wondering whether vaccines are unsafe for baby? Get the 411 on what you need to know about vaccine safety from


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New Study Finds No Evidence That MMR Vaccines...

Parents worried about having their children vaccinated take note: a new study published Tuesday in the journal Pediatrics has found that immunization-related side-effects are extremely rare, and that there is no evidence linking them to serious health issues such as leukemia or autism spectrum disorders .


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International Business Times

No Link Between Vaccines and Autism: Review in 'Pediatrics'

A project that screened scientific titles and papers on safety of vaccine concluded that vaccination for children is safe.


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