You cannot still reasonably believe it's the old apartheid regime's fault for continuous income "inequality". After all, the new regime has had 17-19 years to deliver on their promises - lesson: don't make promises you can't keep.

White & Black... it's a simple, stupid, dinosaur attitude to life. The problem is not racial, the problem is a mindset, that stubbornly & firmly believes, that the World owes them something.

The possibilities is there for everyone now the last 20 years. No one is persecuted anymore, nobody in the black majority in any case. So their inequality argument holds no water.

The simple rule is:- the harder you work, the more you earn - & the more you end up paying!;D...

Whites earn more because they've always had to pay more! Always: medical health; various insurance policies; school fees et al; municiple rates; various taxes; bills! bills! bills!....

Nothing in this World is free. The sooner people get to grips with this fact of life, the sooner they will prosper from their own efforts - Mindset & Attitude - that's what needs to change.