ENLARGEMENT OR REDUCTION: I.e. breasts, bum, lips, weight, tummy, penis enlargement, hips, vagina tightening, thighs, waist, firm and sagging breast.

IMPROVEMENT APPEARANCE: i.e., nose, beauty, body, face, nails, body figure proportion, hair, skin, stretch marks, height, looks, figure, and legs.

CONDITIONS: i.e. acne, pimples, obesity, scars, wrinkles, body pains, spots, early ejaculation, hair loss, anorexia, health, un even complexion, bareness.

PROBLEMS; i.e. strong charms; i.e Men attraction, luck, lost lover bringer, money, aging stopper, court cases, spell protector, love binder, anti-divorce, enemies.

QUICK BOOSTING CHARMS; i.e. marriage, promotion , get rich, kids, selling property, increase salary, retirement, investment, divorce, win lotto …etc.

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