i have been living away from cape town for the passed 13 years.
cape town people can be sometimes a bit clinqy,but i would not go to the extreme to call them racist.
one could say the same for people from johannesburg or durban.
I was born in crawford on the cape flats and lived among indian,malay and coloured communities.
its so easy to say that only the white people are/were racist.
that would be too very easy and people tend to do this because it suits them and do not want to look at their very own behaviour.
generally i feel capetownians are okay and are more 'warm','friendlier' than their cousins up north and to the east.
i say this not because i am from capetown...i am fortunate to live away fom cape town in another town ,another country and can see that capetownians are no different than some other people.
ones history,background,and socio-economic experiences dictate how we really are towards each other as capetownians and how we are generally towards other south africans and non-south africans or people for that matter