Video clip: Co gai Ha Noi hon 10 nam bi day doa, nhuc hinh

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#1 Nov 7, 2007
21 tuoi, 14 nam di lam thue, cuoc song cua Nguyen Thi Binh, que huyen Vinh Tuong (Vinh Phuc) gan chat voi nhung tran don day dien vao nguoi, vao vung kin, nhung lan hat nuoc soi. Binh cho biet uoc mo lon nhat cua co la mot ngay khong phai an don.
NguoiVietngheonh atomy

Berkeley, CA

#2 Nov 7, 2007

Hanoi, Vietnam

#4 Nov 8, 2007
du hoi, hihihihi

Minneapolis, MN

#5 Nov 8, 2007
I hope a man with a good heart will marry her and make up for what she had been suffered.
VIET KIEU? Where are you?
Viet Kieu

Fairfield, CT

#6 Nov 8, 2007
DAI VIET wrote:
I hope a man with a good heart will marry her and make up for what she had been suffered.
Me, same wish.
This is a sad story to a young girl. If some Viet Kieu do helps and may get trouble with the so called "Vietname Lovers" to name other helpers as "Vietnamese Haters".

Why dont Vietnamese lovers Bao or Allen do something to help this young lady.

To many Tienxa Hanoians or Saigonese put threaten posts in here such if Viet Kieu go home, he/she can be jailed by no reasons.

VC's power is so scarried

PS: I read that article, it breaks my heart

Dallas, TX

#7 Nov 8, 2007
DAI VIET wrote:
I hope a man with a good heart will marry her and make up for what she had been suffered.
VIET KIEU? Where are you?
First opinion: poor the girl, damn the aunt and her husband

Second opinon: check out and validate the truth, for it's from the VCs

One little detail in the video when the girl showing her scar back, it doesn't look that bad as in the pictures at all. IMO, audiences need to be careful for such information in Vietnam and its trustworthy media
Viet Kieu

Fairfield, CT

#8 Nov 8, 2007
Thu+' tu+, 07 Tha'ng mu+o+`i mo^.t 2007, 08:37 GMT+7

>> Ba('t kha^?n ca^'p vo+. cho^`ng chu? qua'n dda`y ddo.a co^ ga'i suo^'t 10 na(m
>> Xem xe't vi` sao chi'nh quye^`n ddi.a phu+o+ng kho^ng bie^'t vie^.c ngu+o+.c dda~i\?
>> Video clip: Co^ ga'i 10 na(m bi. dda^`y ddoa., nhu.c hi`nh

21 tuo^?i, 14 na(m ddi la`m thue^, cuo^.c so^'ng cu?a Nguye^~n Thi. Bi`nh, que^ huye^.n Vi~nh Tu+o+`ng (Vi~nh Phu'c) ga('n cha(.t vo+'i nhu+~ng tra^.n ddo`n da^y ddie^.n va`o ngu+o+`i, va`o vu`ng ki'n, nhu+~ng la^`n ha('t nu+o+'c so^i\. Bi`nh cho bie^'t u+o+'c mo+ lo+'n nha^'t cu?a co^ la` mo^.t nga`y kho^ng pha?i a(n ddo`n\.

Nhu+~ng ve^'t se.o da`y dda(.c tre^n lu+ng Nguye^~n Thi. Bi`nh

Nhu+~ng nga`y tha'ng ddo.a dda`y

8 tuo^?i, Nguye^~n Thi. Bi`nh, sinh na(m 1986, dda~ cu`ng me. la` Nguye^~n Thi. Qua?ng ro+`i que^ xuo^'ng Ha` No^.i ddi la`m thue^\. Ca'i ddo'i, ca'i kho^? va^y rie^'t, co^ng vie^.c bu` dda^`u ne^n du` dde^'n nay dda~ 21 tuo^?i nhu+ng Bi`nh va^~n kho^ng bie^'t chu+~\. Pha?i la`m vie^.c na(.ng nho.c tu+` be' ne^n vo'c da'ng cu?a Bi`nh tro^ng nhu+ ddu+'a tre? mo+'i 15 tuo^?i\.

Nga`y tha'ng na(m sinh cu?a chi'nh mi`nh Bi`nh cu~ng kho^ng bie^'t chi? nho+' ho^`i be' o+? vo+'i me.\. Ngay ca? bo^', Bi`nh cu~ng chi? nho+' te^n la` Hu+~u kho^ng nho+' ro~ gu+o+ng ma(.t o^ng\. Hi`nh a?nh lu+u la.i trong ky' u+'c ve^` ma'i nha` no+i Bi`nh sinh ra chi? la` o+? ga^`n mo^.t ngo^i ddi`nh ra^'t to na(`m ca.nh ho^` nu+o+'c vo+'i nhu+~ng ha`ng ca^y tha(?ng\.

14 na(m co' ma(.t ta.i nha` vo+. cho^`ng Chu Minh DDu+'c va` Tri.nh Ha.nh Phu+o+ng, tru' ta.i nha` so^' 24, ngo~ 108B, ddu+o+`ng Nguye^~n Tra~i, phu+o+`ng DDi`nh, Thanh Xua^n, Ha` No^.i cu~ng la` nhu+~ng nga`y tha'ng da`i da(`ng da(.c bi. ddo.a dda`y\. Ngoa`i pha?i la`m vie^.c qua^`n qua^.t suo^'t nga`y, Bi`nh kho^ng bie^'t gi` dde^'n nhu+~ng tro` gia?i tri' ma` nhie^`u co^ ga'i o+? tuo^?i em dda'ng ddu+o+.c hu+o+?ng\.

Khi mo+'i ve^` la`m, Bi`nh ddu+o+.c giao nhie^.m vu. cha(m ba(~m cho “tha(`ng cu” cu?a nha` chu?\. Mo^~i la^`n con cu?a chu? nha` a(n kho^ng he^'t la` la.i bi. dda'nh\. Lo+'n ho+n mo^.t chu't Bi`nh pha?i cu`ng me. ra la`m vie^.c ngoa`i qua'n pho+?\. Nhu+~ng tra^.n ddo`n lie^n tie^'p xa?y ra vo+'i me. con em\.

Sau khi me. cu?a Bi`nh bi. dda'nh (mo^.t so^' ngu+o+`i da^n cho bie^'t me. Bi`nh bi. dda'nh ga^~y tay) dda~ bo? ddi kho^ng la`m vie^.c ta.i qua'n cu?a vo+. cho^`ng DDu+'c - Phu+o+ng\. Tho+`i gian sau, ba` quay la.i ddi.nh ddu+a Bi`nh ddi nhu+ng sau ddo' la.i tho^i\.

Ha`ng nga`y Bi`nh pha?i da^.y tu+` 4 gio+` 30 va` chua^?n bi. ga'nh ha`ng ra cu+?a ha`ng ca'ch nha` ho+n 100 m\. Khi do.n ha`ng xong pha?i quay ve^` xa'ch nu+o+'c, mo^~i tay hai can 20 li't nu+o+'c\.
Viet Kieu

Fairfield, CT

#9 Nov 8, 2007
“Co^ cha'u ba('t xa'ch, kho^ng cho ga'nh nu+o+'c vi` ga'nh ma^'t nhie^`u tho+`i gian ho+n\. Mo^~i chuye^'n ddi chi? ddu+o+.c phe'p trong 5 phu't\. DDi xa'ch nu+o+'c la^u ho+n la` co^ cha'u la^'y nu+o+'c pho+? ddang so^i ha('t va`o ngu+o+`i, va`o ma(.t\. Mo^~i nga`y pha?i ddi xa'ch 20 la^`n nu+o+'c nhu+ va^.y”- Bi`nh ke^? la.i\.

Xong vie^.c xa'ch nu+o+'c thi` quay sang lau ba't, do.n ba`n hoa(.c ngo^`i che? ha`nh ga^`n xoong nu+o+'c no'ng dde^? co^ chu? tie^.n be^`“nha('c nho+?”\. Mo^~i la^`n la`m vo+~ ba't, ma^'t tie^`n cu?a chu? la` Bi`nh pha?i chi.u nhu+~ng tra^.n ddo`n roi tha?m kho^'c\. Sau khi do.n de.p nha` cu+?a, sau 21 gio+` to^'i ha(`ng nga`y Bi`nh pha?i ngo^`i ngoa`i ddu+o+`ng dde^? ddo+.i ca'c con cu?a chu? nha` ho.c ba`i xong mo+'i ddu+o+.c ddi ngu?\.

“Cha'u co' te^n nhu+ng kho^ng bao gio+` co^ cha'u go.i ma` toa`n go.i “con pho`”, lu'c na`o co^ ye^u quy' nha^'t thi` go.i la`“ma('t tra^u”\. Suo^'t tho+`i gian la`m ta.i nha`“co^ Phu+o+ng”, cha'u chu+a bao gio+` ddu+o+.c ca^`m mo^.t ddo^`ng tie^`n na`o cho rie^ng mi`nh”- Bi`nh no'i\.

Bi`nh thu+o+`ng sau khi ca? nha` a(n xong thi` Bi`nh mo+'i ddu+o+.c phe'p a(n, hie^'m la('m mo+'i ddu+o+.c ngo^`i a(n cu`ng chu? nha`\. Vie^.c a(n uo^'ng cu~ng kho^ng ddu+o+.c thoa?i ma'i, thu+'c a(n cu~ng bi. ha.n che^', mo^~i bu+~a chi? ddu+o+.c a(n hai mie^'ng thi.t kho^ng ddu+o+.c phe'p a(n ho+n\. Co+m canh thu+`a mo^~i bu+~a Bi`nh dde^`u pha?i a(n he^'t kho^ng ddu+o+.c phe'p ddo^? ddi\.

DDo^'i vo+'i Bi`nh, vie^.c tu+o+?ng chu+`ng gia?n ddo+n nha^'t la` ddu+o+.c xem ca'c chu+o+ng tri`nh ti vi nhu+ng cu~ng la`“kha't” ddo^'i vo+'i co^ ga'i nhie^`u na(m so^'ng, la`m vie^.c giu+~a thu? ddo^ Ha` No^.i\. Co' nhu+~ng la^`n le'n xem ti vi bi. chu? ba('t ga(.p la` y nhu+ ra(`ng nhu+~ng tra^.n ddo`n roi la.i to+'i ta^'p ddo^? xuo^'ng\.

Nga`y na('ng cu~ng nhu+ mu+a, co^ng vie^.c cu+' die^~n ra va` Bi`nh nhu+ chie^'c ma'y ca(.m cu.i la`m vie^.c he^'t nga`y na`y qua nga`y kha'c\. Ngay ca? vie^.c nghi~ ve^` tu+o+ng lai, ve^` mo^.t chu't cho ba?n tha^n cu~ng la` ddie^`u kho^ng tu+o+?ng\. Co^ng vie^.c trie^`n mie^n nhu+ng Bi`nh cu~ng kho^ng ddu+o+.c phe'p o^'m vi` o^'m cu~ng va^~n pha?i la`m vie^.c, kho^ng ddu+o+.c nghi?\.

Bi`nh cho bie^'t, dda~ nhie^`u la^`n ddi.nh ro+`i kho?i ca(n nha` kinh hoa`ng nhu+ng lo+`i dde do.a cu?a “co^ Phu+o+ng”:“Ne^'u ma`y bo? ddi ma` tao ti`m ddu+o+.c thi` se~ cho ngu+o+`i dda'nh che^'t, dda'nh ca? ngu+o+`i nuo^i ma`y”, luo^n a'm a?nh khie^'n Bi`nh kho^ng da'm bo? ddi\.
Nguye^~n Thi. Bi`nh ba^.t kho'c khi ke^? ve^` nhu+~ng nga`y tha'ng bi. dda`y ddo.a

Khi ddo`n roi nhu+… co+m bu+~a!

===== Thaks to whom put that link into VNForum, Vietcong Tienxa must help the next-door Ms. Nguyenthi Binh. We are thousand milles far away, if we send some $, Congan Buudien or Government officials can steal it.

===== Go back to look at VangAnh Hoang Thuy Linh's clip and compare to this clip. We will see the son of high ranking Hanoi police officer having sex intercourse and video tape themselves while doing it on bed. Others go out seeking job and foods with pains.

===== Oi gioi oi, Mr. Triet H.E. oi ? Tien shu cha nhung thang Vietcong.
MarxLenin Cac To Lam

Buffalo, NY

#10 Nov 8, 2007
bac' Ho chu? truong bu' cu Marx va Lenin, Stalin..mac. du` cai' he. thong' chinh' tri.doc. tai khon' nan. Va cai' he. thong' xa hoi. chom chia? dang? tri. luu manh.
VN sau 60 nam song' khon' nan. voi' chien' tranh do VC gay ra, chiu. bao noi? nhoc. nhan` dau thuong boi? che' do. xa~ hoi. chom chia? cho' chet'.
Di? nhien co' ke? dau thuong thi cung co' VC con chom chia? sung suon'g nhu allen, abc, bao, urea thoi? ken` cho VC
NguoiVietngheonh atomy

Berkeley, CA

#11 Nov 8, 2007

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