Eight men accused of attempted murder in Keighley street brawl

Oct 6, 2010 Full story: Thetelegraphand Argus 5,255

Eight men - " including four brothers - " have gone on trial accused of attempted murder during serious street violence in Keighley .

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Liverpool, UK

#24 Nov 11, 2010
18 months sentence is a joke, what message have the police and the judge sent out to the youngesters,you can run around with swords and axes and nearly kill someone and the sentence you will get is 18 months.i think people are going to get the wrong message

Birmingham, UK

#25 Dec 2, 2010
akrams left bradford because they were under a restraint order duh
50 witnesses members form his drug system no doubt making false accusations too drugged up to know what they were talking about in court it was clear they were a pack of wolves telling lies to cover each others backs.
Im from keighley and I hate iqbals

iqbals true warriors … legends. Sounds extrememly mentally disturbing are you sure you don’t belong to a mental hospital ??
I think you got the facts slightly over exaggerated actually I take that back as that sounds a bit of an understatement.. something you might see in an indian movie scene 4 men against 20 and the 4 come out without a scratch sounds compltely unplausible
judging by the injries iqbal received as stated in trial “left to die “ if the iqbals beat the akrams on their own then surely it would be the other way round … iqbals on trial not akrams … where are you getting this crap from no doubt the iqbal drug crew news channel
Keighley, UK

Milton Keynes, UK

#26 Dec 3, 2010
wow 50 witnesses and an 18 month sentence. the witnesses did a "good" job!!!!!!!!

Birmingham, UK

#27 Dec 13, 2010
the iqbals finally got what they deserve... about time somebody stood up to them .

well done mahmoods and karims

end gang crime

Liverpool, UK

#28 Dec 19, 2010
salman lives in keighley?but it says on your post your from birmingham?whos the liar?it sounds to me your the one on drugs u cant even read,or remember where u live. who said the iqbals didnt have a scratch, maj was runned over by a car because the akrams couldnt fight with him while he was standing up so they knocked him down and attacked him with swords and akes but he still managed to get up and when akrams and qarims saw this they ran off,i saw majid after the attack.i was their on the scene and majid had alot injuries but was still standing on hes own two feet ready to fight.

Liverpool, UK

#29 Dec 19, 2010
you hate the iqbals salman i dare you to say that to the iqbals face.some people are so stupid.the fact is 6 people were convicted and sent to prison.the witness did not get caught for telling lies if they did then the akram and qarims would have walked away free, but they didnt the jury found them guilty.but the jury didnt think the injuries were that serious for attempted murder.the sentence given has nothing to do with witness statements the judge decides what the sentence should be.you should read the papers it clearly says the akrams left keighley to avoid the iqbals it dosent say anything about any restraining order.police do not give people restraining orders, they give bail conditions.bail condition for the akrams and qarims were the same but the qarims remained in keighley what does that tell you, there was no bail condition for them to leave keighley.if your right about the bail condition then the akrams will return to keighley after the sentence,i bet they wont.

Liverpool, UK

#30 Dec 19, 2010
read the papers salman.it says in the telegraph and i quote ''the akrams left keighley with 28 members of their family on night of the disturbance to avoid any further trouble''akrams fled keighley before the police arrested them. so how could the police put any condition on them.and the 18 month sentence has nothing to do with iqbals or their witnesses thats the job of the judge.statements given by the police and witnesses found them guilty.and thats all the police and witnesses can do,they can not give jail sentences.

Liverpool, UK

#31 Dec 19, 2010
biggleswade,cambridge,daventry ,oxford,london, accrington,birmingham all these comments coming from all over the uk, iqbals must be well known.
it seems to me people are in envy of the iqbals.and in this season of good will,envy should be avoided,since it is one of the sins.
tariq mania

Liverpool, UK

#32 Dec 20, 2010
what an idiot this salman boy is everyone knows akrams fled keighley,as soon as the fight was over they got into their cars and left for milton kenes,even their baristers used this as their diffence, read the papers boys.akrams and qarims are no match for the iqbals.i still remember maj beating the hell out of the 5 akram brothers on his own and he didnt use any weapons.
tariq mania

Liverpool, UK

#33 Dec 20, 2010
warriors and legends they are.people like me and you salman nobody knows but you mark my words the iqbals will be still kicking arse 10years from now.

Liverpool, UK

#34 Dec 20, 2010
dont mess with the iqbals,and yeah all the stories about the iqbals are true.they are hard son of guns.i mean have you seen them 6ft tall, 18 stones of pure muscle, ripped to the born trained in mixed martial arts, you want to see them in action,wait till i upload there stonelifting videos on the utube,and majs fighting videos.

Liverpool, UK

#35 Dec 21, 2010
double duh 2 you salman.akrams left keighley in fear.restraining order,my arse.6 akrams were involved and were arrested,so why did rest of them leave.and rest of you guys are you having a laugh iqbals vs akrams and qarims,hardly a match for the iqbals,''the got what they deserve''what the hell are you on about,if iqbals were injured so were the akrams,'' fat boy''[one of the akrams]got hit with a axe in his back when he tried to run off.he spent more time in hospital than maj.''fat boy''i spose the name says it all,ha ha

Birmingham, UK

#36 Jan 22, 2011
the akram bruv u referred to as "fat boy" is sooooooo fit his sexy lol
rob isle of wight

Downpatrick, UK

#37 Jan 22, 2011
Can't they all just take their money and go and live with there families abroad , swatting flies all day?
mahammed rasab


#38 Jan 22, 2011
what are your thoughts on this weeks incidents in keighley the nine arrests and then a tenth person and three fire arms found

Bradford, UK

#39 Jan 24, 2011
fat boy fit?the guys 5ft tall and black as black door nob.iqbals should have left him alone,because hes so fat hes going to die of a heart attack,
armley prison

Bradford, UK

#40 Jan 24, 2011
you people bigging the akrams might want to know that the akrams are getting kicked around in prison,last week after friday juma fatboy was found by a prison guard,knocked out near a toilet with hes trousens around hes ankles.apparently someone beat him up and knicked hes toilet paper

Birmingham, UK

#41 Jan 24, 2011
is that jenna from armley prison u trans didnt know u had internet access in prison what u do rape a man

Bradford, UK

#42 Jan 28, 2011
no im not in prison i work for inland revenue and ,under my name it says bradford not armley prison.hasan put them glasses back on befor making comments and you will relise that comment you were refering to was made by someone else

Bradford, UK

#43 Jan 28, 2011
ive just come out of prison,and we do have access to internet,tv and a pool room, its not all doom and gloom in prison, thats why i keep going back in.out here you cant get a job you end up on the doll living on shitty £50.

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