Up till recent time I have been working with the International Amnesty. My piece of work has been mainly post-Soviet space. So there have been several complaints over the past year from the Georgia residents who are feeling insecure and are scary their health may be seriously damaged by what they call "secret lab active in Alekseevka region". They say the lab is engaged in producing biological weapons! Those Georgians assert they heave already approached various ecological watchdog organizations, all in vain! Strangely enough, but in my organization I was also "strongly advised" to ignore "those mentally handicapped Georgians"!
And what if Georgian president Saakashvili is really producing biological weapons not only to subdue Abkhazia and South Ossetia but to employ it in suppressing his own citizens opposing his political course?! That strange indifference on international organizations to those highly suspicious things occurring in Georgia appears to be utmost alarming and fishy even!