So, where is the truth, whom should we trust and why?[I must admit I do not everything tha was said by the actors except President Museveni's statement which is published].
1) Do you trust the President's statement that the MP died from a cocktail of illegal drugs? I would like to see the report from Israel and also the UK published. Then I will believe the scientific evidence from the 2 countries that I seem to respect. Does that mean that those reports are not / cannot be tainted? No! but one has to prove that they are tainted before they are rejected.
2) Do you trust the 'Rebel MPs' that wanted to take the matter in their own hands, seemingly because they did not trust the Uganda Police to do a good job? Tough question! For those who have a pre-conceived idea (or maybe knowledge) of what actually happened, this is a good opportunity to wait for the reports from the 2 countries and then disprove them!
As for the renegade MPs, we have seen a few big talkers before. It is easy if you are in the opposition to go against the ruling authorities. But I agree, that since this is not the animal farm we should always prove our claims or otherwise don't inflame others on basis of possibly untrue claims!
So, what now? Time will tell, I will wait like any civilized person for the reports in full. I do not necessarily believe the President's statement, but it stands until it is disproved with facts.
3) What if facts prove the President wrong? Well, he too is not above the law!