Assad says 'no word of truth' from Tu...

Assad says 'no word of truth' from Turkey PM

There are 20 comments on the The Daily Star story from Apr 3, 2013, titled Assad says 'no word of truth' from Turkey PM. In it, The Daily Star reports that:

An image grab taken from a video shows Syrian President Bashar al-Assad speaking during an interview with the Turkish television Ulusal and Aydinlik newspaper in Damascus on April 2, 2013.

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Northampton, UK

#1 Apr 3, 2013
He should know..according to him and his father all syrians are targets unless they side with him,the murderous b..tard!

Deloraine, Australia

#2 Apr 3, 2013
That is a IT turk influence on him.
I hope he does not do a IT turk and get shot on the run.
But so far all similar fake Jihadist muslim IT turk wannabe "leader"s could not break the coward IT turk on the run pattern.
Hitler was more dignified.

“Philbert Is Handsome”

Since: May 12

Woodland Hills, California

#3 Apr 3, 2013
Dander wrote:
That is a IT turk influence on him.
I hope he does not do a IT turk and get shot on the run.
But so far all similar fake Jihadist muslim IT turk wannabe "leader"s could not break the coward IT turk on the run pattern.
Hitler was more dignified.

Please do not look forward to meeting Hitler. You might get what you ask for!

Deloraine, Australia

#4 Apr 3, 2013
Filipsamovich wrote:
<quoted text>
Please do not look forward to meeting Hitler. You might get what you ask for!
They are already in turkey and started their war chants;
Hitler definetly had more dignity than those coward IT turks and their modern remnants.

Since: Mar 13

Location hidden

#5 Apr 3, 2013
armenian baby killer dashnak terrorists like hitler.
it was hitler who proclaimed them as aryan pure in 1942.
for the loyal service they gave for the SS.
over 100.000 armenians who worked for nazis to locate and hunt down the jews in europe.
thats why after political lobbies of armenian fascists, they became aryans.
thats why a foreigner today can not even go to a post office or any other public office.
these armenian barbarians are the real fascists.dont get fooled by their propaganda and lies and playing the victim attitude.
they are like snakes.
Turkey Guilty of Genocide

Los Angeles, CA

#6 Apr 3, 2013
Turkey signed a friendship pact with Hitler and supplied Germany with all necessary provisions so that they can continue killing. That's why Germans did them a favor later by importing slave labor Turks into Germany, which they now regret since the undesirable Turks multiplied like rats and the infestation is out of control.

And in typical Turkish manner, when they saw the end of Germany and the creation of Israel, they started licking American, then Israeli ass like there was no tomorrow! They've been doing this since 1948!

The Syrians learned the hard way never to trust Turks. One wonders if they were that desperate to trust Turkey, since the Armenian Genocide Graveyard Der EzZor happens to be under their noses in Syria itself. Bad move, Syria, bad move.

Since: Mar 13

Location hidden

#7 Apr 3, 2013
it was a non-aggression pact.
turkey sheltered many jewish scientists and academicians that escaped to turkey from nazi germany.
where is the graveyard in syria? armenian lies have no limit.
there are mass graves of turks who was murdered by armenian dashnak terrorists.
your syrian desert bone fairy tales is nothing but urban legends.
if there were bones, why didnt you expose them liars?
primitive barbarian baby killers are guilty of turk genocide in azerbaijan and anatolia.
syria supported pkk terrorist organization for decades and hosted its terrorist leader for more than 15 years.
primitive baby killer armenian barbarians and diaspora slaves are one of the most savage people ever existed.
grandchildren of dashnak terrorists.
hadi s*ktir now.
genocidal denialist liars.

Since: Mar 13

Location hidden

#8 Apr 3, 2013
here is a genocide yes.but turk genocide committed by armenian barbarians.
real history is there.cry more armenian baby killer liars.
descriptions and sources can be seen on the photos.

Since: Mar 13

Location hidden

#9 Apr 3, 2013
Turkey Guilty of Genocide

Los Angeles, CA

#11 Apr 3, 2013
Stick those photos up your dead granny's ass.

Amazing how you donkey AzerTurds miraculously now claim Armenians killed Turks, yeah sure, after 100 years, you just "remembered".

Just like you moron Azeris used pictures of the Kosovo war for your so called "khojali genocide".

Actually go ask "Turks" in Tunceli who killed them in 1937 in the Dersim genocide, and they will tell you Turkey, not Armenians.

Leave it to a lame Azeri satanist idiot to make Turks look worse than they even are. You Azeri vermin are the ultimate morons of all.
Turkey Guilty of Genocide

Los Angeles, CA

#12 Apr 3, 2013
Türkisch-Deutscher Freundschaftsvertrag
Turkish-German FRIENDSHIP Pact.

Since: Mar 13

Location hidden

#13 Apr 3, 2013
keep being in denial armenian dashnak baby killer terrorist.
real history destroys your lies and propaganda.
those photos and crimes of armenian baby killers were always there.
it was not invented.
dirty shameless baby killer denialist liars.

Since: Mar 13

Location hidden

#14 Apr 3, 2013
Turks Murdered by Armenians in Anatolia between 1914-1922 (The ones that their names and numbers were possible to identify according to offical sources.)

Place, Adana, Antep, Maras, Urfa
Date, 1919-1920
Number of Dead, 708

Place, Agri
Date, 1916
Number of Dead, 14.000

Place, Bayburt
Date, 1920-1921
Number of Dead, 1.967

Place, Diyarbakir, Bitlis
Date, 1915-1916
Number of Dead, 66.566

Place, Erzincan
Date, 1916-1918
Number of Dead, 1.143

Place, Erzurum
Date, 1919-1921
Number of Dead, 35.717

Since: Mar 13

Location hidden

#15 Apr 3, 2013
Place, Gumru
Date, 1920
Number of Dead, 500

Place, Kars
Date, 1914-1921
Number of Dead, 82.756

Place, Mus
Date, 1915-1917
Number of Dead, 21.329

Place, Nahcivan
Date, 1919-1920
Number of Dead, 73.919

Place, Trabzon-Ordu
Date, 1916
Number of Dead, 2.103

Place, Van
Date, 1915-1916
Number of Dead, 217.217

Place, Artvin, Izmit, Sakarya, Sivas, Yozgat
Number of Dead, 459


Since: Mar 13

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#16 Apr 3, 2013

In 1942,many Armenian youth were recruited and were active in support of the Nazi war effort.Suren Bezzadian Paikhar organized and led the Armenian National Socialist movement called Hoassank (which means lighting).This organization became popular throughout Europe and with young Armenians living in Turkey.

Karekin Nezhdeh,an Armenian general founded Armenian Tseghagron,a racist organization through which Armenian young people flowed to the infamous Nazi SS and other elite German military forces.

Armenian support for Nazi Germany was widespread.Armenians living in Germany and France joined the 58th Panzer Corps and the Ostlegion of the Wehrmacht’s 10th Army in large numbers.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation leaders worked closely with German Military Intelligence.The Armenians did for Germany what they first did best for the Russians in World War I "spying".

From mid 1941 until September 1944 the Armenians worked closely with Nazi intelligence offices in Turkey and throughout the Middle East. Armenian "secret" agents worked to spread German propaganda and helped the Nazis run down and locate Jews.

Since: Mar 13

Location hidden

#17 Apr 3, 2013
There can be no question about the massive Armenian support for Nazi Germany during World War II.What is incredible is that once the Armenians saw that Germany was going to lose the war,they switched sides.

After the war,the Armenians claimed that Hitler made statements about them being massacred in 1915.This is a false claim and fake evidence was submitted that has been exposed as being a forgery.

Rutgers University’s Journal of Law and Religion is in the process of using the Internet to post newly discovered Nuremberg Nazi war crimes trial evidence.These published documents pose both questions and answers about Armenian involvement and support of Adolph Hitler,the Nazis and Germany before and during World War II

Since: Mar 13

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#18 Apr 3, 2013
Is this why Armenia has ethically cleansed its own tiny state and why almost 95 percent of everyone now living in this small place are pure "Aryan Armenian" ?(This title was presented to Armenians by Hitler because of their services in the SS and Wehrmacht)

Perhaps this is why more than 1 million people have fled from Armenia between 1992 and 2002.

American Armenians are very proud of Armenian support of the Nazis during World War II.Proof of this is the fact that they raised money to dig up the deceased General Dro "The Butcher" Kanayan who was buried in the United States and gave him a hero’s burial in Armenia.

Armenia has also honored General Dro "The Butcher" Kanayan by establishing a leadership institute to train the youth of the state.The Armenian American community in California held a fundraiser to support the Dro Leadership Institute.What is Armenia teaching its youth in the name of this Armenian Nazi leader?

Since: Mar 13

Location hidden

#19 Apr 3, 2013
mass graves of turks, murdered by armenian dashnak terrorists.

brainwashed delusional armenian baby killers.real history hurts your butt holes.
fascist diaspora blood merchants.
real history, archive documents destroy your lies and propaganda.
hadi s*ktir now.

Since: Mar 13

Location hidden

#20 Apr 3, 2013
-How did British Secret Service prepared Armenian Genocide lie?-

-Anti-Turk propaganda's model-

The model of anti-Turk propaganda started with an article published in The Times Newspaper on 20th of February, 1917.The author's name was Mark Sykes.It was Sykes himself who said "Turks murdered 700.000 Armenians" for the first time.100.000 copies of Sykes's article was printed.30.000 copies was sent to America.

-Wellington House and Turk-

The campaign against Turks and the fabrication of Armenian massacres was formed inside a secret organization that was established in 1914.This secret organization which was part of British state structure, took its name from War Propoganda Bureau organized in Wellington House located near Buckingham Palace which was the heart of English Parliament during the autumn of 1914.

All the documents and information of this secret organization that was connected directly to secretary of foreign affairs, was destroyed as a result of a suspicious fire which burned Wellington House entirely.The propaganda activities of this secret organization against Turks didnt come to the surface until 1935.The real target of the Armenian massacre news fabricated against Turks in Wellington House was United States of America.

The head of War Propoganda Bureau was Liberal parliamentary, former minister of Asquith cabinet and literature editor of Daily News Newspaper, Charles F.Masterman.The mission of this bureau was clear.Making the enemies of England to look bad and demonizing them and showing England as the right side.At first, this bureau was organized against Germans but later Turks became the special work field of it.

Since: Mar 13

Location hidden

#21 Apr 3, 2013
-The Blue Book Reality-

England stated that the famous Blue Book was written for propaganda purposes during war time.But it was used after the war too until today.But there is a different reality behind the Blue Book.The long list of fabricated materials that was used against Turks in this book was shown as academic references coming from the same source.

The sources taken from different books that was published from different publishers.The books were released by the same secret center.But writers were using eachother as references like they didnt know anything about eachother's works.

The purpose of the Blue Book was to justify the Malta exiles and to convince Usa to join to World War I

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