Why Arabs Hate TURKS?

Why Arabs Hate TURKS?

Created by DeCamilli on Dec 12, 2009

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Turks have no CULTURE

Turks like Man-Boy Sex

Turks abuse CAMELS

Turks Fake Muslims

Turks used Arabs as Donkeys

Turks stole Arab culture

some like

Ankara, Turkey

#1198 Sep 9, 2012
bbbb wrote:
<quoted text>
do you know who really brought done the ottoman empire?

Do enlighten us.
Turks Uber Alles

Brooklyn, NY

#1199 Sep 19, 2012
I say that when arabs betrayed the Osmanlis to become bitches of England, despite being Muslim and despite the 1000 years of Turkish defense of Islam, they sealed their fates and were no longer considered Muslims by ALLAH. Their commercialization of Islam's holy sites is even worse and direct offense to ALLAH. Israel is ALLAH's answer to the Arabs. The USA smashing Arab nations into pieces on CNN is ALLAH's answer to Arabs. Israel ethnically cleansing the middle-east is ALLAH's answer to Arabs. The Turks reforming their own empire in Asia completely separate from any Arab or non-Turk Muslim b.s. while maintaining an alliance with the Arabs and Persians worst nightmare-Israel, is ALLAH answer for their betrayal of the sacred Oz-Man Empire. Turks will never again defend Arabs, Turks will continue to be Muslims on their own terms because they are already in favor with ALLAH through their genes. You Arabs fucked up when you sided with England and Rome. We let Israel create their desired eretz-Israel as they desire because they will help bring the Osmanli Empire. We may be on totally opposite sides of the equation, but we have many commonalities and see eye to eye on everything.
Noura-qJJI IJI qJI IJ-

Saudi Arabia

#1200 Sep 20, 2012
Do not speak on behalf of Allah
You are not a prophet or Allah (T-W) messenger to decide what Allah answer to the human!
Be more polite when you are speaking about Allah..and never talk on his behalf at all..
Allah(T-W) if he want to send down an answer to humanity he send his prophet or send down an (Ayah) to Muhammad (A-S-W) but not to an normal human who did mistakes like other humans..
You have to pray for Allah may he forgive you because you did choose
yourself to say what Allah not say it...
All of you think again just think about it deeply..
Does hate worth to do a sin?
You will be asking for all of that by Allah (T-W) you are resposibl about your words..
What's wrong with you people!?
You begin hurt your religion and yourself before you hurt others..
I'm looking for one just one benefit to this hateful afford!
there is nothing but the spent much time and afford for the hate!
Stop hating if you couldn't , stop post your hate..
There's other muslims got hurt of this bad PC..
Still many of them pure without hate..
Do not push people to hate each other because it is a sin..

Blackburn, UK

#1201 Sep 24, 2012
I'm Libyan and I know we don't hate turks, infact the 3rd largest city in Libya are descendants of turks

Istanbul, Turkey

#1202 Oct 27, 2012
as for turks they treasured us.they killed our solodiers and cut their genital organs put them into their mouths .this is a real event from the history.to respond our ancestors made the arabs eaten their shits and hung them respectively or beheaded them .thats all and this is reason why.

Istanbul, Turkey

#1203 Oct 27, 2012
first of all I declare this statements as a turk.It makes differences country dependent.for example north african arabs generaly sympathizes turks and turkish people do so. but saudi-wahabisht or eqyptians do not so.just the same for turks .if you ask turks frankly and wait for detailed answers they say first that we hate all arabs but you can get that easily they actually hate saudis and eqyptians.we fight together against italy for libya with local-tribe members in libya and successed against italians.but related to saudis we have so many and deep problems cant be solved instantly.and so egyptians consider us as if we are a civilization exploited them for a long time and steal everything of them for years .but we can not steal anythng from egypt and change their cultures like western countries do in only 1 century.they were brink off changing their native language as english thanks to english colonial games.we never did something like that so we are guilty in some arabs minds unfortunately.
levy yassir

Casablanca, Morocco

#1204 Dec 14, 2012
i am berber_arabic men and i hate soo much turk people from azribijan turkminstan and turkeyy many time i see the armenien bite himm soo muchh...i am muslim the probleme ofd t eh turk thinkk he are heroooo....

Sivas, Turkey

#1205 Dec 15, 2012
Arkadaslar burda turk milletinin birlik beraberligini kiskirtmalarla bozmaya calisan orospu cocuklari var ,, kardes oldugumuz butun millet ve devletlerle aramizin bozulmasini istiyorlar ki bunu hepimiz biliyoruz , bunlar baska konulardada bu forumda baska milletlerin baska olaylarindada bu provakasyonu yapiyorlar , bunu cok iyi takip ediyorum , ip adreslerini listeme ekledim ve bircogunuda cok iyi takip ediyorum , hic birsekilde gazlarina belmeyin onlar sadece kendi atalarainin orospu kanlarini hazmedemedikleri icin bu eziklikleri yapiyorlar , peace in my land mean peace in world ,, we are the turks we are the brothers with all our bloods (arab, kazakh, turkmen , uygur, azeri, kafkas,.e,t,c.... We are the brothers,, and we will fuck all urs !!!

Yorktown, VA

#1207 Jan 19, 2013
Arabs hate Turks because Turkey is a secular democratic republic while arabs are backward. Turks are more progressive than arabs and they represent a society of how a stable muslim nation should be. They are the most modern and they are progressive.

Epping, Australia

#1208 Jan 19, 2013
well i know as a fact that Arabs hate Turks .. i lived in lebanon , and syria .. they hate turks so much , because they remember the ottoman empire that only bought headaches to the region .. see turkey is a large problem in the region .. someone mentioned before that it will be like the USA of the region .. yes this is true . it wasnts to dominate the hall area .. but we the Armenians will stand against this , wioth our kurdsih brothers, Greek brothers , Persian brothers , Syrian Brothers , Assyrian Brothers, Iraqi Brothers , and we will have the Bear , OUR BIG BROTHER , WATCHING OVER OUR SOLDIER , and we will burn this nation Turkey to the ground , freeing the people inside from the slavery they are practicing , and the lies they have been brainwashed to believe.

Düsseldorf, Germany

#1209 Jan 20, 2013
"the Arabs look down on the Turks as they do on dogs"


Sydney, Australia

#1210 Jan 20, 2013
TurksAreRats wrote:
"the Arabs look down on the Turks as they do on dogs"
Why has he said that?
He was in good terms with turks!

Edmond, OK

#1211 Jan 28, 2013
im from saudi arabia and I love turks !
I have many turks friends and i havent seen any arabic guy who hate turks because islam teach us to love all the people in the world !

Epping, Australia

#1212 Jan 29, 2013
mohammed wrote:
im from saudi arabia and I love turks !
I have many turks friends and i havent seen any arabic guy who hate turks because islam teach us to love all the people in the world !
mohamad taught , do not take Christians and Jews as friends , what does this mean ?

Ankara, Turkey

#1213 Jan 29, 2013
ASALA ANKARA 1982 wrote:
<quoted text>
mohamad taught , do not take Christians and Jews as friends , what does this mean ?
it is veli not friend.

the word is drived from evvel which is the prior.

to be veli is to have pri-vil-ages,

or being exploited has to be taught?

Ankara, Turkey

#1214 Jan 29, 2013
ASALA ANKARA 1982 wrote:
<quoted text>
mohamad taught , do not take Christians and Jews as friends , what does this mean ?
muhamad means the fifth one,

it was known that he would have four helpers.

Ali Aral

Ardsley, NY

#1215 Feb 1, 2013
Serkan wrote:
And this poll, like many others, was started either by an Armenian or a Greek! Two other peoples who also are deeply in love with Turks!
There is no hate between Turks and Arabs. We are the people of the same soil.
serkan I'm 100% Turkish Use to live in New York and New Jersey Arabs hate Turks they are back stabbers. They only care about themselves THE ONLY ARAB I LOVE IS THE PROPHET MOHEMMED,I don't no were you live I lived in Paterson,Clifton and the Arabs there discuss me

Epping, Australia

#1216 Feb 9, 2013

Munich, Germany

#1217 Feb 11, 2013
because turks suck many coocks

Monessen, PA

#1218 Feb 11, 2013
youtube.com/watch... ……
Get Over It,,,,Turkey is jive Turkey

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