Which Region Are You From?

Which Region Are You From?

Created by Bolge on Nov 17, 2009

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Ege (Aegean)

Akdeniz (Mediterranean)

Ic Anadolu (Central Anatolia)

Karadeniz (Black Sea)

Dogu Anadolu (Eastern Anatolia

Guneydogu (Southeast Anatolia)

Kibris (Cyprus)

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#1 Nov 18, 2009
Greek Date = A date involving the act of analsex.


#2 Nov 18, 2009
11. Who was the Turkish Wrestling champion for 26 years?
a. Kara Murat
b. Adali Halil
c. Gaddar Kel Aliço
d. Koca Yusuf


#3 Nov 18, 2009
12. At the beginning of the national championship of Turkish Wrestling, all wrestlers and officials visit which wrestler's grave for a ceremonial prayer as a mark of respect?
a. Koca Yusuf
b. Mehmet of Kurtdere
c. Benli Badullah
d. Adali Halil


#4 Nov 19, 2009
Where's Wally? Activity Pack
Spiro Aegea

Walnut, CA

#5 Nov 19, 2009
Cyprus was Greek until the Turks came.


#6 Nov 20, 2009
Aegean is the best region in Turkey.


#7 Nov 21, 2009
Lake Burdur (Turkish: Burdur Gölü) is a large saline lake in Burdur and Isparta provinces, southwestern part of Turkey. It is located at around 37°45′N 30°11′E / 37.75°N 30.18°E / 37.75; 30.18. It has an area of 250.00 km² and maximum depth variously reported at between 50 and 110 m. Water level in the lake fluctuates. Lake Burdur is also an important wetland site for many bird species and is designated a Ramsar site.


#8 Nov 22, 2009
Spiro Aegea wrote:
Cyprus was Greek until the Turks came.
Is that the reason Greeks have slaugtered many Turks including women and children?


#10 Nov 23, 2009
Co_oL wrote:
Greek Date = A date involving the act of analsex.
Turkish women know how to ask from Greeks anal sex....and that is stimulating:)
lets drive


#11 Nov 23, 2009
any similarity between humans and ermens is pure coincidence


#12 Nov 23, 2009
The Black Sea Region is a mountainous area in the north. This region is approximately 1/6 of Turkey’s total land mass. It has a steep and rocky coast and rivers cascade through the gorges of the coastal ranges. As the Northern Anatolian Mountains run parallel to the coastline access inland from the coast is limited to a few narrow valleys, so the coast therefore has always been isolated from inland areas. It is densely wooded, comprising more than one-fourth of Turkey’s forested areas. The region is mainly agricultural, corn being the dominant field crop. Tea is grown in the eastern coastal strip, hazelnuts around Giresun and Ordu and tobacco in Samsun and Trabzon.

The Marmara Region covers the European part as well as the northwest of the Anatolian plain. It comprises a central plain of rolling terrain surrounded by mountains of moderate height. Although it is the smallest region after Southeastern Anatolia, it has the highest population density. The Marmara region is economically the most developed area of Turkey. Its agriculture is varied, including tobacco, wheat, rice, sunflower, corn, olives, grapes and natural silk. On the straits and coasts of the Marmara Sea fishing is well developed.

The Aegean Region extends from the Aegean coast to the inner parts of Western Anatolia. Forest lands and fertile plains carrying the same names as its rivers are dominant. The lowlands of the Aegean and Marmara Regions contain about half of the country’s agricultural wealth in the broad, cultivated valleys, the most important of which are the Izmit Valley, the Bursa Plains and the Plains of Troy. Its wealth rests on the production of several export crops, including tobacco (more than 50% of Turkey’s total production), cotton (30% of the total), high-quality grapes suitable for drying, olives (more than 50% of the Turkish output) and figs.

The Mediterranean Region is located in the south of Anatolia. The western and central Taurus Mountains suddenly rise up behind the coastline. Forest lands are dominant here like the Aegean and the Black Sea regions. The region has several subregions: the sparsely populated limestone plateaus of Taseli in the middle; the lake district in the west with its continental climate, where grain is grown; and the intensively cultivated, densely populated coastal plains. The coastal areas produce cotton (60 percent of Turkey’s output), sesame, citrus fruits (more than 90 percent of the country’s production), early vegetables and bananas. The higher elevations have relatively little arable land; grain and livestock are produced and there is pastoral nomadism among the Yoruks.


#13 Nov 23, 2009
The Central Anatolia Region is exactly in the middle of Turkey and is less mountainous when compared to the other regions. This region varies in altitude from 600-1,200 m (1,970-3,940 ft) west to east. Steppes are common. Geologically young volcanic features characterize the landscape. For the most part, the region is bare and monotonous and is used for grazing. But overgrazing has caused soil erosion on the plateau and during frequent summer dust storms a fine yellow powder blows across the plains. One-third of Turkey’s sheep and three-quarters of its Angora goats are raised there.

The Eastern Anatolia Region is Anatolia's largest and highest region. Nearly all of the area has an average altitude of 1,500-2,000 m / 4,920-6,560 ft. Anatolia’s highest peak Mount Ararat is located in this region. This is the most thinly populated region of the country. Farming is difficult because of the long, severe winters, steep slopes and eroded soil. Grain, chiefly summer wheat and barley, is the dominant crop. In the humid northeast, beef and dairy cattle are raised whilst in the south there are pastoral nomads who raise sheep and goats.

The Southeastern Anatolia Region is notable for the uniformity of its landscape. Vast stretches of this region consist only of wild or barren wasteland. Agriculture is confined mainly to irrigated valleys and basins (wheat, rice, vegetables, grapes). Much of the population is nomadic or seminomadic. Turkey’s principal oil fields are here.


#14 Nov 24, 2009
There was a Greek who sent ten different puns to friends, with the hope that at least one of the puns would make them laugh. Unfortunately, no pun in ten did.


#15 Nov 25, 2009
cOOl wrote:
There was a Greek who sent ten different puns to friends, with the hope that at least one of the puns would make them laugh. Unfortunately, no pun in ten did.
Behave my friend.


#16 Nov 25, 2009
Did you know?
Julius Caesar proclaimed his celebrated words “Veni. Vedi, Veci”(I came, I saw, I conquered) in Turkey when he defeated Pontus, a formidable Kingdom in the Black Sea Region of Turkey.

Did you know?
Aesop – famous for his fables and parables – was born in Anatolia.


#17 Nov 27, 2009
cOOl wrote:
There was a Greek who sent ten different puns to friends, with the hope that at least one of the puns would make them laugh. Unfortunately, no pun in ten did.
Not funny mate.


#18 Nov 28, 2009
Did you know Turkey...

# Is the location of the city of Troy in the west of the country, where the Trojan War was fought for ten years.
# Had the world's first female Supreme Court Judge, and gave women the right to vote in 1934.
# Is the location of the first known beauty contest, judged by Paris, with Aphrodite, Hera, and Athena as leading participants.
# Became a member of the UN as early as 1945.
# Has a city, Mardin, which is one of the few places where you can hear the native language of Jesus Christ - Aramaic. The final home of the Virgin Mary, to which she traveled with St. John, is located nearby.
# Was producing wine as early as 4000BC.
# Has the first church ever built (St Peter's) in Antioch, southern Turkey. It is also the site of the oldest temple at Urfa, dated between 8500 and 9000BC.
# Receives children from around the world each year on 23rd April to "honour and cherish the freedom and independence of all people".
# Was where the cherry was first found, by the Romans who planted it throughout the world, at Giresun (also known as Kerasos), in the stunning Black Sea region.
# First introduced tulips to Holland, and today still supplies tulips to the world.
# Has the earliest landscape painting, dating from 6200BC.
# Reputedly has one of the world's 3 greatest cuisines.
# Has the beautiful Bosphorus waterway dividing Europe and Asia with two great bridges and masses of ferries, permitting access to Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Russia.
# Has 9,000 species of flowers. It is also 80% mountainous; has an abundance of rivers and lakes; and has clear, turquoise blue waters on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts.
# Is modern and sophisticated, yet has more ancient sites than any other country.


#19 Nov 29, 2009
Ancient Greece - Primates

As misinformed as people may be in todays' society, as to the sexuality of the Ancient Greek men, they would be astonished to find that there is evidence to support both hetero and homo sexual claims. Hetero maintaining that majority; it's what kept the civilisation going. Explaining to all the other evolving primates that the human anatomy has certain do's and don'ts was where there was a break-down in communication and all they learned was "GAY". How unfortunate. I.e. Bumb-cleaving is strictly forbidden, unless you enjoy it. Pleasure and Pain. Also known as modern-day Pornography, Sex, Drugs, Rock N' Roll, Hip Hop, Hardcore, First Base, Second Base, Third Base, Home-Run, the Warm Banana Split, Free Willy, Hot n' Heavy, Slip and Slide, The Porpoise Dance, Flip-her, Sperm Wail, etc. Irony comes in many forms.


#20 Nov 29, 2009
@ CooL

those filthy [email protected] make my stomach turn


#21 Nov 29, 2009
Q: Why Armenians reject to open their National Archives?
A: Because they want to hide the Truth, they know Armenians massacred the Turks, while we are in the war, Turks just replaced Armenians out from Turkey and Both side National Archives shows Armenian population was not even 1 Million. Armenian says 1.5 Million killed.. Do you know that you need 5000 mass graves in order to kill 1.5 Million!.... Only stupid believes armenians.
Turks found mass graves all over the country belong to Turks who massacred by Armenians, Turkish government publish the places and the pictures, Armenians have no shame to copy this pictures and use this pictures to change some countries opinion..

Q: Why Armenians reject to check the mass graves in Turkey and they don't even send scientists, they refuse to open together?
A: Armenians refuse to point graves, if they point one they refuse to send scientists. They will be shamed to say they are Armenians, they shamed to show their real face to the World, World will see that Armenians Massacred the Turks. Half of the French army was Armenian and lots of Armenian in Russian army as well.

Q: Why Armenians kills the pregnant womens and Babies and open pregnant womens stomach and fill it with rocks on 1992 in Karabag, Azerbaijan?
A: Armenians covered their hand with Turkish blood, They did it at past, They did it again on 1992.. Only This will tell the world who really Armenians are.

Q: Armenians just told the world there is mass grave in Azerbaijan.
A: Guess what all the bones and dresses at mass grave was belong to Azerbaijan people than Armenian put their tail between their leg and just run away. This armenians are scamp back of this world.

Q: What is Midnight Express and Ararat film?
A: This film made by Armenians, the players was ugliest people you can see in this world, Guess what who was the players, all players was Armenians. The purpose is just damage the Turkeys reputation. Ararat film same all Lie just to brainwash Armenians, Armenians the one who killed babies, raped girls, killed pregnant women and they say Turks did it on Movie, This is a Movie and Stupid Armenians believe it, Movie is not Truth, Truth is at Mass Graves in Turkey... They also claim some countries recognized genocide, some of the countries in Africa doesn't know even where the Turkey is and France has lots of Armenians who got kicked out from Turkey... Think...

Q: What Armenians shows at Internet?

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