Armenian Atrocities Against Azeris...

Armenian Atrocities Against Azeris...

Created by Pro Turkish Blogger on Sep 5, 2011

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24,000 Azeri Civilians Killed

4,000 Azeris Captured

Over A Million Azeri Refugees

4965 Azeris Missing

610 Azeri Infants Killed

763 Azeri Women Raped & Killed

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The Truth

Portland, OR

#1 Sep 5, 2011

Armenian committeemen not only conducted massacres on Turks, but also made various oppressions on the Armenians whom they suspected were on the side of the Turks.

After the Kumkapi demonstration, which took place in July 1890, the Hinchak Committee, started arranging assassinations to the suspected Armenians presumed to be the supporters of the government.

Advocate Hachik was killed by a 15-year-old Armenian named Armenak.

Dacad Varabet, the preacher of Gedikpasa Church was cut into pieces.

Mampre Karabet, who was elected to the Spiritual Assembly, was wounded assassination and because of spying for the government.

It was suspected that Patriarch Ashikyangave the plans of the committee to the government, and due to this reason an assassination was arranged by an Armenian named Diyarbakirli Agop / Agop From Diyarbakir, elected by drawing lots by the committee in the patriarch ate church on March 24, 1804. Since the Karadag branded pistol the assassin used was defective, the young man was arrested.

The Hinchak Committee carried out an assassination on March 10, 1894 to Simon Maksut, when they considered being the friend of Ashikyan, through two committeemen, in front of the Havyar Han in Galata.

The French Ambassador Monsieur Cambon gave the following information to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs on March 27, 1894 about these assassinations:

“From Cambon to Casimir Perier,

Beyoglu: March 27, 1894

Last Sunday, while Patriarch Ashikyan was leaving the Kumkapi Church after the ritual service in order to go back to the patriarchate, an eighteen-year-old Armenian youngster aimed on him by his pistol and fired a few shots. Since the weapon was defective, no bullet hit the patriarch. The patriarch was fainted and he was treated in his home. The young Armenian was taken to the police station, and when he was interrogated on the reason of the murdering, he told that Ashikyan is the enemy of Armenians, and that he frequently informed the government, therefore, the Armenians had sworn to get rid of this man to save the nation. He also emphasised that he and his colleagues from the same sect were faithful to the Sultan.

The Truth

Portland, OR

#2 Sep 5, 2011
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hasan Oktay, ation from the University of Yüzüncü Yil, Department of History, has found out a very shocking example regarding the oppressions of Armenians on Armenians :
“Following the atmosphere which prevailed after the announcement of the Second Constitutional Regime, the post of Mayor in Van, was given to Bedros Kapamaciyan, an Armenian member of Van Administrative Assembly, in the midst of the year 1909. In spite of the fact that the Moslem people constituted the majority of population in the city; Kapamaciyan Efendi was elected as a member without any considerations of discrimination by earning the respect of all the people, therefore, he also received votes the Moslem people. As a matter of fact, at the end of the elections, two out of ten members in the Administrative Assembly were Armenians.
Kapamaciyan Efendi, who pleased the people of the province during his administration and who always sided with the Ottoman State in spite of the Tashnak and Hinchak committees, served for the peace and the welfare of both the Turkish and the Armenian committees in Van. While Kapamaciyan, the Mayor, was working hard for the peace and the future of the city, the Armenian Patriarch was conspiring for plots and provocation in Van and its environs. He collaborated with the Tashnak committee in order to keep the Armenian matter alive for the European states.
As a result of these plots, a series of fires broke out in Van, and the houses of some of the Armenians were also burned up in these fires. The Patriarch wanted the Major to send a report to the Ambassadors of the European States stating that the fires and provocation were caused by the Moslem people, and that they are getting ready to destroy the lives and the property of the Armenians at any moment.
However, Kapamaciyan Efendi, the Mayor, sent a report telling that the matter was not so and the fires were started by the Armenian Tashnak committees.
The existence of Kapamaciyan Efendi, who spoiled the efforts of the revolutionary Armenians still working with great efforts in the center of Van, was an unbearable situation, so the committees took the decision to execute the major. The revolutionary gangs, who based their theories on an Armenian-Turkish conflict, had arranged assassinations before the outstanding Armenian people who supported the Ottoman State and who weakened their domination over the people. Thus, with this assassination they were going to frighten the community and avoid further opposition.
Kapamaciyan Efendi, who was frequently threatened on December 10, 1912 in the evening, w,th all his family got onto the sledges that was waiting in front of the door of his home, to go to Marcidciyan Efendi, who was one of his relatives, for the celebration of “name giving”. He did not know that he was on the black list. A Tashnak group was waiting near his home the group started a volley of shots onto the crowd. The Mayor, who was caught unaware and without any protection at all, was shot with two bullets in his head and fell dead on the ground.
Since the home of the Mayor was in the Baglar quarter, the closest patrol station was ten minutes away. So, the murderers fled in the darkness before the gendarmerie arrived. The Baglar quarter was a place with gardens and vineyards. In this is quarter Armenians were the majority and it was easy for the murderers to hide and run away.
The Truth

Portland, OR

#3 Sep 5, 2011
The witnesses who saw the incident started to be questioned. The facial features and other information about the murderers were slowly being revealed. Especially from the evidence given by the Mayor’s son, it was understood that Karakin and his friend were probably the murderers. Thus, the disclosure of the murderers prevented probable clashes between the Moslem and the Armenians. Karakin was caught after rapid operations, and his friend whose name we could not find out, escaped. The assassins who were among the group who committed the crime and was wanted for smuggling arms into Van whose names were Potur, the carriage man, Sarac, Osep, jeweller Karakin, and somebody named Sahaf who fled to Karagündüz village after the event and who was one of the leading members of Tashnak committee, and who planned the murder of Kapamaciyan Efendi, were caught after a difficult search. The friend of the murderer Karakin, who got lost just after the event, was later on captured and put in prison.
Viramyan Efendi, one of the writers of the Azadamart newspaper as published in Van by the members of Tashnak committee in Van; Aram Manukyan Efendi, the inspector of Armenian schools and the Van delagate of Tashnak committee; and some of the Armenian leaders of the Tashnak committee were arrested for plotting Mayor Kapamaciyan’s murder.
Because the Ottoman officials were successful in finding the murderer of Kapamaciyan, who was very popular among the Armenians, the capturing of the murderers, even though they were not punished severely, still met with pleasure by the people. But the Armenian people felt deep sorrow because the murderers were Armenians. Necessary measures were taken in the funeral and thus special care was taken to avoid any disturbances. The English, Russian, and the French Consuls were among the foreign missions who also participated in the funeral. However, the fact that nobody from the military and also from the Tashnak committee was at the ceremony, which was rather meaningful. With this attitude, the Tashnak committee made it clear to their supporters and enemies that they killed the mayor and thus this was a warning to their enemies.
The revolutionist Tashnak committees could kill their own people without any their hesitation to reach their goals. The committeemen were capable doing all kinds of actions for the formation of a suitable medium for a revolution. They conducted their actions systematically with the help of Russia; they were able to occupy Van, temporarily. When the Russians retreated because of the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, Van again passed to the hands of Turks.“(3)
Oktay, reports the following from Altan Deliorman concerning to the oppressions of Armenians on Armenians:
“While the Armenians were conducting their activities in Anatolia, in Istanbul they were also, killing those Armenians who did not sympathise with them. Advocate Hachik; Dacad Vartabet, the Chief priest of Gedikpasa Church; Trader Karagözyan, Candle man Onnik; Apik Uncuyan; Policeman Markar, Mampre Vartabet, the member of the Spiritual Assembly; Hajji Dikran Migirdic Tütüncüyan are only a few of the Armenians who were murdered by the Armenian gangs.“(4)
(1) Uras, Esat, Tarihte Ermeniler ve Ermeni Meselesi / The Armenians and the Armenian Matter In History, Belge Publications, Istanbul, 1987, p. 469 — 471.
(2) Banoglu, Niyazi Ahmet, Gündüz Printing House, Ankara, 1976, p. 24 — 25.
(3) Oktay, Assoc. Prof. Dr., Hazan, "" ;
(4) Altan Deliorman, Türklere Karsi Ermeni Komitecileri, Istanbul, 1975, p. 31.

Kansas City, MO

#4 Sep 5, 2011
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Dander - Why. Armenian forum terrorist 5

Kansas City, MO

#5 Sep 5, 2011
Gasparyan Armenian forum terrorist 1
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dont fk with ALI

Melbourne, Australia

#6 Sep 6, 2011
fkn filthy arman terrorits killed inncocent Azeris :'(

Coburg, Australia

#7 Sep 6, 2011
The Beyoglou area of Istanbul is north of the Bosphorus but differs from the old part of Istanbul as this is generally a more up market expensive area. Most of the foreign embassies are situated in this area of Istanbul as well as the expensive five star hotels !!!

Coburg, Australia

#8 Sep 6, 2011
Origins of Aya Sofia

The Aya Sofia or “Church of Divine Wisdom” was built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian in the sixth century as a monument to Christianity and the rise of the eastern Roman empire. The Aya Sofia remained for centuries the biggest church in the world only being surpassed by the church of St Peter in Rome several centuries later. The Aya Sofia is a spectacular feat of architecture especially considering the limited building methods that were available at the time of construction. Only the best materials were used for building the Aya Sofia, including marble walls and flooring and gold wall and ceiling decorations. The distinguishing feature of the Aya Sofia is the vast dome surrounded by several semi domes set high, designed to give the visitor an impression of the greatness of God. Unfortunately due to the earthquake line that Istanbul is on, it took only a few years before the original Aya Sofia building was damaged and over the centuries it has been repaired several times. Even today there are on going repairs or restoration taking place.

Coburg, Australia

#9 Sep 6, 2011
Aya Sofia under Ottoman rule

The Aya Sofia was turned into a mosque under Sultan Mehmet after taking control of Istanbul from the Byzantines. The Aya Sofia remained a mosque for hundreds of years and several artefacts of Muslim influence are still visible in the Aya Sofia today such as the large calligraphy inscribed medallions hung from the walls bearing the names of Islam’s early leaders. Several tombs of the Ottoman Sultans and royals are also situated in the outside courtyard of the Aya Sofia. However despite centuries of Muslim rule the Christian origins of the Aya Sofia are still very much present today.

Coburg, Australia

#10 Sep 6, 2011
Aya Sofia Today

The Aya Sofia was officially turned into a museum in 1935 by Ataturk and is now open to visitors of all faiths year round. The Aya sofia opens its doors at 9:30am and stays open until 4:30pm every day except Mondays. Guided tours are available although many visitors prefer to walk around at a leisurely pace soaking up the unique atmosphere of Aya Sofia. The Aya Sofia is full of paintings of Christian saints which are visible on the walls and semi domes situated around the main dome in the centre of Aya Sofia which carries a painting of Jesus.


#12 Sep 7, 2011
Armenian terrorists can easily kill infants without any mercy.


#14 Sep 7, 2011
Hello vieljun.
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Melbourne, Australia

#15 Sep 7, 2011
join in..we're fking armans tonight loolz

Coburg, Australia

#16 Sep 7, 2011
Trabzon is a charming city on the Black Sea coast of north-eastern Turkey and the capital of Trabzon Province. Astride the historic trade route between Iran and the continent of Europe, the city has many architectural landmarks from Byzantine times, including the church of the Golden Head and the church of St Eugenius—both now mosques—and Haaji ia (church of the Holy Wisdom). Near Trabzon is the 14th-century monastery of Sumela. The population of the city is approximately 480,000
ALI attacks armans arse

Melbourne, Australia

#17 Sep 8, 2011
i luvs banging the armans lol
T and T

Mesquite, NV

#19 Sep 8, 2011
Very bright.
Bursali Aydin


#20 Sep 9, 2011
Merhaba !!

Since: Sep 10

Location hidden

#21 Sep 11, 2011
As the Armenian component began to acquire a significantly elevated position within the organisation as a result of this agreement, the following resolutions were adopted in a meeting held on 18 April 1990 with a person named Hermes Samurai, reported to be the official responsible for the PKK-ASALA relations:

1. The PKK and ASALA terrorist organisations will be under a joint command from that date on!

2. The Armenians will undertake intelligence work on the Turkish security forces.

3. Territories gained through the expected revolution will be equally shared between the parties.

4. Seventy-five percent of training camp expenses will be borne by the Armenians.
ALI luvs fking ANTIS

Melbourne, Australia

#22 Sep 11, 2011
i demand GREEK to bend over now & TAKE IT hard in the rear LIKE A REAL GAYreek..


Since: Jun 10


#23 Sep 19, 2011
Kurds have always been picked upon, I do not know the political or social factors that led to this because it is so far back.

1. kurdish jokes delight comes from a humanly universal fact: stupidity.
2. It also use the word 'Kaka' a lot, which means 'brother' in Kurdish, also means shit.

Guy: Kaka, Do you like bananas?
Kurd: Kaka, banana is delicious, but it has a very big seed.

A Kurd asked the hand of a girl, the father asked him: Do you smoke? He said: No, but sometimes when I get drunk with a couple of whores I smoke a little weed.

A Kurd saw a Marlboro ad and was so affected that he bought a horse...

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