Turks Can Be Described As...

Turks Can Be Described As...

Created by Great Turks on Sep 11, 2009

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Great & Remarkable

Superior & Brave

Fantastic & Proud

Regal & Courageous

Fearless & Compassionate

Understanding & Concerned

Gentle & Kind

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Patriotic & Smart

Clean & Neat

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Mr Turk

Kansas City, MO

#1 Sep 11, 2009
Incredible and Invincible.
Moon Light

Saint Louis, MO

#2 Sep 11, 2009
It makes no sense to say Turks are this or that.

Saint Louis, MO

#3 Sep 11, 2009
Tripolitsa Massacre

In the town of Tripolitsa, where the Turkish governor resided, and which consisted of a population of 35,000 Turks, Albanians, Jews and others, the rebels committed a massacre on 5 October 1821. It lasted for three days and claimed the lives of more than 10,000 people. Most of the corpses were decapitated and carved up.According to the historian William Phillips:

"In Tripolitsa for three days the miserable [Turkish] inhabitants were given over to the lust and cruelty of a mob of savages. Neither sex nor age was spared. Women and children were tortured before being put to death. So great was the slaughter that [guerilla leader] Kolokotronis himself says that, when he entered the town, from the gate of the citadel, his horse’s hoofs never touched the ground. His path of triumph was carpeted with corpses. At the end of two days, the wretched remnant of Mussulmans were deliberately collected to the number of some 2,000 souls, of every age and sex, but principally women and children, were led out to a ravine in the neighbouring mountains, and there butchered like cattle.

According to St. Clair, Howarth and British Colonial and Foreign Office documents, these unfortunate people were slowly burnt to death after their arms and legs were chopped off. Pregnant women were subjected to all kinds of indignities. About 2,000 captives, consisting of mostly women, were stripped naked; driven to a plain outside the town and then killed. After this atrocity, many starving Muslim children ran from place to place, only to be shot dead by the Greek rebels, who were elated and with their mouths foaming.5,24 The chief Greek brigand, Theodoros Kolokotronis, who occupies pride of place in the Greek pantheon of heroes, took part in these massacres and pillages with relish.4

A Prussian officer described the incidents that took place after the capture of Tripolitsa by the rebels, as follows:

"A young Turkish girl, as beautiful as Helen, the queen of Troy, was shot and killed by the male cousin of Kolokotronis; a Turkish boy, with a noose around his neck, was paraded in the streets; was thrown into a ditch; was stoned, stabbed and then, while he was still alive, was tied to a wooden plank and burnt on fire; three Turkish children were slowly roasted on fire in front of the very eyes of their parents. While all these nasty incidents were taking place, the leader of the rebellion Ypsilantis remained as a spectator and tried to justify the actions of the rebels as,'we are at war; anything can happen'."

European officers, including Colonel Thomas Gordon, who happened to be at Tripolitsa during the massacre, witnessed the hair-raising incidents there, and some of them later recalled these events in all their ugliness. Colonel Gordon became so disgusted with the Greek barbarities that he resigned from the service of the Greeks. A young German philhellene doctor, Wilhelm Boldemann, who could not bear to witness these scenes, committed suicide by taking poison. Some of the other European philhellenes who were extremely disillusioned, followed suit.
Stand Up

Chicago, IL

#4 Sep 12, 2009
Despite the cost of living, have you noticed how popular it remains?


#5 Sep 12, 2009
Typical Turk :A peice of a chank of meat with a bigg nouth. and two legs ..
Sira Bizde

Chicago, IL

#6 Sep 12, 2009
* Babası oğluna bir bağ bağı&#35 1;lamış, oğul babaya bir salkım üzüm vermemiş.
o Literal translation: The father donated a vineyard to his son, the son didn't give a bunch of grapes to the father.
o Meaning: Used when a person does something ungrateful and selfish to another person who made good deeds for him.

* Balık ağa girdikten sonra aklı başına gelir.
o Literal translation: A fish only comes to its senses after it is caught in the net.
o Meaning: You will only learn when something happens to you.

* Bana arkadaşın ı söyle, sana kim olduğunu söyleyeyim.
o Literal translation: Tell me who your friend is, and I will tell you who you are.

* Baş başa vermeyince taş yerinden kalkmaz.
o Literal translation: The stone will not move from its place, unless you cooperate.
o Meaning: Hard tasks can be accomplished by collaboration.


#7 Sep 12, 2009
Turks are born that way.
Olgun Adam

Flint Hill, VA

#8 Sep 12, 2009

Türkiye Cumhuriyeti (Turkish long form); Türkiye (Turkish short form); Republic of Turkey (Turkish: Türkiye)(formal English); Turkey (Turkish: Türkiye)(English short form); Turchia (Italian); Türkei (German); Turkiet (Swedish); Turkije (Dutch); Turkki (Finnish); Turquia (Portuguese); Turquia (Spanish); Turquie (French); Tyrkia (Norwegian); Tyrkiet (Danish); Tyrkland (Icelandic)
Maritime claims

Exclusive economic zone: in Black Sea only - to the maritime boundary agreed upon with the former USSR

Territorial sea: 6 nm in the Aegean (Turkish: Ege) Sea, 12 nm in the Black Sea and in the Mediterranean Sea.
Mr Turk

Kansas City, MO

#9 Sep 12, 2009
Maxie wrote:
Turks are born that way.
Correct, we are very proud and neat and all that's in between.

Izmir, Turkey

#11 Sep 13, 2009
I voted Gentle and Kind, because i am :D
Turkish Newspapers

Flint Hill, VA

#12 Sep 13, 2009
* Aliağa Ekspres
* Demokrat Aliağa
* Demokrat Urla
* Gazete Karşıyakal ı
* Haber Ekspres
* Kuşadası Haber
* Kuzey Ege
* Menderes Postası
* Menemen'in Sesi
* Yeni Asır


* Elbistan'ın Sesi
* Kahraman Maraş Gazetesi
* Kayzen
* Kent Maraş


* Kars Postası
* Siyasal Birikim


* Kastamonu Postası


* Kayseri Gündem
* Kayseri Haber


* Yeşilyurt Gazetesi


* Kilis Postası


* Bizim Kocaeli
* Gebze Gazetesi
* Gebze Haber
* Haberci 41
* Kocaeli Gazetesi
*Öncü Haber
*Özgür Kocaeli
* Yeni Haber


*Çumra Postası
* Hakimiyet
* İlk Haber
* İstasyon Gazetesi
* Memleket Gazetesi
* Merhaba Gazetesi
* Pervasız (Akşehir)
* Yeni Meram
* Yeni Konya


* Anadolu Manşet
* Karaman'da Uyanış
* Yeşil Ermenek


* Bizim Tavşanlı
* Kütahya Gazetesi
* Tavşanlı'n ın Sesi
* Tellal
* Yeni Kütahya


* Darende Haber
* Malatya Haber
* Son Söz Gazetesi


* Manisa Haber


* Güney Gazetesi
* Mersin Tercüman Gazetesi
* Tarsus Haber


* Bodrum Yarımada
* Güney Ege
* Marmaris Gündem
* Marmaris Sun
* Muğla Haber

Wilmington, DE

#13 Sep 13, 2009
Aegean Region

Many would agree that the coastal region of the Aegean has some of the most stunning views in the country and, in the words of Heredotus, "have the most beautiful sky and the best climate in the world."
Ephesus by McTumshie
Ephesus by McTumshie

The bays peninsulas, and golden beaches stretchthe length of coastline and this region was also the venue of countless mythological events. There are remains of ancient cities including Troy, immortalised by Homer, and Pergamum, the art and cultural centre and capital of one of the most powerfulkingdoms at the time.

The provinces in the Aegean region are Afyon, Aydin, Denizli, Izmir, Kutahya, Manisa, Mugla and Usak.Situated in Edremit bay is Ayvalik, the meeting point of the sea, the theraputic springs of Akcay, and pine forests, which has been dubbed the olive-grove Riviera. To the south are countless resorts, then further south is Foca, famous for the heroicTurkish sailors who were based here. Sardis, the capital of the wealthy Lydian king Croesus, is a small detour inland.Located in a narrow bay, Izmir is a modern city and the third largest in Turkey, as well as the major part on the Aegean. It brims with life and is a busy commercial centre, with broad boulevards and modern architecture, combined with the traditionalred-tiled roofs of the old houses in the bazaar area. The peninsula of Çesme with its brilliant waters, superb beaches and thermal springs, lies to the west of Izmir.Among the most famous cities of the ancient world, Ephesus was one of the biggest during the Roman era. A treasury of all the riches of Ionian culture, Ephesus had a reputation for philosophy and critical thinking. The Temple of Artemis, one of theseven wonders of the ancient world, as well as countless statues, theatres, libraries, markets and smaller temples were all architectural symbols of the city's fame. Further to the south is the ancient city of Priene, built according to a geometricplan designed by the great architect of Milet, Hippodamos.

Milet was a great centre of commerce and thought in the ancient world, and was the venue of many significant developments, scientific and intellectual. The nearby Didim, though not one of theancient cities, is still famous for its magnificent temple dedicated to Apollo.On the Izmir-Antalya road, Aphrodisias (Geyre) was an important centre for culture and art famous for its training in sculpture. On the same road is the world-famous Pamukkale, with its calcium-rich thermal waters flowing out of the mountain whichhave, over centuries, created an extraordinary geographical phenomenon of white marble terraces. The ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis lie behind this.The best known holiday resorts in this area are Bodrum, Marmaris, Datca, Koycegiz and Fethiye, and private boats can be chartered to explore the bays of the south Aegean, immortalised in the book Mavi Yolculuk (Blue Voayge). Bodrum (ancient Halikarnas)is the birthplace of the great historian Heredotus. The mausoleum of King Mausolos was considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Marmaris is a lively resort with a modern marina surrounded by lush mountains and crystal-clear waters,and further south is the bay of Oludeniz, famous for watersports and paragliding, and the coastal town of Fethiye.
Mr Turk

Kansas City, MO

#14 Sep 13, 2009
Pedro the Greek wrote:
<quoted text> In between? please explain.
You'll never understand so I won't bother.
Dinleyin VE Ogrenin

Chicago, IL

#15 Sep 13, 2009
Okuz altinda buzagi aranmaz.
Do not search for a calf under an ox.
Dinleyin VE Ogrenin

Chicago, IL

#16 Sep 13, 2009
Havlayan kopek isirmaz.
The dog that barks much does not bite.
Vakitsiz oten horozun basini keserler.
The cock that crows at the wrong time is killed. 9

Miami, FL

#17 Sep 13, 2009
Mr Turk wrote:
<quoted text> You'll never understand so I won't bother.


#18 Sep 13, 2009
EU has own problems, as we try to integrate more and have prosperity for European people. There is no time to look after turkish immigrants or the role of Turkey as a buffer zone.

It is a bad time for turks to express their dreams as no European or Us citizen care about them.:)

Scottsdale, AZ

#19 Sep 14, 2009
A Dinner of Smells
A poor man once went to find the Hoja and humbly said, "Wise and noble Nasreddin, I want to ask a favor of you but I don't know if you will stoop so slow as to help me."
"To help my neighbor is an honor and a pleasure. Speak," answered the Hoja.
"Alas!" said the man with a sigh. "For us poor people, lie is not easy. Yesterday I stopped a moment in front of the door of a restaurant belonging to a great lord. He said that I ate the semll of his food and asked me to pay him. Naturally I could not give him a cent and he took me before the cadi. My sentence will be pronounced today. Can you help me? Say something in my behalf."
"All right," replied the Hoja and accompanied the poor man to the court of the cadi.
The lord was already there, talking gaily with the cadi. As soon as he saw the accused, the cadi changed his expression and began covering him with insults. "Shameless man! You see this lord? You have filled yourself up on the smell of his restaurant and have not even paid him. Pay him what you owe, at once!"
"You will become ill with vexation, my lord," said the HOja, stepping forward. He bowed and added, "This poor man is my elder brother. He doesn't have a cent, so I will pay in his place."
The Hoja then took a little sack of copper coins from his belt, bent to the lord's ear and jingled them. "Do you hear this sound?" he asked.
"Of course I hear it," retorted the lord.
"Well, now the debt is paid. My brother has smelled your meals and you have heard his money."
He took the arm of the poor man and went away.

Flint Hill, VA

#20 Sep 14, 2009
Location: Southeastern Europe and Southwestern Asia (that portion of Turkey west of the Bosporus is geographically part of Europe), bordering the Black Sea, between Bulgaria and Georgia, and bordering the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, between Greece and Syria
Geographic coordinates: 39 00 N, 35 00 E
Map references: Middle East
Area: total: 780,580 sq km
land: 770,760 sq km
water: 9,820 sq km

Saint Louis, MO

#21 Sep 14, 2009
"When will the Greek State apologize to the Macedonian people for its
1912-1913 genocide in Northern Greece?"

"Ethnic cleansing" may be a modern term but its meaning is well
understood by the Macedonian people living in northern Greece. Ever
since Greece occupied part of Macedonia, in the early 20th century,
Macedonian people have experienced ethnic cleansing first hand.

This series of articles will present evidence of atrocities
perpetrated by the Greek State against the innocent Macedonian
civilian populations prior to, during and after the Balkan wars. Most
of the information contained in the articles is obtained from the 1913
Carnegie Inquiry and from Greek sources.

NOTE: I must emphasize again that there were no Greek, Bulgarian or
Serbian villages in Macedonia in 1913 as referenced to by the authors
of the Carnegie report. The majority of the indigenous people living
in Macedonia prior to the Greek, Serbian and Bulgarian occupation were
Macedonians. Among the Macedonians also lived Turkish, Albanian and
Vlach minorities.

The only Greeks living in Greek occupied Macedonia were the colonists
settled there by the Greek State after the 1913 occupation and


The list of burned villages which follows will be found to be
accurate, in the sense that it includes no villages which have not
been burned. But it is far from complete, save as regards the Kukush
and Strumnitsa regions.

Many other villages were burned, particularly in the Serres and Drama
districts. In many cases we have not been able to discover the exact
number of houses in a village. It will be noted that the list includes
a few Turkish villages in Bulgarian [occupied] territory burned by the
Greeks, and a few villages burned by the Servians [Serbians]. The
immense majority of the villages are, however, Bulgarian [Macedonian]
villages burned by the Greek army in its northward march.

The number of burned villages included in this list is 161, and the
number of houses burned is approximately 14,480.

We estimate that the number of houses burned by the Greeks in the
second [Balkan] war can not fall short of 16,000.
The figures which follow the names indicate the number of houses in
each village.

District of Strumnitsa

Eleven Bulgarian [Macedonian] villages burned by the Greeks, with
number of houses in each:

Dabilia (50),
Novo-selo (160),
Popchevo (43),
Kostourino (130),
Rabortsi (15),
Cham-Tchiflik (20),
Baldevtsi (2),
Zoubovo (30).

Nine Turkish villages burned by the Greeks:

Amzali (150),
Guetcherli (5),
Tchanakli (2),
Novo-Mahala (2),
Ednokoukovo (80),
Sekirnik (30),
Souchitsa (10),
Svidovitsa (10),
Borissovo (15).

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