BANGKOK: Thaksin vows to retake prime minister post

Feb 2, 2009 Full story: Asia News Network 44

Former Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra Monday vowed to fight his way back to the post of prime minister and vowed to return to Thailand.

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Erik Young UN Diplomat

Bangkok, Thailand

#22 Feb 27, 2009
Somebody please write and warn these care homes about thje dangersb of Aluminiun Sulphate poisoning Thank you
Erik Young UN Diplomat

Bangkok, Thailand

#23 Feb 28, 2009
Now I have heard four of five different voices of people claiming to be my girlfriend "DOW /Douen."
So I do not believe it is her speaking to me n the phone. Now I suspect these people are trying to cover up the disappearnce of the girl who stayed with me, they are trying to get me involved with someone they know so they can get at my family's money just like they have lied their way into Thailand when they are all from Woking Surrey UK or Weybridge or Byfeel Surrey UK.
There is a claim these people seem to think they have some deal with Mr Shinawatra and Mr Kenneth Winn (not actually Winn-Pope) to take over thailand and my family's land. They are involved with the ILLEGAL THAI.CIA MAFIA WHICH HAS NO CONNECTION TO THE ROYAL THAI POLICE. The Thai.CIA has manipulated The Royal Thai police and tricked many of them some out of their careers and lives. The THAI.CIA are from Barcelona and ex African Angola, Congo, Mozambique mafia police who destroyed these countries killed millions and looted the rich. Why has so many residents of Woking turned to lying their way into property possession. You cannot keep or tenant property this way any contract to remain there will be voided due to the dishonest conduct. Such conduct will terminate their contractual rights of law and they may be forced to vacate the premises. They continue to help the background voice psycho-terrorism a very very serious crime that kills millions in some countries.
Please will the banks place a stop on al MR Baxter's and his assciates and affiliates access to money in bank accounts until the psycho-terrorism is stopped.
They have killed some of my children they have kidnapped one of my daughters and they hae murdered my father and nopw my grand mother and they keep threatening my mother of 86 years of age while the Royal Thai Government do little to asist
Erik young UN Diplomat
E Young Diplomat

Bangkok, Thailand

#25 May 31, 2009
This is why I want the Prime Minister ABHisit and Mr Thaksin Shinawatra aka Silvestere(ABH which means actual bodily harm is it a serious imprisonable crime in the UK) shipped back to the UK and prosecuted "BANGKOK: Thaksin vows to retake prime minister post - Topix21 posts - 7 authors
Erik young is a peodo....his computor has loads an loads o child ... old when she vanished and Mr silvestre tok her to Sri Lanka Goa and Thailand because he ... - 105k - Cached - Similar pages"

This is the sort of defamatory dishonest stories his group of followers propagate around to damage my family who they have been defrauding for over fifty years.
E Young Diplomat

Bangkok, Thailand

#26 May 31, 2009
Why does MSN.COM default to in Thailand and why does also default to ?
Why does Mr ABHisit and Mr Shinawatra have people interfering with my Banks and Emails and Solicitors via Mr Montieth ? So that is why they gave me something to ruin my teeth.
hat have they done to my third wife Netnapa ?
Where is the daughter of The Sultan of Brunei who was my subsequent partner ?
These people are total bastards all tied into the HEROIN trade relabelled as something else by their cult called Scientology.
E Young Diplomat

Bangkok, Thailand

#27 May 31, 2009
I want to know what they have done to those two girls. I know they told them 1000 lies about me to ruin my life and i am going to turn the whole of S E Asia on its' head unless I get some answers.
E Young Diplomat

Bangkok, Thailand

#28 May 31, 2009
This is why I want the Prime Minister ABHisit and Mr Thaksin Shinawatra aka Silvestere(ABH which means actual bodily harm is it a serious imprisonable crime in the UK) shipped back to the UK and prosecuted "BANGKOK: Thaksin vows to retake prime minister post - Topix21 posts - 7 authors
"Erik young is a peodo....his computor has loads an loads o child ... old when she vanished and Mr silvestre tok her to Sri Lanka Goa and Thailand because he ... -...- 105k - Cached - Similar pages"

This is the sort of defamatory dishonest stories his TI.cia Heroin Mafia group of followers propagate around to damage my family who they have been defrauding for over fifty years.
Just do the same as the Israeli Special Forces did kidnap him stick him in a cargo crate and air freight him back to the UK and put him on trial.
E Young Diplomat

Bangkok, Thailand

#29 May 31, 2009
Do you understand Royal thai government and TI.cia I will turn your world on top of its' head again unless I find those two girls in the next few days.
I absolutely despise your Heroin cartel and its Satanic Games and child abduction,brainwashing and torture techniques you are the scum of the earth.
Lese Mejeste Stupid Law

Saint Paul, MN

#31 May 31, 2009
Thaksin will come back to Thailand and be the first president Republic of Thailand if not prime minister. When the king is gone. Long live Shinawatra Dynasty.
Erik Young UN Diplomat

Bangkok, Thailand

#32 May 31, 2009
Who wrote these ;ies ??????
"BANGKOK: Thaksin vows to retake prime minister post - Topix21 posts - 7 authors
Erik young is a peodo....his computor has loads an loads o child ... old when she vanished and Mr silvestre tok her to Sri Lanka Goa and Thailand because he ... - 105k - Cached - Similar pages"
Erik Young (Erik J C Young of Bangkok Thailand) has never ever been involved in abusing children in any way whatsoever.
Just another hate campaign pack of ;ies by some satanic games scientology heroin mafia group linked to Khun ABH is it.
Erik Young UN Diplomat

Bangkok, Thailand

#33 May 31, 2009
Did you know some of your citizens are living in Bangkok on the IDs of Thais that have vanished possibly murdered or tortured to death. These IDs have been selling by the TI.cia (Turkish Indian Heroin Mafia for between 1500 and 5000 thai Baht about US$150. Some of them work as taxi drivers, tuk tuk drivers etc.
Please forward details of your most wanted criminals to The Royal Thai Police with their original IDs and names etc together with crime history etc.
Thank you
Erik Young (Henry-Rasmussen-Fogh-Jellinek -Holbock-Einstein-Steinway-Mun ch-Van Gogh-Gauguin-Da Vinci-Kennedy-Nesbitt) Friends of The Vatican UN Human Rights Ambassador Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

#34 May 31, 2009
Erik Young UN Pattaya wrote: 08/03/students-school.html
No we're suppose to report genocide criminals in as much details as possible
the none sense is really getting desperate now, Thaksin is a dead end
Erik young UN

Bangkok, Thailand

#35 Jun 4, 2009
The Sting - Shall we take a look through the sealed unit window, the double glazed window or the smashed Window?
This week we'll look though the "Smashed Window"

Dear Los Alamos
We are now moving through the smashed window...
I have thought about the radiation issues and another way to block dangerous rays.

If you imagine the protective shield as a double glazed window unit you have the base structure to block the radioactivity.
The space between the glass can be filled with a vapour that is unstable and producing strong molecular motions.
What happens is the nuclear/atomic rays try to pass through the glass and just about to cliide with the chaotic riot of molecules the nuclear rays go ...

"Oh no we're not going into that lot they never let go of you it's easier to surf a black hole than that vapour solution and the rays do not pass through the double glazed unit"

"Oh no its' started raining."
"Ummm what shall we do now.?"
"Press the button you twit."

Erik Young (Henry-Rasmussen-Fogh-Jellinek -Holbock-Einstein-Munch-Da Vinci-Van Gogh- Gauguin-Kennedy-Nesbitt) UN Human Rights Ambassador 4th June 2009

Sydney, Australia

#36 Jan 16, 2010
Thaksin will come back help Thailand but time will prevails

Bangkok, Thailand

#38 Jan 28, 2010
After Thaksin said he can be Prime Minister again if the people still need him, Suthep Thuagsuban said Thaksin wanted to be President.

You see the dirty trick here? The Cockroach Party (Democrat) & the brainless yellow shirts never use truth to convince people.

They have only lies & more lies.
Erik J C Young

Farnborough, UK

#40 Sep 19, 2012
Bangkok (The Spirit House) aka Krung Thep.

This may all seem very severe but I have a list of reasons that justify my conclusion as to how to settle matters with former Sultan Hadji Hasanal Bolkiah who is no longer recognised as a "Royal" by the Judges in The Royal Courts of Justice The Strand London. However his brother is a different matter, he is not to blame for the thoroughly wicked treatment served upon the former Sultan's foster-father whom I am led to believe from the daughter of a British High Commissioner to East Malaysia was dead within three months of the foster-son Hadji's violent and illegal detention of his genuine Sultan predecessor. I met this lady a daughter of a former British High Commissioner based East Malaysia who wanted to warn me about "Sultan" Hadji Bolkiah, she provided me a full face to face report.

I had a meeting with The Permanent Secretary to a senior member of The Royal Thai Government together with a Government advisor on the 10th week of the "3 month anti-drugs campaign". He insisted that over 16,000 people had been killed not the figure officially quoted at the time of 2000. He explained he had direct access to the intelligence with the correct numbers.
General Petreus met with me warned me that over 50% of the Taliban had simply vanished from Afghanistan by the time of the NATO occupation. In his view some of them had fled to Thailand where they assumed new IDs possibly Thai IDs. The reference that is was The Royal Thai Police who committed the killings has some credence since they were recruiting people into their own mafia. It appears that some of the Taliban-Heroin network were they people dressed in black body fit clothes with balaclavas.
You should check the former Tourist Police base in Soi Asoke. A group was operating out of this building purporting to be "The Tourist Police" using official vehicles which were stock piled there. However they were not dressed in official tourist Police outfit. Some of them who were in the offices of the building were wearing black body fit clothes, their main occupation appeared to be targeting tourists who they then robbed. There was a group of about eight men who wore light kharki clothes armed with guns, they did not look Thai and appeared to be wired off their heads on drugs. There is another short stocky female who may be a Thai. These people need to be arrested and detained. One of their techniques is psychological torture.
Erik J C Young

Farnborough, UK

#41 Sep 19, 2012
Please forward my apology to my couisin Secretary General Anders F Rasmussen |I now understand the circumstances

behind his desire to bring both sides of the family into contact again.
Please advise him my grand mother Katrine's abducted daughter at 3 days of age in Bangkok many years ago had contact with me several times. She needs to be visited and given special attention. I have asked the Russian Ambassador to contact her and hope she is still alive and healthy. Sultan Bolkiah needs to be addressed, please ask Gen Petreus senior to request a US Aircraft Carrier "Enterprise" or similar to visit Brunei and demand he hands over copies of the documents and contracts relating to oil rights agreement on all Brunei oil wells and the same applies all gas wells.Royal Shell Oil Group.

Unfortunately there are some indications that PM David Cameron has been associated with the world's worst mafia network formerly labelled Gestapo in WW2. I strongly urge his child is given attention please ensure it is his and his wife's child and nobody has swapped the babies around at birth a common trick of the Gestapo in WW2 era.

London and Netherlands......

Dear Sultan Hadji Hassanal Bolkiah

I know the documents relating to the oil rights of the 1971 oil well sold to Royall Shell Oil were stolen out of Mervyn Frank Sheffield Young's brief case while he was out of his hotel room in Hong Kong during a business trip of The Far East in 1971.

Mervyn Young received death threats if he pursued any further concerning land interests in South East Asia. He became concerned his children would become a target.

Since you have not co-operated I will now commence proceedings to make a claim for the full value of the oil reserves.

In law the reserves will be valued for their full amount from the day production commenced but at todays price for a barrel of oil. I estimate this comes to a base figure of UK£250,000 million.
I am going to use this security to leverage a buy out of Royal Shell Oil.

The PA for 35 years to the Director's Boardroom of Shell Oil has been a personal friend of mine for many years. There will be minutes recording the 1971 deal, the oil field had not been drilled prior to this date due to the fact that you did not have the supporting documents which you acquired from a source that was not lawful.

Since you have not co-operated this will follow with a foreclosure upon Brunei and all its asset wealth. I guess this scandal may be the cause for your former second wife to divorce you. Your former wife knew me since I was thirteen years of age and stayed at my parents home one time with our family before you married her.
Erik J C Young

Farnborough, UK

#42 Sep 19, 2012
My Skandinavian family were the people that provided part of Palestine to create a solution for the Jews, the State of Israel.
Alaska was a gift to our family from the Russian Royal family after we bailed them out of a financial crisis. We never instructed anyone to sell Alaska to the United States, it was a protectorate of the USA. Former President George W Bush knows this story is true. I intend to place a great deal of pressure upon you through the USA, Russia, China and
others since I do not like your attitude.

My brother Christopher Mervyn Young is particularly upset with you, he will not hear your name he thinks you have defrauded our family out of part of our inheritance. Christopher has had a very very unhappy life, someone targeted him in Tunisia when he was teaching at The University of Carthage, he was robbed everywhere he went refused an exit visa, had his work permit revoked and was systematically subjected to a program intended to destroy him completely. I now know his suffering and my subjection to multiple robberies and torture is all linked to a massive land title fraud that expands across Asia and elsewhere.
It was Lord Carrington who met with my brother who protested about his treatment in The House of Commons when he was Foreign Minister that finally secured my brother's release from absolute hell on earth... these vulturing-monsters aiming the blame at local Tunisians ....
Erik J C Young

Farnborough, UK

#43 Sep 19, 2012
Mr Phillip Byrne the Managing Director of UBS Investment Banking is a life time friend of our family. I will look to him and UBS to manage the finances as we recover our asset wealth.

His Majesty King Bhumibol of Thailand and his family know we are the "missing landlords" of about 20% of the land and island areas of Thailand. I have the support of the family's Royal Thai Military Forces to return everything into our control.My investigsations have concluded that the network reponsible for Thailand's series of killings since 2001 is a part of the same network that caused Cambodia's Killing Fields, the associates were the criminals who stole title deeds and other documents that The Sultan Hadji Hassanal Bolkiah acquired unlawfully, his brother will confirm, in order to gain the oil rights *% royalty on the 1971 oil field.

The more recent large offshore gas-field is also the proerty asset of Christopher Mervyn Young and Erik J C Young since as landlords we hold principle rights and ownership, the Sultanate was re-established from some years past to provide a local figure-landlord and the local population. However the Sultanate does not own the freehold property rights. We arranged for Brunei to be a British Protectorate. Any income was managed by The Crown Agents their senior representative met with Erik Young in Bangkok some years ago. We required records and refunds of all payments transfered to The Crown Agents it was our interest to decide how any funds should be distributed.

Erik J C Young
London UK

cc UBS Bank Switzerland
Dear Citizens of Brunei

The Oil Rights of Brunei have always been the property of the land lord and his family. It was determined many years ago that my brother Christopher Mervyn Young and I were to take control of the family interests across South East Asia.
Our family set up a facility to collect all income from Brunei through The Crown Agents. A disbursement would then be returned to the Sultanate which we reinstated to act as our representative to Brunei and the people.
The present "Sultan" had no authority to dismiss and cancel arrangements for The Crown Agents to collect funds on our behalf. Further he had no right to remove Brunei as a British Protectorate.
The present Sultan has defrauded our family and he acquired documents stolen from our family through a satanic network which incorporated Pol Pot who caused The Killing Fields of Cambodia.
My instruction to Brunei is that you kill the present Sultan, he is equally responsible for the genocide in Brunei and acting as the appointed head for the land lords we are dissolving his position as Sultan.
Please see you execute him, no Court hearing is necessary with immediate effect.
I am about to proceed with the recovery of funds collected by Royal Shell Oil without the land lords permission or agreement. The legal clause introduced by the "Sultan" gagging officers of the country's government department even if there information concerns a serious crime sentencing anyone who fails to keep silent to an immediate three years imprisonment is cancelled with immediate effect. Any information you wish to expose can be delivered to the United States Ambassador to Brunei.
Erik J C Young
London UK
I know no diplomacy save that of truth.
Please help the abused children of Thailand by visiting them at . Thank you
Erik J C Young

Farnborough, UK

#44 Oct 28, 2012
Dear Rob Brown of Woking News and Mail
I read your article of 2007 about The Abraham Cowley Unit. I too have had continuing problems with them since 2007. Further whilst at their hospital I watched a series of their staff barricade a lady patient in her room for a 48 hour period, this later continued for several days she became aggresive and quite dangerous, from being wound up to breaking point, she was lashing out violently at anyone she could strike.
Anthony Stoke, my solicitor, whom I obtained off a list in the hospital has failed to provide me a copy of the Court Order of 2007 bannishing the NHS,Social Services and The Abraham Cowley Unit from coming anywhere near me. I have three other psychiatrists who disagree that I suffer from psychosis, one of whom is a duty doctor at Guildford Police Station. Please can you help me obtain a copy of the Court Order and stop them forcing me to take medication I do not require. They also refuse to sign off a Court of Protection Order so I can recover control of my finances, due to this I have been defrauded out of £500,000 by Irwin Mitchell Solicitors who have admitted the fraud is their responsibilty waiting nine months for the matter to be resolved they still hold £millions of my cash reserves but have not refunded the fraud loss.
I forgot to mention two ladies purporting to be ACU Psychiatrists came to my home a couple of months ago after a Dr Deo promised she would never return again after I pointed out the Court Order. When I refused them entry they spent 5 to 10 minutes violently pounding the front door with their hands at one second intervals clearly trying to intimidate me. I had three witnesses in the house, two neighbours and a policeman standing behind them, the policeman was very polite and quite calm and friendly.
Erik J C Young (John Erik Clive Young)

Dear Secretary of State for Justice, Rt Hon Chris Grayling

The Abraham Cowley Unit 1 Holloway Hill Chertsey Surrey continue to create the illusion that I am mentally ill in spite of a Court Order made banning them from contacting me again in 2007. They claim to have destroyed my medical history orior to five years ago sating a new system installed and old medical records deleted/destroyed (???)
Please help if you are able to do so.
This failing has prevented me access to £millions due to a Court of Protection Order the psychiatrists refuse to sign a Court form confirm I am capable of managing my assets or selecting unincumbered choice of professionals to manage my finances etc. Over £500,000 stolen from my cash reserves from Irwin Mitchell Solicitors EJC Young client account over 9 months ago still not addressed but admited by partner of Irwin Mitchell Solicitors.
Erik John Clive Young (medical card JEC YOUNG)
Erik J C Young

Farnborough, UK

#45 Oct 28, 2012
Dear Sirs/Madam Judges

A Court Order was made in June 2007 at a hearing as a Court of Law confirmed by the panel of Arbitrators, held at The Abraham Cowley Unit 1 Holloway Hill Chertsey Surrey dismissing a section order placed upon me with a strong statement from the senior medical expert at the hearing that "Mr John Erik C Young should never have been sectioned in the first instance he is not mentally ill. The NHS and ACU were banned from approaching me again the panel holding the hearing consisted of Solicitor, Senior Psychiatrist for Abraham Cowley Group and Social Services Manager. The panel explained they were sitting as a Court of Law.
They told me if I thought I may need medical assistance it was up to me to decide and that could be NHS or private.
I was told I would not be hassled again and th panel apologised for the ordeal.
I arrived back in UK, I live in Thailand usually, in 2010 to find the Abraham Cowley Unit seizing me at Heathrow Airport as per their first coup upon me. Since then they have continually hassled me. Other medical experts including a full BUPA medical 2010 state I am healthy and no mention of me being mentally ill.
Please can you obtain a copy of the Court Order through a solicitor Antony Stokoe and prevent any further interference from the NHS, they have completely ignored the Court Order of June 2007.

I have asked the NHS for copy of Court Order three times nothing is provided. Please can you remind the NHS-Abraham Cowley Unit and their professionals to respect the Court Order made in 2007. I had no history of mental illness during my past lifetime apart from some moments of depression due to desperate circumstances.
Thank you
Erik J C Young

Please help the abused children of Thailand by visiting them at . Thank you
Anthony Stokoe Solicitors 4 Clifton Road
Kingston upon Thames, Surrey
(+44) 020 85494282Telephone:
(+44) 020 85494282FAX:
Not availableEmail:

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