I am Pierre Sassou-Nguesso by name personal assitant to Pascaline Mferri Bongo Ondimba daughter of late President Omar Bongo of Gabon in West Africa,and also part of the kitchen staff of the Gabonese state house.Arising from the death of former President Omar Bongo last 8th of June,2009 and the outcome of the just concluded presidential election which is still being hotly disputed as i send you this letter between Ali Bongo and members of the opposition supporters led by Former interior minister,Andre Mba Obame which has resulted in wild scale looting and destructions.Just about the last 48hrs ago,a dusk to dawn curfew has been declared in some regions of the republic especially where i reside and i managed to get out for my dear life.

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I await your most urgent response,
Pierre Sassou-Nguesso
Email: pierresassounguess@centrum.sk